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Best Bat for 6 Year Old


The best bat for a 6 year old?

If we were forced to choose one for the entire age group, the 2017 JBB Easton MAKO Beast may do the trick. Although not cheap, the drop 12 single piece composite carries all the benefits a top shelf bat can in any niche. Its 2 3/4 barrel has great long performance, and the balance is manageable for almost any little player with a 13 ounce option. 

Best Bat for 6 Year Old

Price check the JBB Easton MAKO Beast

Best Bat for 6 Year Olds

EastonJBB1325, 26, 27JBB17MK12B$$$
MizunoJennie Fincch1324, 25, 26TB16FINCH$
AxeHERO1124, 25, 26L129E$

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Best Big Barrel Bat: 6 Year Old

Best Bat For 6 Year Old

If you are looking for the best overall bat for a 6-year-old, we recommend the 2017 Easton Beast JBB in a 25, 26 or even a 27-inch length. These JBB’s come in a drop 12, meaning the 26 inch bat will weigh just 14 ounces, the 27 will weigh 15 ounces and the 28 will weigh 16 ounces. It will provide plenty of barrel and a light swing for the 6-year-old.

Junior Big Barrel bats are not rated for pitch speeds above 45 miles per hour. Although we’ve seen the JBB Easton Beast perform at pitch speeds above that, do note that maximum pop and distance are not equivalent to bats made to perform at faster speeds.

Price Check the JBB Easton MAKO Beast on Amazon

Best Fastpitch Bat For 6 Year Old

Best Fastpitch T-Ball Bat for 7 Year Old

The Jennie Finch T-ball Softball Bat in a drop 13 is a perfect fit for a serious 6-year-old in fastpitch. Its shortest is a 26 inch that runs 13 ounces. As a single piece aluminum, expect a remarkably light swing rated for very slow pitching. But, it will work. And at something less than $40 its is a great value buy, too. General reviews are positive in terms of durability and a value purchase.

Best Tee-Ball Bat: 6 Year Old

Best Bat for 7 year old

As we write in every ‘best tee ball bat’ article we’ve ever put out there, we are big fans of the axe handled bat in the tee ball space. We think the more ergonomic handle forces better mechanics. And a focus on mechanics at age 6 is a great thing.

Axe bats makes these bats exclusively. Their line of tee ball bats is referred to as the HERO. It is easily our most favorite t-ball bat on the market. The bat comes in very tiny sizes and a drop 11.

Best yet, the bat is usually found for less than $30 in a number of places.

What You Should Know Before Buying Your 6 Year Old a Bat

Question 1: What bats are allowed in his or her league?

Few 6-year-old leagues have actual restrictions on bats. In fact, many of the Junior Big Barrel bats on the market are not rated for anything. Nor are tee-ball bats, generally speaking. These bats are built much more for a light swing than they are for wild performance.

That said, however, you should make sure there are no particular bat restrictions for the league you are playing in. Some, we have heard, don’t allow certain weight drops or 2 1/4 barrels. Most are anything goes. Check with your local league director or coach.

Question 2: How much money do you want to spend?

Pricing for bats, you may already know, can be ridiculous. There are some Junior Big Barrel bats pushing $250 while many others in the 6-year-old tee ball space are not much more than $20. Our general rule for bat budget is the “Rule of 7”. That is, take the number of games the child is playing and multiply it by $7.00. Do not spend more than that.

Question 3: What size bat does he or she need?

Bat sizing at age six should not be difficult. Few are really hitting for serious distance. We do have an honest bat sizing chart worth reviewing if you are ultra-concerned about the right size.

For 6-year-old kids, lighter is almost always better. Bat speed and bat control will mean much more for on base percentage than barrel size and weight distribution. Many bats come in weights as low as 11 and 12 ounces. Some Junior Big Barrel bats are as heavy as 15 or 16 ounces. When in doubt, choose the lighter swing.

Question 4: Where else to look for the best 6 year old bat?

We referenced a number of sources to put this article together. We suspect you may find them helpful in your search. You will find the best tee ball bats article useful as well as our best bat for 7 year olds. As well, our best batslists might be of some value.

Off this site, has the largest selection of JBB bats and it is often fun to mosey through there sorting by best rating and biggest discount.