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We have hit with every little kid bat in the market over the past 4 years. Here we dissect some of our favorites. This is, in effect, our Best Bat for 7 year-olds. It is a subset of our article on best bats. Our intent is to update it often as new bats are released that fill this very adorable niche. In short, our current favorite bat for a 7-year-old is the 26 or 27-inch 2016 DeMarini CF8 Junior Big Barrel. This little guy packs a serious punch, handles very well, and gives top end performance even at tough pitch speeds.

Best Bat Deals

The best pricing we could find is on Amazon for the CF8 JBB. At the time of this writing the bat is $129.

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We review a number of age recommendations on this site. We have, for example, both a best Bat for 8 Year Olds and a best Bat for 9 Year Old write up. If your son or daughter is on the older or bigger side you may consider referring to those articles too.

Articles like these, and several other age recommendationsc an be found on our Best Bats
page. That is, far and away, our most popular article on the best bats as it does encompass everyone that we have written. Another popular article of ours is the Best Baseball Bats one. It is plenty of fun.

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Best Baseball Bat for 7 Year Old

Best Bat For 7 Year Old
1DeMarini JBB CF8JBB$$$Review
1Jennie Finch MizunoFastpitch$$
1Axe HEROT-Ball$
2Marucci CAT 6JBB$$$Review
2DeMarini UprisingJBB Value$Review
2Easton S50Youth Value$Review

Best Big Barrel Bat: 7 Year Old

Best Bat Deals

If you are looking for the best overall bat for a 7 year-old, we recommend the 2016 DeMarini JBB in a 26, 27 or even a 28-inch length. These JBB’s come in a drop 10, meaning the 26 inch bat will weigh just 16 ounces, the 27 will weigh 17 ounces and the 28 will weigh 18 ounces. It will provide plenty of barrel for the 7-year-old at a very balanced and light swing. (You can see our full CF8 review here)

JBB, or Junior Big Barrel, bats are not rated for pitch speeds above 45 miles per hour. Our experience with the JBB CF8 is it easily handles that. We can’t imagine there are many 7 year-olds seeing pitching much faster than 45 mph.

Price Check the JBB CF8 on Amazon.

7 Year Old Best Big Barrel Bat: Option 2

Best Bat for Seven Year Old

If the DeMarini CF8 JBB doesn’t intrigue you, we suggest the Junior Big Barrel CAT 6 from Marucci. This single piece aluminum bat will work in all types of weather and is generally more durable than the CF8. The barrel isn’t as large as the CF8, but it has a different feel as a one-piece bat. The player can feel much more contact on this little guy. See our CAT 6 Review here.

What we really like is the 25-inch option, which is not available in the CF8.

Price Check the CAT 6.


Best Fastpitch Bat For 7 Year Old

Best Fastpitch T-Ball Bat for 7 Year Old

Although there are very few options in the 7 year old fastpitch space, this Jennie Finch T-ball Softball bat in a drop 13 is a perfect fit. It’s a single piece bat built with a very low swing weight so even the tiniest of 7 year olds could hit this bat well in the 24-inch and 11-ounce model. The 26-inch and 13-ounce model will do well for just about every one else.

Amazon Price Check the Jennie Finch T-Ball Softball Bat. At the time of this writing it was $34.99.

Best Tee-Ball Bat: 7 Year Old

Best Bat for 7 year old

The Axe T-Ball HERO bat is easily our favorite t-ball bat on the market. The asymmetric handle helps little folks develop great mechanics from day one. The bat comes in very tiny sizes, and at 7 years old, some may need something a bit bigger. But, the 26-inch and 15-ounce should be a great fit for many 7 year-olds still raking in the t-ball ranks.

Amazon Price check the Axe t-ball HERO here. At the time of this writing, the HERO was $29.99. You can also check Axe’s site directly.


Best Value Big Barrel Options: 7 Year Old

2016 DeMarini Uprising Review

There are several good value options in the 7-year-old big barrel bat space. Bat companies know this market segment is huge and would love to get little Timmy hooked on their brand at a young age. If we were forced to choose one of the many options under $50, then DeMarini’s 2 3/4 JBB Uprising would take our money. See our Uprising Review here.

It has a great sized barrel, fantastic user reviews, and fits the bill for a short term option as our 7 year old makes progress with mechanics before worrying too much about his bat.

Price Check the Uprising on Amazon.


Best Youth Barrel for 7 Year Old

Best Bat For 7 Year Old

Our argument for the Easton S50 as the best youth barrel bat for a 7 year old goes something like this: It’s really cheap. As well, the 2 1/4 barrel have only one more year left in production before everything is moved to the 2 5/8 USABats or BPF 1.15 big barrels. See our S50 review here.

You won’t be amazed by the S50 in terms of drilling bombs, but in terms of a bat around $20 that gets the job done, you’ll be perfectly happy.

Easton still produces this bat and sells it directly on their website. But the best pricing we found was on Amazon. Amazon Price Check the Youth Easton S50.


Common Questions from Parents of 7 Year Olds

What bats are allowed in his or her league?

Leagues have different regulations on bats. Before you buy, make sure you know what they are. The good news is that most 7 year old leagues have very little to no regulation. It probably makes sense to ask the coach or the league directors what is allowed before dropping real money on a baseball bat.

How much money do you want to spend?

Bat pricing in this age category can be as low as $30 and as high as $250. We suggest, generally, a seven year old that is only playing a dozen or so games in a year does NOT need a higher end bat. More expensive bats are generally better, but the increase in player production at this age is marginal with a high end bat.

We often recommend the Rule of 7 when deciding what bat to buy. That is, take the number of games the child is playing and multiply it by 7. Do not spend more than that. So, for example, a 7 year old playing 8 games in a rec league should not pay more than $56. Of course, you can always spend less.

What size bat does he or she need?

Bat sizing at age 7 should not be difficult. Few are honestly hitting for serious distance. We do have an honest bat sizing chart worth reviewing if you are ultra-concerned about the right size.

There are several bat “sizing charts” that give you a recommended bat length based on height and weight. We don’t think those are helpful, honestly. But they might be a good starting point.