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Best Bat for Base Hits


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We’ve reviewed best bats in what feels like a million different ways. Our most popular best bats page is supplemented by our best baseball batbest bbcor bats, best youth baseball bats, best BBCOR bats, best fastpitch bats and best slowpitch softball bats. This article serves as a best bats for base hits list. The opposite article would be our best power hitter’s bat lists. We cover ever category of best bats for base hits below.

Best Bat for Base Hits

Image Category Model
(Our Review)
 Best Bats for Best hits Best Baseball Bat DeMarini CF Zen Amazon
Best Bat for Base Hits Best BBCOR Bat Easton MAKO Beast Amazon
Best Bat for Base Hits Best Youth Baseball Bats Rawlins VELO Amazon
Best Bat for Base Hits Best Big Barrel Bats Omaha 516 Amazon
Best Bat for Base hits Best Fastpitch Bat LXT Hyper Amazon

1. DeMarini CF Zen

Best Bat for Base hits

This isn’t a difficult choice, really. The DeMarini CF Zen is arguably the most popular bat among elite players at every level of baseball. And for the players looking for the best bat for base hits they simply cannot go wrong. It also comes in enough sizes (like a drop 5 and youth barrel) to provide a viable option to every sized hitter on the planet. Throw in the balanced feel and oversized barrel on  a two piece composite with a buttery smash and the choice as the best bat for base hitters is clear as day. The CF8 is M-O-N-E-Y.

The CF Zen sits close to the top of the best baseball bats lists.

2. 2017 Easton MAKO Beast

Best bat for Base hits

If the 2016 Easton MAKO was separated at birth from its twin, and that twin was the CF8, we wouldn’t be surprised. In terms of balance, construction, barrel size and length options it’s a near match. The ubiquity (that’s right, ubiquity) in the market is likely greater than the CF8, but its performance and user reviews are eerily similar. They may not be identical twins, but their relation is no further than a brother-from-another-mother.

You’ll find the Beast on the top of other best bats lists. Namely, the best baseball bats.

3. 2017 Rawlings VELO

Best Bat for Base hits

Hard to argue the Rawlings VELO, in terms of base hitting prowess, is even a tiny bit behind the CF8 and MAKO. It’s a light swinging stick with a big barrel and massive ping sound. User reviews are often off the charts, and especially in the BBCOR space, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner.

Unlike the CF8 and MAKO, different categories of the VELO actually have different constructions. The BBCOR is a sinlge piece with a composite end cap while the senior barrel is a two piece with that same composite end cap. (You can see the whys and whats on our review).

See more about the VELO on the list it also deserves a spot on. That is, the best youth big barrel baseball bats.

4. Slugger 517 Omaha

Best Bats for Base hits

The Slugger 516 Omaha finds a way to make it onto every list we make. It epitomizes (that’s right, epitomizes) the price conscious buy with a good sized barrel and balanced swing. Just what base hitters need.

The bat isn’t frilly—with the arguable exception of the Lizard Skin. It’s a good old fashioned one piece aluminum with some additives for durability and performance. Its uptake in the market, like the bats above it on the list, is huge. Great reviews all around.

5. Slugger LXT Hyper

Best Bat For Base Hits

There isn’t a more difficult decision on this list the the best base hitters at for fastpitch. But we are forced to choose the 2017 Louisville Slugger LXT. Fastpitch, unlike the baseball or slowpitch space, has narrowed down their top shelf bats to a similar construction across all brands. That is, a balanced swinging two-piece composite with an extra long barrel. As such, differentiating the best base hitting bat from the 4 or 5 other legit top shelf bats is more of a feel thing than science.

The LXT, as mentioned in our best fastpitch slowpitch bat, is the standard bearer for this space and what other bats attempt to mimic. Or, they would argue, the LXT mimics them. Fair point, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like the LXT at least a little bit more.

Why Trust Us

We begin with our usual caveat that each hitter comes to the figurative plate with a certain budget, skill level and need for durability. As such, a definitive statement that the following three bats will absolutely work for your case would be pretentious and is not our claim.

Rather, we claim the following three bats are the best we’ve seen in terms of hitters who excel at getting on base consistently. It isn’t to say you can’t drop a bomb or two with these very bats. But, on the whole, we find the best base hitters are more likely to use the following.

We also point out how seriously we take these endeavors. We are not simply taking bullet points from the ad slicks and rewording them as part of some arbitrary list we’ve created. We’ve hit with these bats extensively. We’ve interviewed players and manufactures and vendors. We’d like to think no one on the planet has done as much research as we have when it comes to the finding the right fit for any given hitter.

Overview of a Great Bat For Base Hits

Generally speaking, and when we say generally we mean it doesn’t work for everyone, a base hitting bat needs a lighter feeling swing and a big usable barrel. These days, bats in this long barrel and light swinging wheelhouse are almost always a two piece composite bat from a major manufacturer.

These  base hitting bats, it also turns out, are almost always the most expensive. Not because they necessarily cost the most produce (we don’t think they do), but instead, because they are in the most demand, so manufacturers can charge more. Those not nicknamed “Gunther” generally make a living in baseball and fastpitch simply by getting on base and moving runners. Those best bat for power hitter seekers should look elsewhere.