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This blog is replete with references to bats that can drill dingers deep. Often, we make best bats articles ranging the topic.  So much so that we aren’t sure where someone would look specifically in our pages, for the best bat for hitting home runs. You might find some success under our power hitters section in our best youth baseball bats page. The largest resource we have is our best baseball bats page which spans 2017, 2016 and 2015 bats. The following puts our collective bomb dropping discussions into one home run hitting spot.

When ever we give out a ‘best bat’ article we sound like a broken record. Every player is different we say. Every player needs something unique we claim. Results vary! A home run hitting bat for one might not, nay, will not, be the home run hitting bat for another. Blah, blah blah, blah.

But, seriously, what is the fun in that? Let’s try and make this simple.

What is the best bat for hitting homeruns in baseball? Easy: the 2016 Axe Avenge.

Best Bat for Hitting Home Runs

How do we know this? What if we just threw out (1) the bat that is constructed to hit a bunch of dingers. And (2) we saw a 14 year old hit 14 home runs on 20 swings in a junior derby. Then (3) we jumped a thousand leagues in logic and (4) gave the reader what they wanted and gave them a link. We could do that. Instead of some wishy-washy diatribe on how results vary among hitters and how $400 home run bats can’t fix a $4 swing. We guess that’s one way.

The other way would be to give a point and counterpoint argument as to why it is and, possibly, might not be the best bat for hitting home runs.

(Our full review on the 2016 Axe Avenge)


Making the Case: Axe Avenge as the Best Home Run Hitting Bat

Best Bat for Hitting Home Runs

We admit it’s unexpected, but it isn’t a crazy proposition either. The 2016 Axe Avenge is a two piece composite performance stick with a real strong feel in the barrel. The asymmetric handle can increase swing speed, get your hands to the ball quicker and help your keep your bat in the zone longer. The BBCOR version of the bat has an above average barrel size and the knob’s composite structure gives it a real nice feel through contact. A good sized sweet spot with the right hitter and this bad boy can rake like a Tru Tough Trouper with an 8 inch head.

We also have some empirical data. MLB ran a junior home run derby to coincide with the 2016 All Star Game and some kid from Maryland dropped 14 bombs on 20 swings. You read that right. F-O-U-R-T-E-E-N taters on only T-W-E-N-T-Y swings. He put on an absolute show in the qualifying round—even put one out of PETCO park (not just the temporary fence they set up for young bucks). What bat was he using? You guessed it: The 2016 Axe Avenge. (Amazon search that thing and buy it already).

So, with a bat constructed with the dinger in mind and some real live hitting data to prove it works, what else is there to prove?

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The Counterpoint

We’d be hard pressed under oath to keep driving hard at the Axe Avenge as the best home run hitting bat on the planet (although it’s clearly on at least some folks’ short list). Indeed, the old adage is sadly true that there is no secret bat to turn your dribblers to pitcher into bombs to Alpha Centauri. Sweet spots, swing types, swing weights and bat length are often so independent of particular bat brands that the quest for the earth shattering bomb stick often turns into a marketing line Kool-Aid drinking competition. Best Bat for Hitting Home Runs

In fact, even in that same home run derby junior competition a number of kids dropped bombs with some version of the Easton MAKO and Louisville Slugger 716 Select. What surprised us more than the Axe Avenge, one kid even had a MAKO TORQ at the plate. We have pictures to prove it.

Best Bat for Hitting Home Runs

Can someone hit bombs with the Axe Avenge? Of course they can. But that isn’t to say they couldn’t have done it with a number of other bats. And a two piece composite isn’t what most would prefer when going yard. Instead, they’d look for a single piece aluminum bat fresh out the wrapper. Check, for example, the 2016 Easton Z-Core HMX XL.


The AXE Avenge’s Rebuttal

The counterpoint above makes fair points for sure. There are clearly home run hitting bats not named the 2016 Axe Avenge. And, we’d agree, swing types, swing speeds, balance points and simple comfort levels play a serious part for individual hitters.

But you can’t take away this glaring point: there’s a kid from Maryland who hits bombs with the same ease that I can eat donuts. And, despite his access to a number of bat brands coupled with his desire to win the junior home run derby, he chooses a rather obscure bat—at least compared to some of the others in the competition—in the 2016 Axe Avenge. And, for that, the 2016 Axe Avenge gets top marks. (Amazon Price Check)

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