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The phrase bat pack can mean a set of bats for a player or a back pack for bats. For a discussion on the latter (back pack for bats) check our baseball bat bag conversation. If you are looking for another type of bat you should get in addition to the bat you already have then read below. We cover the best bat pack combinations for BBCOR, USSSA (Big Barrel) and USA baseball bats.

We have yet to find a serious ball player who only has one bat in their bag. In fact, most players have no less than two and a lot of bat bats are built to carry four bats. We notice most second bats in a bag are redundant. That is, the 2nd bat serves the same type of hitter, swing and pitch the primary bat does.

It would be more wise, and likely more cost efficient, to consider a complimentary bat to the other bat of your bat pack. Two bats that cover all types of weather, game conditions and pitch speeds. Here is some bat pack recommendations for that second or third bat.

Bat Pack History

Best Bat Packs

Ten years ago, the idea of giving advice for the best two bats someone should carry in their arsenal would have sounded crazy. Yet, today, there are very few serious baseball players at any level that only have one bat in their bag. And, as such, the prevalence of bat packs and searched for the best bat packs has arisen. In part, no doubt, for unique ways that vendors can move more inventory. A deal for buying two bats might extract more dough from your wallet. As well, though, because serious players like the idea of using multiple bats for different situations.

Best Bat Packs by League

One popular school of thought is to have a backup bat for cold weather, as many early spring tournaments start in late February or early March when the temperatures are still low in most parts of the country. It is suggested that composite material bats not be used in temps under 60 degrees. For that reason, we would suggest a bat pack that has a less expensive one-piece alloy along with either a two-piece hybrid or two piece composite.

Best BBCOR Bat Packs

Best Composite Bat

We do not know of a single serious BBCOR player that has only one bat in their bag. Many times, oddly, we see two bats that are very similar. For example, having a Ghost X and Rawlings Quatro in the same bag seems a bit, at least as we see it, redundant. Both are light swinging two piece composite bats with a smooth smash, big barrel and high price point.

Instead, why not add a single piece aluminum alloy and part ways with either the Quatro or Ghost X? That way, an aluminum single piece bat gives you a nice change of pace when you're in a slump, playing in cold weather or see some change in pace pitching. As much as some might claim the Quatro and Ghost X (or the CF Zen) are different, the facts are they are quite similar. Throwing in a nice high end single piece bat or even a cheap BP or cold weather stick might be all the difference your team needs in a game or two or three this season.

Ideal Big Barrel (USSSA) Bat Packs

CF Zen Vs Easton Ghost X

The number of big barrel (USSSA) bats combinations seem endless simply because there are so many to choose from. Like BBCOR, we like the idea of single piece aluminum bat combined with a high end and light swinging two piece composite. There are a lot of combinations that would work. 

Additionally, the other major advantage over BBCOR bats that USSSA baseball bats hold is the ability to change the drop. As such, we recommend hitters not only change the type of bat they have as their second bat, but consider adding a different drop too. Drop 10 hitters should consider a drop 8 and drop 8 hitters might consider a drop 5. Again, the general principle is if we are going to double up on bats lets cover our bases in terms of feel, approach and need for different pitchers and weather. No reason to have two similarly swinging and designed bats in the same bat pack. Combine a drop 8 CAT 7 with a drop 10 CF Zen and you're bat bag is as dangerous as any on the planet.

Best USA Baseball Bat Packs

Best USA BAseball BAt

Finding the perfect combination of USA Bats is a tall task for 2018 players. The reason, simple enough, is that there is not a lot of data to go on AND there are no previous year's models to get a deal on. We have found a few cheaper models we like (like the Rawlings Machine) that should serve well in the single piece aluminum space. But our real problem is we have yet to determine if composite barreled bats will cut it in the USA space. It's probable aluminum bats in the USA Space, like aluminum bats in the BBCOR space, will serve a greater percentage of elite players than the composite counterparts of the 1.15 BPF era. 

For 2018, we like the idea of combing the smooth swing of a two piece hybrid with a lighter single piece aluminum. (See our reasoning on our best USA Baseball bat space).

Aluminum vs Wood 2nd Bat

Best Bat Packs

You could make the argument, and many do, that the 2nd bat in your arsenal should be a wood bat. You could easily replace your single piece aluminum bat above with a wood stick. They do run less expensive---assuming, of course, they don't break. But, for many players, the 2nd bat of a nice maple wood bat is a reasonable option and worth considering. But, if you're like most travel ball players we know, your wood bat will simply the 3rd bat in your bag.

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