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We have hit with every drop 5 baseball bat on the market since 2014. In the USSSA bat space, we recommend the 2017 DeMarini CF Zen. Our favorite USABat in the drop 5 is the Beast X. We love the smooth smash, proven performance and rocket-like lift off of well-hit balls. We have hit with every drop 5 bat on the market. Some we have loved. Others, not so much. A number are worth your consideration if you are in the market for the best drop 5 baseball bat.

Our USSSA Pick

Best Drop 5 Bat

The Best USSSA Drop 5 Bat for Most People

We actually think the CF Zen drop 5 should have been banned like its drop 10 and drop 8 cousin bats. But, for whatever reason, the drop 5 made it past the secondary USSSA checks. And, to put it mildly, the bat can absolutely RAKE. If you are in the market for the best drop 5 bat, and are willing to spend what it takes to acquire this bat, then look no further than the 2017 DeMarini CF Zen.

Our USABat Pick

Best Drop 5 Bat

The USABat Drop 5 Bat for Most People

This choice is easy for two reasons. First, the Beast X is the progeny of the XL3 from days gone by. Expect good performance, tons of durability and a very good sized barrel. Second, the drop 5 Beast X is just about the only drop 5 in the USABat world. Rawlings does make a VELO in the drop 5 and Axe has some options, too. And no doubt, both of those bats are interesting competitors to the Easton drop 5 Beast X. But, in such a new world of USABat, we go with what we believe to be the best bet for 2018. 

Best Drop 5 Baseball Bat Table








CF Zen


End Load














Beast X


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Best Drop 5 Bat
Best Drop 5 Bat
Best Drop 5 Bat
Best Drop 5 Bat

Best Place to find the Drop 5 Zen

For bats produced in any year but the current, Amazon is almost ALWAYS your best best. Usually, major vendors buy the remaining stock at a considerable discount of a marquee bat and they end up being the last legitimate place (i.e. warranty) to find the bat. This runs until they are out---then you are left to the throws of the secondary market (eBay).

Best Drop 5: 2017 DeMarini CF Zen

Best Drop 5 Bat

After hours of testing both in game and in cage, as well as discussing the bat with a number of real players and reading real online reviews, the 2017 CF Zen is a relatively easy choice for the best drop 5 on the market readily available today.

The bat is a nice balance, fused with a smooth swing made possible by DeMarini's proven connective piece. They refer to this process as the D-Fusion handle.

The drop 8 version of this bat (the 2 5/8), as well as the drop 10 2 3/4 bat were deemed illegal by USSSA a few months back. Most were surprised to find that the drop 5 was NOT banned. The bat is terribly hot and we have yet to talk with anyone who thinks these bats are anything but absolutely smoking hot.

Best End Load Drop 5: 2017 Easton MAKO XL (TORQ)

Best Drop 5 Bat

We are going to get a few eye rolls for this choice, but as of this publishing, the MAKO TORQ from 2016 or 2017 is a great deal for an endloaded drop 5. Other bats in the space can make a good case, like the Voodoo EndLoad, but the MAKO has a fantastically large barrel. The fact the older models of TORQs can be found at a steep discount is very tempting---even if the drop 5 2017 CF Zen is on your short list.

And if you hate the spinning handle of the TORQ, just go with the MAKO XL version in the drop 5.

Best Aluminum Drop 5: 2018 Marucci CAT 7

Best Drop 5 Bat

Our best Drop 5 Aluminum barreled bat may have been the easiest choice. The 2017 Marucci CAT 7 is a beautiful stick built with a lot of direct power and very little flex on contact. Our experience maintains the bat possesses wood like power transfer without the associated ring in the hands due to their ring free knob design. Marucci's CAT 7, modeled after the CAT 6 and CAT 5,  is an upgrade on previous versions with a larger barrel. The CAT 7 is one of our favorites across the board.

Best Value Drop 5: 2017 Easton XL3

Best Drop 5 Bat

In today's market, the best value drop 5 in the USSSA space is the XL3 from Easton. The bat has been produced for several years and each version performs admirably. Add in the fact they are often sold for a fraction of the price as the bats listed above, and these things are hard to pass up. Expect a durable bat with a fantastic endload for the large USSSA player looking for maximum destruction.

Best Drop 5 USABat: 2018 Easton Beast X

Best Drop 5 Bat

This is an easy decision considering the 2018 Easton Beast X is one of only a very few bats offered in the drop 5 USABat space. The youth bat 2 1/4 standard of the recent past never produced a real drop 5. They stayed in the drop 9 and 10+ range. But now that Pony baseball, among others, will require the USABat standard for their older players, too, expect the drop 5 market in the USABat space to make some sense. And this Beast X is as good a bet as any.

Common Drop 5 Bat Questions

Who Should Use An Endloaded Drop 5?

There are many end loaded drop 5 bats that swing with a greater MOI (swing weight) than many BBCOR bats. Meaning, an endloaded drop 5 bat with a BPF 1.15 stamp can be a bigger hitter than any number BBCOR bat. As such, those who hit with an endloaded drop 5 are bomb making hitters that pack serious punch.

Who Should Use a Balanced Drop 5?

The balanced drop 5 is a conundrum. Indeed, one chooses a drop 5 to get more power because your swing speed has maxed out and the greater weight gives you more power. But, one would use a balanced bat to help increase bat speed and make better contact with the ball. So, a balanced drop 5 creates some logical inconsistencies.

We conclude that those looking for a drop 5 in a balanced model can either

  1. not find enough weight in a drop 8, but also think an end loaded drop 5 is too much to handle, or
  2. appreciate the feel of a balanced bat, but can wield the power of a drop 5.

Who Chooses An Aluminum Barreled Drop 5?

An aluminum barreled drop 5 would fit a player who wants hot out of the wrapper performance and more feel through contact. As such, there are a decent number of drop 5 baseball bats that have an aluminum barrel. Most of these bats are end loaded. Some, however, are single piece aluminum bats. Others are hybrids that have a composite handle and an aluminum barrel.

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