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Over the past 4 years, we have hit with every drop 8 bat on the market. This includes both baseball and fastpitch. Each of those bats have been reviewed on our bat reviews pages. Additionally, we have a best big barrel bats and a best fastpitch bat section that you may also find helpful. Currently, our favorite drop 8 baseball bat readily available on the market is the 2016 DeMarini CF8 2 3/4. In fastpitch, the LXT XENO from Louisville Slugger is our favorite drop 8 bat.

Best Drop 8 Bats

Best Drop 8 Bats

Amazon Price Check the CF8 here here and the XENO plus here.

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Best Drop 8 Bats

12016 CF8Electric$$$$10/10
12017 Slugger XENO PlusPlus$$$10/10
22017 Easton Beast XL Drop 8Beast Mode$$$$9.5/10
22016 Slugger LXT Drop 8Hyper$$$9/10
32017 Marucci CAT7Beautiful$$9.5/10

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Best Drop 8 Baseball Bats

1. DeMarini’s Baseball CF8 Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bats

Surprisingly, the best drop 8 bat in baseball is NOT a terribly difficult decision. The drop 8 2016 CF8 has proven its weight in gold on the field. The bat’s rising price will soon make it worth it’s weight in gold off the field, too. It’s a sweet-sized barrel that gives peak performance at all pitch speeds.


Hitters looking for a little more juice than a more traditional drop 10, who aren’t quite able to reach peak swing speeds with the drop 5, will find the Drop 8 a great option.


Players who prefer a one piece design or would rather swing a hot out of the wrapper aluminum bat should likely look elsewhere. As well, if you think a drop 5 is in your future, don’t hesitate to check the best drop 5 baseball bat page.

Another hesitation is the sometimes painful reality of price. A drop 8 bat usually isn’t the appropriate size for more than a year, maybe two. As such, if you are not in the ‘buy a new bat every year club’, then it may make sense to figure out a way to make due with a drop 5, or hold on to that drop 10 for another year.

2. Mako Beast2017 Easton MAKO Beast Review

If the 2016 CF8 were not available, and our budget wasn’t a terrible concern, we would buy the 2017 Easton MAKO XL drop 8. The extra long barrel for 2017, the great user reviews, and the ability to jack bombs with the drop 8 are just a few of the reasons. The XL signifies a more end loaded feel, and as such, don’t expect the exact same swing weight you’d find in the 2016 Demarini CF8. (See our MAKO Beast Review here).

Amazon Price Check the Easton Beast.

3. Marucci CAT 7

2017 Marucci CAT 7 ReviewIn the event a single piece aluminum bat catches your fancy for its stiff feel and great power transfer, look no further than the Marucci CAT 7. This 2017 bat, built on the very popular 2015 CAT 6, boasts a massive barrel and a great balance for a single piece bat. (See our CAT 7 Review Here).

Amazon Price Check the CAT 7

Best Drop 8 Fastpitch Bats

1. Slugger’s Fastpitch Xeno Plus Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bat

The drop 8 in the fastpitch space is a traditional size for the advanced power hitters in high school or the legit collegiate player. The Loiusville Slugger Xeno Plus drop 8 is the right bat to put in the hands of this kind of talent.


Stronger hitters tend to prefer a stiffer feeling bat for maximum power transfer. A large, high performing barrel also brings value. The 2017 XENO Plus from Louisville Slugger is just such a stiff, high performing barrel with which hitters can do real damage.


The drop 8 space in fastpitch is a crowded one. Easton, DeMarini, and others make very good bats in this exact niche. We would be hard-pressed to make a case for what those two brands’ drop 8 bats lack when compared to the XENO plus. Yet, considering our hitting experience with each of these bats and the XENO, we simply preferred it ever so slightly.

As well, if you need a bat with more flex (meaning, you want less ring on the hands and a smoother hit), then look elsewhere than the drop 8 LXT Plus.

Best Drop 8 Fastpitch Bat

2. Slugger LXT

At the risk of sounding like a Louisville Slugger Homer, our second favorite drop 8 fastpitch bat is the LXT Hyper from Slugger. Both the 2016 and 2017 versions of this bat are phenomenal. The LXT was built with more flex in the transition when compared to the XENO. Our experience is more flex isn’t necessarily a bonus for power hitters. Hence the LXT is 2nd place to the XENO. And, if you are feeling super crazy, you can even design your own.

References and Sources

If this best drop 8 bat reference guide has been helpful, we suggest you also check out our best bats ever page. If it is baseball you are after, then our best drop 10 bats and best drop 5 bats should be helpful. Fastpitch readers might find our best fastpitch softball bat article helpful, too.

Who Should Swing a Drop 8 Bat?

In baseball, as a general observation, a drop 8 bat is best suited for the player not quite ready for a drop 5, but who wants to increase his bat’s weight to get ready for BBCOR. In fastpitch, a drop 8 bat is for big hitting, strong high school players and many collegiate players. It is the heaviest drop you will find in the fastpitch industry.

Drop 8 bats are almost always performance bats. In baseball, the window for a drop 8 is so small, it rarely makes sense for big time bat companies to produce en masse. In fastpitch, few players with little experience are good enough to swing a drop 8. As such, virtually no manufacturers make a ‘cheap’ drop 8 fastpitch bat.

What is a Drop 8 Bat?

Drop 8 bats have a length to weight difference of 8—meaning, the difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces is 8. So, for example, a 30-inch bat in a drop 8 would weigh 22 ounces.