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On the market today, our favorite power hitter’s bat is the 2017 DeMarini Voodoo One. This no frills single piece aluminum stick with a serious end load is built for the rakers among us. Our experience with the bat’s ultra stiff feel, focused sweet spot and decent end load make it the Best Power Hitters Bat. This is an extension of our best bats articles. You can read more below and at our best BBCOR bats page too.

Best Power Hitter's Bat

DeMarini’s Voodoo One comes in a BBCOR and a Drop 10 2 3/4 big barrel. Our favorite youth barrel for power hitters is Anderson’s Techzilla.

Best Power Hitter’s Bat Table

Overall Rank Brand Model Cateogry Rating Price
1 DeMarini 2017 Voodoo One BBCOR/Big Barrel 5/5 $$
2 Easton 2017 Z-Core XL BBCOR 4/5 $$
3 Anderson 2016 Techzilla Youth 4/5 $$

Best Power Hitter’s Bat Table of Contents

Who is this Power Hitter’s Bat For?

Best Power Hitter's Bat

No snot-nosed little kid ever stood in the box of a neighborhood park and pointed his finger toward the sliver of light between the second baseman and pitcher. No. Not even once has that happened. Instead, that little shot caller, in iconic stance like the great Bambino, stood with stars in his eyes and pointed toward Venus.

With that in mind, the best power hitter’s bat is theoretically for everyone. We all want to drop bombs. But, in reality, the Voodoo One is for hitters who do not struggle for bat speed. If weight and strength is all you care about then the Voodoo one is for you. Sadly, for most of us, that means very few are truly in this market. For those, the bat would feel like a serious mistake.

Best Power Hitter’s Bat Sources

Best Power Hitter's Bat

Some weeks ago, we wrote an article called the Best Bat For Home Runs. It differs in results with this article whose focus is more for the power hitter’s among us. But, no doubt, the two are very similar and both this Voodoo One and the Axe Avenge are big hitter’s dreams.

You might also find the Best 2017 Baseball Bat list helpful. It is wikipedia like in it’s length, but we are hopeful navigable enough to be useful. And, of course, our very popular Best BBCOR Bats list is always worth a look too.

Also, you like the 2017 DeMarini Bat Lineup.

Why the 2017 Voodoo One

Best Power Hitter's Bat

Power hitters do not struggle for bat speed and bat control. On the contrary, they yearn for more effective power transitions to the baseball. If bat speed is already maxed out then, roughly speaking, power is transitioned from bat to ball in two ways. The first is the bats stiffness the second is the bats mass moment of inertia.

The stiffer a bat is the less power lost at contact. If a hitter wants to maximize their swings power then get a bat that is ultra stiff. A stiff bat, however, comes with some consequences. Most notably, the vibration it delivers to your hands on mishits. If you can withstand the pain losing your thumb on mishits inflicts on your manly soul, then a stiff bat is almost always better.

Mass moment of inertia, or MOI for short, is the amount of power, or torque, required to swing a rigid object around an axis. A bat with a higher MOI measured from the knob requires more strength to swing. If one can swing a bat with a higher MOI at the same speed as one with a lower MOI than the higher MOI bat will deliver more force to the ball. The Voodoo One has one of the largest MOI’s we have measured this year. As such, if someone didn’t compensate bat speed for this bat then expect it to be the best power hitter’s bat.

Why NOT the 2017 Voodoo One

Best Power Hitter's Bat

There are several reasons an individual hitter might not want to pull the trigger on DeMarini’s Voodoo One. But, each of those excuses are because they simply can’t effectively handle a bat meant to hit the cork out of balls. That is, all excuses but one. Which is that the DeMarini Voodoo One does not come in a Youth (2 1/4) barrel option.

Other than that issue, which we address next, a true power hitter with near undiminishable bat speed and contact skills should get at least a few more girlfriends by simply using DeMarini’s Voodoo One at the plate.

Youth Space Options

2016 Anderson Techzilla

Best Power Hitter's Bat

For much the same reason we love the Voodoo One in the power hitter’s space, Anderson’s Techzilla is our favorite power hitter bat in the Youth 2 1/4 barrel space. The Techzilla is a sinlge piece aluminum bat with an end-load. It boasts one of the highest MOI’s in the 2 1/4 space. The aluminum alloy is remarkably durable and used by Little League hitter Cole Wagner who, if you recall, hit balls so far in the 2016 LLWS they are still airborne.

Price Check the Anderson Techzilla.

Other Power Hitter Bat Options

2017 Easton Z-Core XL

Best Power Hitter's Bat

As we state in every best bat article we write, we make no over the top statements that the best bat on this list is the best bat for everyone. Indeed, we don’t even argue the DeMarini Voodoo One or Techzilla are the best power hitter’s bat for those in the power hitter’s space. Rather, our experience is that we, and many others, like these bats a lot in their defined space. There are at least a few others worth considering too.

Easton’s Z-Core XL is likely the most similar bat to the Voodoo One. It is also a single piece aluminum bat with an endload. The XL’s barrel is physically larger than the Voodoo One. It serves the same purpose as the Voodoo one and is a great fit for players in the Aluminum Log space. So, why not the top Spot? Simply because it does not come in a drop 10 Big Barrel like the Voodoo One.

Price check the Z-Core XL. See our full Easton Z-Core XL Review.