What Bat People Are Buying: Best Selling Bats in 2015


Best Selling Bats in 2015

Ebay sale data is a great marker for what bat hits right in the wheel house of what parents want to pay and what kids are wil ling to swing. Because of that, we did an analysis of the last 90 days on terapeak.com trying to decipher what bats have sold and for how much they have sold. We thought our readers would find that information interesting so we share.

Best Selling Big BarrelBest Selling Bats in 2015

The bat which dominates the ‘big barrel’ or ‘senior league’ 2015 market place is the 2014 Easton’s S3. The bats most common size (the drop 10 2 3/4) has sold nearly $6,000 worth of bats in the last 90 days on ebay alone. Two sellers of the S3 in a 2 5/8 (which are the 2nd and 3rd most sold big barrel bats) have sold a combined $7,750 worth of this little gem. Making, in total, nearly $14,000 of money spent on the 2014 Easton S3 big barrel bat in the last 90 days.

This isn’t surprising considering it’s price point of $120, the confidence Easton bats brings to most purchases and the fact lots of parents believe they are getting a steal of a deal if they can buy last years model.

It’s also helpful that the S3 is a fantastic bat whose one piece aluminum frame performs well enough for the vast majority of those who still need a drop 10 in a 2 3/4. (You can see that listing here).

Best Selling BBCOR Bat

Best Selling Bats in 2015At the risk of saying ‘we told you so’ this does seem like as good a time as any to point out that several months ago we predicted wild success for the 915 Prime from Slugger. It was, we predicted, the best metal bat Slugger had ever made and we guessed it would see rave reviews at it got in the hands of the masses.

It is without surprise, then, we find the 915 Prime the best selling BBCOR bat on e-bay over the last 90 days. And at nearly $30,000 in total revenue for just the 32/29 size almost doubles the second place 2014 Voodoo Overlord. Of note, it is the only current released bat that is dominating the charts in an eBay world known more for a place to get last years model.

Just more proof in the pudding that the 915 Prime is one nasty, nasty bat. Check out the ebay listing that has made a killing here.

Best Selling Fastpitch Bat

Best Selling Bats in 2015The best selling fastpitch bats on ebay over the last 90 days are the CF6 Insane 33/23, the drop 10 2015 Xeno from Slugger, DeMarini’s CF7 Sprite and then the drop 1 2015 Xeno. All four great bats and all four with a great price point at the moment.

I find it most interesting that the Wilson Brand of companies dominates the fastpitch space and that not a single 2016 model broke the top 4. It should also be mentioned that combined total revenue of the top 4 bats in the fastpitch space ($45K) is more than double the amount spent on the top 4 Senior League bats ($18K). Neither of which are near the top 3 combined dollar volume for BBCOR bats in the last 90 days ($64K).

See the CF6 Insane search here.

Best Selling Youth Barrel Bats

Best Selling Bats in 2015Here is something that doesn’t surprise us at all: The Combat B2 (which is one of our favorite bats of all time) leads the charge of youth barrel bats sold although it is now a 4 or 5 year old bat. That combat B2 is a verifiable bomb dropping fool of a stick that adds a legit 20 to 40 feet everytime you get into the plate. Better yet, many 2 1/4 leagues still allow the bat at the plate.

Although Combat stopped officially producing this bat in a half decade ago a combat supplier in Georgia somehow got a hold of hundreds of these things and sales them like knickknacks at an old folks home. And at around $180 per bat you can imagine the money this forward looking supplier is dancing in. Some of that money is our personal as we’ve bought at least 4 of those.

Check out that listing here.

Best Selling Slow Pitch Bat

Best Selling Bats in 2015The slow pitch ebay data is also noteworthy. An inexpensive bat in DeMarini bats ‘Ultimate Weapon’ is the most sold slow pitch bat by total revenue on ebay from January 25th 2015 to April 25th 2015: (1) the Weapon from DeMarini, (2) a bat combo pack, (3) the Miken DC-41 Denny Crine and (4) original SuperMax from Miken’s DC-41 lineup. This group represents the smallest category of bats compared to the other 4 above.

This listing sales a crazy amount of those bats.