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We spent considerable time dissecting every 2017 USSSA bat on the market to come upw ith the best USSSA slowpitch softball bats. That dissection included playing with several bats and speaking to a number of serious players about their bats. We also consumed every best USSSA softball bat list we could find, to say nothing of the time we spent on YouTube watching some of the very best play.

In the end, we came up with what we believe are the three best USSSA bats on the market. They are led by the 2017 Miken DC-41. Our reasoning for listing that bat and the others, is found below.

Best USSSA Softball Bat


Best USSSA Slowpitch Bats

Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Our Best Slowpitch Softball Bats article was a key source. There, the MIKEN DC-41 is awarded not just the best USSSA Bat, but the best overall bat in the space. The bat user reviews, which we found to be glowing on several vendor sites, loved the bat’s feel at contact. Either the only people that write reviews are those overjoyed by the dingers they hit, or the DC-41 is a verifiable BEAST at the plate.

We also spent time on our Best Home Run Derby Slow Pitch Softball Bat and our Best Fast Pitch Bats pages. Those articles were a good lead-in to the slowpitch market.


Model Category Rank Price Review
Miken DC-41 SuperMax (MDC41U) Overall 1 $$$ 5/5
Miken Freak 30 (MFILBU) Balance 2 $$$ 5/5
Miken Psycho SuperMax(MPSY1U) Single Piece 3 $$ 4.5/5

Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats

Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball BAts

You will notice that our top three bats in the Slowpitch softball space are all Miken bats. We do not know the folks at Miken, nor do we work for them, obviously. We are an independent review site that takes information from players and major vendors to determine which bat does the best. As well, we also have experience using the bats, studying bat technology. In the end, no matter how we slice the feedback, we can’t help but find our top three bats as Miken.

While some bats are both USSSA and ASA certified, the following list only contains USSSA certified bats. NSA and ISA certifications almost always allow for USSSA bats, too. As such, the vast majority of slowpitch USSSA bats also have NSA and ISA stamps. Here is our list of best USSSA Slowpitch bats.

1. Miken DC-41 SuperMax

Best Softball Bats

The 2017 Miken DC-41 makes the top of several best USSSA softball bat lists. It stands as the marquee bat in the USSSA space and few bats have ever eclipsed it. The SuperMax version of the DC-41 uses an extra ounce of end load in the cap. This moves the balance point outward and significantly increases the MOI. If you can maintain the same bat speed, then expect to add 40 to 60 feet on every hit.

We cover this bat in detail in our Best Slowpitch Softball Bat article, as well. There you’ll find we discuss how this bat is not just the best USSSA bat, but the best overall slowpitch bat on the market today. In terms of 2017 bats that rake, none compare—at least we think so.

We recommend this bat for any hitter dead serious about purchasing a legit slowpitch bat, and who, of course, plays in a USSSA league. If you are not a fan of an endloaded slowpitch bat, you can purchase the balanced version of this bat. The serial number for the balanced version is the MDC42U. The SuperMax number is MDC41U. The other option for those intimidated by the end load would simply be to size down to the 26 or 27 ounce MDC41U.

2. Miken Freak 30

Best slowpitch softball bats

We like the Miken Freak 30 for many of the same reasons we pee our pants a tiny bit when we pick up the DC-41. That is, this 2017 Freak (MFILBU) is the end result of years of research and player feedback on what is considered the most successful slowpitch bat ever. When compared to the DC-41, the Freak uses only a 1/2 ounce end load instead of the full ounce. Meaning, the balance point is moved toward the hands ever so slightly to produce that less top heavy swing. The Freak 30 may be the perfect option for those that want to fool around with an end load, but aren’t quite ready to start taking steroids, too.

Why is the Freak #2 on a list of best USSSA softball bats? Fair question, and one we do not have the best answer for. By all measurements, the Freak 30 holds its own when compared to the DC-41. In large measure the two bats come with much the same technology. We personally think the loaded DC-41 appeals to more players. It also tends to get better user reviews. In the end, that was our reasoning.

3. Miken Psycho

Best Slowpitch Softball BAts

In a list of best USSSA Slowpitch softball bats, it would be a sin to leave out a single piece option. Real men, the Ron Swanson of softball players, prefer the direct feedback of a single piece bat with its accompanying and terrifying power. With that person in mind, we think the Miken Pshyco is their best USSSA slowpitch softball bat.

For many of the same reasons the DC-41 and Freak 30 take the cake above, we like the culmination of years of technology that went into the single piece Miken Pshyco. The bat uses Miken’s famous composite in a one piece stick that is infused with epoxy to create a remarkably durable bat. It receives fantastic ratings across the board, and is a perennial best seller.

The 2017 Pshyco comes in an end-loaded version, too. Miken refers to these versions as the SuperMax. While some may appreciate the added weight in the end cap, we think the true one piece bat lover will be right at home with this balanced Psycho. The uncalloused hands of the current generation may not love the hand sting, but Ron Swanson would not be caught dead with a two piece bat. An invention, he is sure, was made for fastpitch.

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