Best Youth Wood Bat | A few GREAT Options


In conjunction with our best wood baseball bat review article, which highlights wood bats for pro's and adults, this best youth wood bat article serves a similar purpose. That is, a similar purpose with the obvious exception of the best youth wood bat. 

And, it turns out, we carry over much of the same reasoning as to why one bat should be better than another. After using over 20 different youth wood bats, and discussing their processes with professionals and amateurs alike, we keep reverting back to the Sam Bat CD1 as our favorite youth baseball bat. But, make no mistake, there are other fantastic options too. Much feel very smilar. We discuss below.

Best Youth Wood Bats

Best Youth Wood Bat

We like the Sam Bat as the best youth baseball bat for its flawless maple design. The bat is a smooth sailing single piece of maple made from straight from Canada. This CD1 is thecut from the same trees and made in the same factory as the bats of Barry Bonds, GianCarlos Stanton and Miguel Caberra. They are pretty, durable, have fantastic performance and come in a number of sizes. If you are looking for a big time wood bat in a youth size look we are confident you will be very happy with a CD1.

If there is any negative feedback, it is the lack of durability with a wood bat. But, welcome to the world of real Maple wood bats. There is just no way around it and Sam Bats make as durable a real wood maple bat that you can find.

Best youth Wood Bat

For the same reason we think the Marucci line is the best wood bat for adults, we think the JB19 or CU26 from Marucci are the best wood bat for kids. Both have a smaller barrel profile and, much like the CD1, is a light swing---as far as wood bats go. It does not suffer from the end load that a bat like the AP5 might. Instead, this bat is made for the contact hitter.

Like the CD1 from Sam Bat above, both the JB19 and the CU26 come in a pure maple option and it is what we suggest. You can also personlize and customize these bats too, but you need to do it directly on Marucci's site. That usually ads a few bucks. But, if this is for a birthday or holiday present, then we suggest it. Two years ago these are what we gave to each our sons on Christmas and they absolutely loved it. Highly recommended.

Best youth Wood BAt

Not only are the youth BamBooBat's nearly indestructible, but they also come at a serious cost savings when compared to the two bats above it on the list. And, to boot, for younger players the contact with a bamboo bat comes with a softer fell. In fact, if there were anything like a two piece smushy feel on contact in the wood bat space it would be a bat made of Bamboo. And that is BambooBat's specialty.

Bamboo, if you don't know, is a grass, not a tree. And, as such, you don't need to take down the rain forest to hit dingers. And, as a softer material, it actually feels quite nice on mishits. And the fact it is durable makes a lot of parents think this bat makes a ton of sense for a youth player who only needs the bat for a year or two before they grow too big.

Why Buy a Youth Wood Bat?

There are several good reasons to buy a youth wood baseball bat. None of which, by the way, are because you think it performs as well as a good aluminum or composite wood bat. But, there are some legitimate reasons. Let us list at least a few of them.

  • They force players to hit in the middle of the barrel. It is said that better players can close the gap between good and bad bats. A wood bat, and its accompanying small sweet spot, make a good player really focus on hitting the ball in the right spot of the bat.
  • Youth wood bats help increase strength. The sole reason for this is because wood bats have much higher swing weights. Wood weight distribution cannot be controlled like composite or aluminum and, as such, wood bats swing heavier. This might not be a good thing for in game use, but for BP and practice they are very good.
  • They are cool. No, really, they are. And if you can learn to hit well with a wood bat you can learn to hit well with anything.