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We’ve searched far and wide for the lightest BBCOR bat. Lots of folks, without surprise, are trying to find the answer. Somewhat surprisingly, it is difficult to find. Google search rankings appear to struggle to answer a pretty straight forward question. We have a few answers for you in the below.

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(*The drop is the numerical difference between the bat’s length in inches and the bat’s weight in ounces. For example, a 32 inch bat with a drop 3 weighs 29 ounces.)

Lightest BBCOR Bat


Lightest BBCOR Bat: 2016

2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha Review

Those looking for the lightest swing possible in a BBCOR bat have limited, but legitimate options. For 2016 in particular, the lightest swinging bat is Louisville Slugger’s 516 Omaha in the 29 inch length. It is, at least in the performance bat space, the only BBCOR bat to be manufactured in a 29 inch length—preposterous! We have well over 35 BBCOR bats made for 2016 specifically and only one comes in something less than a 30 inch.

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Bat Companies Striking Out?

Best Bat for 13 Year Old

Amazingly, BBCOR bats rarely (if ever) come in lengths shorter than 30 inches (i.e. weights less than 27 ounces). In fact, several don’t come in anything shorter than a 31 inch and even some in a 32 inch. Admittedly, end loaded bats may rarely find a home in a short size as players looking for something short are are often looking for as little swing weight as possible, but why serious bats designed with a light swing don’t often come in a 29 or 28 inch length is beyond our comprehension. And, yes, we’re talking about the CF8 and MAKO—among a number of other bats whose intent is a light swing yet often don’t come in a 30 inch let alone a 28 or 29.

Not to belabor the point, although we will, Little League international makes bats for 13 and 14 year-olds that often drop 12 or 13. Ergo, the industry’s expectation is, apparently, for a player to use a 32 inch and 20 ounce bat in year one, and in year two or three use one 40% heavier? Have these people never had children? Adding nearly 40% to the weight of a bat over a particular summer shows a disregard for the reality of how poorly we can predict puberty.


Other Possible Light Swinging BBCOR Options

In the 30 inch realm DeMarini offers their flagship CF8 and, compared to the 516 from Slugger in the 30 inch, the swing weights are very similar (though the prices are very different). But neither are as light as the 29/26 516 Omaha BBCOR.


Another option in the 30/27 inch length, and appearing as the company’s flagship bat, is Combat’s 2016 Maxum.

Lightest BBCOR Bat

As well, If you are willing to go for an older and possibly used model of a light swinging BBCOR bat, Easton made an S4 a few years ago. The bat was built with a slimmer barrel (2 1/2) and for the exact purpose of being a light swinging BBCOR bat. However, the bat only comes in a 32 inch length at its shortest which, surprisingly, appears to defeat the whole purpose of having a light swinging BBCOR bat in the first place.

Lightest Swinging BBCOR

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In the End—Your Options are Slim

Unfortunately the market simply has yet to catch up with reality in the light BBCOR bat space. There are thousands of searches a month for the lightest swinging BBCOR bat and, at least in 2016, there is only one bat to come in less than a 30 inch length.

The good news is the 2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha is a legitimate choice and a bat we often recommend, even in other sizes. It’s a light swinging single piece alloy that won’t break bank when the light swing is no longer needed because little Timmy finally hit puberty.


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