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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

The best ASA slow pitch bat is the Miken Freak Platinum.

There. We said it.

To cap off our slowpitch softball best bat list, and to support our best USSSA slowpitch bat, we have compiled our notes, the notes of big time players and big time vendors to come up with the best ASA  Slowpitch Softball Bat. Although the market for 2018 ASA bats are thick, we whittled them down to a manageable few.

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

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Model Category Rank Price Review
Miken Freak Platinum: FKPTMA Overall 1 $$$ 5/5
DeMarini Raw Steel: DXSTL 13-inch Barrel 2 $$$ 5/5
Miken DC-41 SuperMax: MDC41A 14-inch Barrel 3 $$$ 4.5/5
Easton Helmer Flex Loaded: SP16BHFXA Value 3 $$ 4.5/5
Worth Legit: SBLGSW 100% Alloy 3 $$ 4.5/5
Louisville Slugger XXL Alloy: WTLXXLA16B 100% Alloy 3 $ 4.5/5

Best ASA Slowpitch Bats Sources

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We review the top shelf performance softball bats every year. That information, combined with our obsession with every bat and bat technology that has been released since 2014, provide a significant source of information on the best ASA bats.

As well, we have spoken with a number of vendors and manufacturers on their bats. Some of that information can be found on their websites. See, for example, the Miken site. As well, conversations with major buyers at give us serious insight as to what ASA bats people are actually purchasing.

In addition to those sources above, see our best bats page.

Best ASA Bat Recommendations

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

Of course, as we state in every best bat article we write, the best bat for many is not the best bat for all. There are as many best bats as there are player types and their corresponding budgets. For the list below, we take less consideration on total price as we do on player feedback and overall performance.

If you find the bats below enticing, we suggest your next step is to visit major vendor sites and see what type of deal you might be able to get. As these are slow-pitch bats, and as the composites below have a penchant for breaking, we stress the value of getting them from vendors that will offer you a real receipt.

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat Awards

1. Miken Freak Platinum: FKPTMA

Go to any serious slowpitch softball tournament in an ASA league and you will find this Freak Platinum in abundance. It is the most popular bat in the space right now (save, maybe, the Helmer below). The bat has a great smash, tons of power to all fields, and serves the purpose of hero maker. A nice stiff transition keeps balls flying deep while maintaining a smooth ride on the hands.

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

We could not recommend a bat any more fervently.

2. DeMarini Raw Steel: DXSTL

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

Although not as popular as Miken’s Freak Platinum we think Demarini’s Steel is a great 2nd choice in the ASA space. It is also a very unique bat in that it comes as a two piece full alloy bat with a single walled barrel. That means you get a smooth smash like the Freak Platinum but the added durability (and no work in time) with the Steel. You will also notice a real slim handle feel that a number of players prefer. DeMarini loves this bat, and so do we.

3. Miken DC-41 SuperMax: MDC41A

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

Much like our best USSSA bat, we had to put on the DC41. But this DC41 is an ASA specific bat that uses that same long, 14-inch, barrel, one ounce end load and a unique four piece design (that you can read about here).

In terms of the ‘best value ASA bat’ the Helmer has the market cornered. At a fraction of the price when compared to some others on this list, the Easton Helmer stands as a bright spot in an industry riddled with overpriced garbage.

4. Easton Helmer Flex Loaded: SP16BHFXA

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

In terms of the ‘best value ASA bat’ the Helmer has the market cornered. At a fraction of the price when compared to some others on this list, the Easton Helmer stands as a bright spot in an industry riddled with overpriced reprints from years past. Using the same connective tech Easton uses in their baseball bats, the Helmer combines a nice soft and long barrel with a stiff handle. This two piece composite design is a favorite of ours and, if we were spending our own money, would have a hard time spending it on anything but the Easton Helmer Flex loaded ASA softball bat.

5. Worth Legit: SBLGSW

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAtAs the only 2016 bat to make this end of 2017 list, the Worth Legit slowpitch bat gets remarkable ratings for value and durability. This bat is approved in USSSA and ASA and comes hot out of the wrapper with a full aluminum barrel. Most aluminum barrel slowpitch bats tend to struggle with a too heavy swing weight but Worth somehow solved the riddle. Expect a light swing and a hot out the wrapper feel with this guy.

Also, we should note, the Worth Legit may serve as the best cold weather slow pitch softball bat. Aluminum’s durability tends to do better with cold softballs that condense more and are a harder hit. If we were to have an extra BP or cold weather bat in our bag it would be the Worth Legit.

6. Louisville Slugger XXL Alloy: WTLXXLA16B

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball BAt

A lot of people spend more than $80 on gas driving to an ASA slowpitch tournament. So an XXL Alloy from Slugger, and the double wall aluminum design, at $79 retail is a no-brainer. Especially considering the type of reviews the bat gets. Does it have the perfect balance of the Platinum or the ultra smooth smash of the Easton Helmer? No. But it hits balls far and you’ll feel better about yourself as you trot the bases with another $200 in your wallet.

Those who like the stiff feel of a single piece aluminum bat would do well by filling up with this tank of gas. You can thank us later.


Bob A says:

as of now, we can still use the JH Mayhem reload 120 bat in my league. We use the ASA .52/300 compression ball. Ive been hearing that composite flex bats dont work as well with this ball. The Mayhem has been such a good bat and is so hot (in the past anyway), would it make sense to keep using it or something like the Demarini Steel with a single wall for this type of ball.

Roger Binette says:

Bought the 2017 Miken Freak Plat. the end cap showed signs of coming off (crack around the end cap), notified Miken and was told to return said bat. The warrantee had expired and for $60 they would repair. Not happy with Miken

Lena says:

Best women’s ASA bat.

Anonymous says:

Maybe you should let people know you are only ranking bats you sell in your articles.

Considering we don’t sell any bats at BatDigest, never have, then that suggestion might have made some sense. 🙂

steve says:

best slo-pitch softball, balanced, a.s.a., non-composite, single-wall bat?

steve says:

give me a choice of 3 bats as the best for an a.s.a. slo-pitch league, single-wall, non-composite, balanced bat
i understand that the demarini ultimate weapon, easton salvo, and anderson flex may be good choices

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