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The Best Sunflower Seed | 10 Flavors On your Bucket List

Best Sunflower Seeds


What better group of people than serious baseball and softball players to determine what is the best sunflower seed? Below we accumulate votes based on brand versus another. Those add up to determine a list of the best sunflower seed that you can find below. You can always check Amazon’s best selling seeds for some great options too.

We pit every sunflower seed we could find against each other in a head to head matchup. After over 100,000 individual votes, we came up with the rankings below. Without surprise, at least we think, Spitz Cracked Pepper Took the top spot.

Total Votes Cast: 103,290

#1 – Spitz Cracked Pepper

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1287 Losses: 1282 Total: 2569

#2 – Bigs Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1293 Losses: 1269 Total: 2562

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1272 Losses: 1253 Total: 2525

#5 – Bigs Sizzlin Bacon

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1242 Losses: 1226 Total: 2468

Wins: 1311 Losses: 1295 Total: 2606

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1273 Losses: 1271 Total: 2544

#10 – David Jumbo Ranch

Best Sunflower Seeds

Wins: 1326 Losses: 1322 Total: 2648

#11 – Giants Kettle Roast

Best Sunflower Seed

Wins: 1168 Losses: 1163 Total: 2331