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Update: We are tracking the 2019 Little League World Series Bat Usage here.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Update: We are tracking the 2019 Little League World Series Bat Usage here.

Best Bat For 11 Year Old: USA, USSSA, Fastpitch

Best Bat For 11 Year Old: USA, USSSA, Fastpitch

After testing every baseball bat in the 2016 to 2019 class, we think the best bat for an 11 year old, who weighs up to 100 pounds, is the 2019 DeMarini CF Zen in a drop 10. Those restricted to the USA Bat standard will like the drop 10 CF Zen in USA Bat the most. Feedback we received showed that bigger, stronger 11u hitters (100+ pounds) should consider the Marucci CAT 7 in a drop 8. Those on a budget, or simply unwilling to spend that kind of money on a baseball bat, will like the retooled 2017 CF Zen (while supplies last).

In fastpitch, we’d recommend the 2017 LXT Hyper in a drop 11. The average sized 11 year old should try and find a 29/18.

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Best Drop 10 Bat

Our 11u Pick

It has been a while since we’ve been truly excited about a USSSA bat. But, and we’ll make a prediction here, the 2019 CF Zen will go down as one of the best USSSA bats. The drop 10 is brilliant. Stock up. Price check: Our Full Review: 2019 CF Zen Review.

What Size Bat for 11 Year Old

 Our bat size chart shows the best sized bat for an 11 year old, who weighs an average of 80 pounds, is 30 inches long and 20 ounces heavy. Remember, scale weight is not swing weight so don’t be over zealous when reports come back about a bat weighing too much.

USSSA 11u Bat Suggestions

  • 60 pounds: 28/18 CF Zen
  • 70 pounds: 29/19 CF Zen
  • 80 pounds: 30/20 Zen
  • 90 pounds: 31/21 Zen
  • 100 pounds: 32/22 Zen
  • 110 pounds: 30/22 CAT 7
  • 120 pounds: 31/23 CAT 7
  • 140+ pounds: 32/24 CAT 7

Adjust these numbers accordingly to the skill level of the player too. Note, as well, USA Bats do not come in as many sizes so you’ll likely need to be creative for much smaller or bigger kids than average.

Our Power Hitter 11U Pick

Best Bat Power Hitter 11U

The CAT 7 is a monster at the plate. The heavier you can get with this one the better. More weight really adds to the value of this great feeling single piece aluminum. We’ve never seen a person use this bat who doesn’t flat out love it. The drop 8 is the idea single piece aluminum bat for the USSSA space. Price check: Our Full Review: Marucci CAT 7 Review.

How much to Spend on an 11Us Bat

The answer, to some extent, depends on what you can afford. Never spend more than that as going into debt for a baseball or softball is a silly financial move.

Otherwise, we like to use the age x game rule for knowing the highest price we’d potentially pay. Simply, multiple the age of the player by the number of games they will play with the bat. For example, an 11 year old playing in 20 games this year shouldn’t spend more than $220 on a bat. That would take most on this list off the table. And that is a good thing.

Our 11u USA Pick

Best Bat for 11 Year Old

A serious baseball player in the 11u USA bat space will be happy with the USA CF Zen. The bat feels fantastic on both hits and mishits as well as delivers really good performance considering its a USA Bat. The balance is good too and it would be smart to push to a 31/21 or 32/22 if they are over 90 pounds. Price check: Our Full Review: 2018 USA CF Zen Review.

Wood Bat for 11U

The excitement behind an 11 year old using a wood baseball bat is reasonable. Young kids, really starting to get into the sport, will love the idea of a wood bat. In the vast majority of cases, we think it makes sense to have one in their bat bag. Start, for example, with our favorite youth wood bats.

But, in reality, the performance of a wood bat (and its heavier swing weight) make any player struggle. Even when compared to a USA Bat, whose pop is restricted from the USSSA counterparts, the barrel profile, swing weight and durability (warranty) of an aluminum or composite bat make it the more reasonable option.

In other words, we don’t suggest a wood bat as the main game bat for any 11 year old player. But, have one in your bag for the occasional at bat and strength condition batting practice.

Our Value Pick

Best BAt 11 Year Old

In terms of a sweet deal, we can think of no other steal that quite matches the value of the 2017 DeMarini CF Zen Retooled. Companies are unloading their inventory on this bat and you can get it for a considerable discount. It does not get great online ratings, not because it isn’t a great performing bat, but because people who bought the original are still mad at DeMarini for fumbling around on the return process. Disregard those. The bat can rake and the current price we’d even say buy two. Price check: Our Full Review: 2017 CF Zen Retooled Review.

Aluminum or Composite

Our experience with 11u baseball players is the vast majority of them prefer a composite barrel. These tend to have a bit more forgiving feel on hits and mishits. As well, the barrel profile of composites tend to be bigger and younger players prefer as much plate coverage as possible.

However, do note, aluminum barrels tend to do better in cold weather as well as cost less. If you’re going to go the aluminum barrel route, we suggest you look for a two piece (often called hybrid) aluminum barreled bat.

Our 11u Fastpitch Pick

Best 11U Bat

There have been no considerable changes to the premier fastpitch bat in at least a few years. And this is not a bad thing. The LXT Hyper is a brilliant bat with a great feel and a perfect balance. You can usually find decent deals on this bat especially as manufacuterers are looking to unload invenotry in time for the 2019 stock coming up shortly. Price check: Our Full Review: 2017 Slugger LXT Hyper Review.

11u Fastpitch Recommendations

11u is a tough age to choose from for fastpitch players. Some girls here might start the year and end the year with completely different body types. But, we do like the LXT Hyper in the drop 11. We would not recommending up-sizing to the drop 10 until they are 12 or 13 at least.

Thear a few really great 11u fastpitch bats. Slugger’s Xeno is a legit option as well as DeMarini’s Slapper.


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