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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Best Bat for 9 Year Old

Best Bat for 9 Year Old

What is the Best ?

The best bat for an 8 year old? Easy: Rawlings VELO Composite Drop 12 in a 30/18. Ok, actually, not THAT easy. But, after extensive hitting with every bat on the market we think the best bat 18 ounce bat (which is what the average 8 year old should be swinging) is the drop 12 Rawlings VELO Composite. We like the extra length the drop 12 gives us. And the two piece composite does a reasonable job keeping sting off the hands. The barrel size is great. This is, for the average serious 8 year old ball player, exactly what the doctor ordered.

Best Bat For 8 Year Old

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Best Bat for 7 Year Old
Best Bat for 9 Year Old
Best Drop 12 Bat

Best Bat for 8 Year Old

Brand Rawlings Rawlings Demarini
Bat VELO Threat Bustos
League USSSA USA Fastpitch
Price Check Here Check Here Click Here
Barrel Size 2 3/4 2 5/8 2 1/4
Drop Drop 12 Drop 12 Drop 13
Construction Two Piece One Piece One Piece
Swing Load Light Light Light

Older High End Option: 2017 DeMarini JBB CF Zen

Best bat for an 8 year old

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Assuming, of course:

  • Budget isn’t an issue
  • You’re okay buying a bat that might break (granted, these things have warranties but that doesn’t mean the process is fun)
  • You want to hit dingers

This bat is remarkable. But by no means inexpensive. If you can find this bat in stock, and budget is not a consideration, then this bat will work wonders. Do note, however, even at a drop 11 it will swing heavier than the bats we list below.

See our 2017 CF Zen Review.

Rawlings VELO Hybrid

Best Bat For 8 Year Old

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Serious 8 year olds, with average size, will like the Rawlings VELO Hybrid. It carries with it a great balance and a big barrrel.

You might be tempted to go after a more expensive drop 10 that older kids have success with (like the CF Zen or Ghost X), but we suggest you stay with a drop 12 for a bit longer. If he is a great player then consider sizing up to the 31 or 32 inch VELO instead of a drop 10 30-inch.

See our full Rawlings VELO Review

Rawlings Threat

Best BAt for 8 Year Old

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The threat is all over our best bats pages in terms of any category that needs an ultra light swing. It is the lightesting swinging USA Bat on the planet and should likely be categorized as a drop 13 instead. A good 8 year old player will like the lights wing of the 30/18.

It is a single piece bat so beware that hand sting will be greater on this bat then the VELO. If you really want to avoid hand sting in the USA Ba space then consider one of the two piece options like the CF Zen. But, note, those drop 10’s will feel like bricks compared to the feathery swing of the 2019 USA Rawlings Threat.

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DeMarini Bustos Drop 13

Best bat for 8 year old

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Assuming, of course:

  • You’re playing fastpitch
  • She isn’t playing up to see even slighty legit pitch speeds
  • You see the value in buying a starter bat knowing that, at some point in the future, you’ll likely mortgage your home to buy your daughter fast pitch gear.

Why We Are Right (and wrong)

We have hit with every bat in every category. As well, we have had long conversations with industry insiders and major vendors about each bat. That experience, combined with thousands of hours researching and writing about bats and actually playing week in and week out, give us some some insight to the best bat for an 8 year old.

We write about all our rankings in our best bats articles. But, here, after hours of research, we think the best bat for an 8 year old is the 2017 Rawlings VELO in a drop 12.

Best Baseball Bat Options For 8 Year Old

Choose the following performance baseball bat for your 8 year old based on price (below) and barrel length (see below chart). Other things to consider are below the chart.Best Bat for 8 Year Old Criteria

As there are a number of good bats made for 8 year olds, league and swing type will be the most important factors in determining which one to select. As we show below, there is a range of bats in different price points worth considering.

One bat that should be on the list is DeMarini’s JBB 2 3/4 CF Zen*. We think the bat is outstanding in terms of pop and balance, but enough complaints on the durability make us hesitate at least a little bit.  If it comes with a warranty, we say go for it. Otherwise, the following three bats are well worth a good look.

*After writing the above paragraph, the CF Zen JBB drop 10 has been banned by USSSA.

Common Questions from Parents of 8 Year Olds

1) How Much Should You Spend?

For 8 year olds we like to use the Rule of 10. This rule states that the maximum amount of money you should spend on a baseball bat for your 8 year old is 10 multiplied by the number of games he or she will play.

For example, if you are scheduled to play 15 games this year (a lot for an 8 year old), then spending a maximum of $150 on a bat is a pretty good limit. Of course you can spend less if you find a better deal or simply want to limit your budget.

2) What Size Is Allowed?

Before spending real money on a baseball bat, you need to know what restrictions apply in your league. At 8 years old, most have very few rules, but there are some who restrict the diameter of the barrel to 2 5/8 or even 2 1/4. As well, many require special stamping (like BPF 1.15 to printed on the bats).

3) What Size Should You Get?

The average 8 year old should be swinging an 18 ounce bat.

There are two measurements in a baseball bat: the DROP and the LENGTH. The recommended drop is stated in the chart above. The length is dependent upon your child’s height and strength. Generally speaking, there are few 8 year olds who should be swinging anything more than a 29 inch bat. Some can swing a 30 inch. The only real way to tell is to try it out. But on the whole, we’d suggest the average 8 year old get a 29 inch bat. If he’s much bigger than average then go 30.


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