Over the past 4 years, we have hit with every drop 8 bat on the market. That includes USSSA, USA and fastpitch bats. In baseball, our favorite USSSA drop 8 is the 2019 CF Zen, although the Marucci CAT 7 is a close second. If we had to choose the best USA drop 8 we pick the Axe Origin. Fastpitch might be the easiest drop 8 choice of them all: the 2019 XENO X19. We talk through why we think each of these bats is the best drop 8 bat for its category below.

Why? See below.

If you are not interested in spending over $100, take a look at our best cheap baseball bats write up for some ideas in the drop 8 space.

Our Pick

Best Drop 8 Bat

Overall, we can’t pass up DeMarini’s CF Zen in a drop 8. The balance feels right where hitters who find a drop 10 too light like it. The barrel is ginormous. And the sound is what we’ve come to expect at travel ball fields around the country. Performance, in our exit speeds, is top shelf stuff. We only wish it was less expensive. Price check: Amazon.com. Our full review: 2019 CF Zen Review.

Best Drop 8 Bat

League Brand Model Price
Big Barrel (USSSA) DeMarini CF Zen -8 Check
Big Barrel (USSSA) Marucci CAT 7 Check
USA Bat Axe Origin Check
Fastpitch Slugger XENO X19 Check

DeMarini’s CF8 Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bat

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We don’t think the best drop 8 USSSA bat is a hard decision. Our hitters absolutley LOVE DeMarini’s 2019 CF Zen. If you can find a CF8 on the market it might be worth considering, but expect to pay a hefty premium. The 2019 Zen is as close to the 2016 CF8 Drop 8 as we’ve seen from DeMarini. Expect jaw dropping power for the right kid who can swing this bat well.

There are enough differences in the 2019 version compared to the 2018 Zen to make seeking out the 2019 version worth it. Of course, the difference in price between the two will be an individually determining factor. And, at some price difference, we’d go with the 2018 version or a retooled 2017 version. See the differences here.

Marucci’s CAT 7 Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bat

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In terms of customer overall satisfaction, while taking into account the price of the bat and durability, Marucci’s CAT 7 is an easy choice for the best drop 8 bat. People, including us, love the bats balance and feel. As well, we like the performance and many are convinced it is the best performing bat on the market–especially considering its aluminum barrel is hot out of the wrapper.

In June of 2018 Marucci released the upgraded CAT 8 version of this bat. It is an improvement in a few ways including a more advanced knob as well as a change to the makeup of the aluminum that is the barrel. You can see both our CAT 7 and CAT 8 bat reviews here. For now, we like the discounted price of the CAT 7 while supplies last.

Axe Origin Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bat

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The Axe Origin in a USA bat is our favorite 2018 USA drop 8 bat. It is everything a parent hopes for: a reasonable price, a good sized barrel, and enough balance in a drop 8 for most kids to get around with ease.

Player feedback on the bat is great too.

Considering the USA niche in 2018 is lacking with a real standout, we think the Axe Origin is as good a choice as any. Expect no break in time with this hot out of the wrapper drop 8 with a handle that we have always loved.

Slugger Xeno X19 Drop 8

Best Drop 8 Bat

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The drop 8 in the fastpitch space is a traditional size for the advanced power hitters in high school or the legit collegiate player. The Louisville Slugger Xeno X18 is the right bat to put in the hands of this kind of talent.

There are other options, no doubt. Most legit alternatives are Wilson sub-brand options anyways: The LXT drop 8, PXT drop 8 and the 2019 CF Zen drop 8 too. But, in terms of a stiff feel for the ultimate power experience, and a successful pedigree as long as the industry has ever seen, the 2019 XENO X18 is the right answer here. See our Xeno reviews.

Who Should Swing a Drop 8 Bat?

In baseball, as a general observation, a drop 8 bat is best suited for the player not quite ready for a drop 5, but who wants to increase his bat’s weight to get ready for BBCOR. In fastpitch, a drop 8 bat is for big hitting, strong high school players and many collegiate players. It is the heaviest drop you will find in the fastpitch industry.

Drop 8 bats are almost always performance bats. In baseball, the window for a drop 8 is so small, it rarely makes sense for big time bat companies to produce en masse via box stores. In fastpitch, few players with little experience are good enough to swing a drop 8. As such, virtually no manufacturers make a ‘cheap’ drop 8 fastpitch bat.

What is a Drop 8 Bat?

Drop 8 bats have a length to weight difference of 8—meaning, the difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces is 8. So, for example, a 30-inch bat in a drop 8 would weigh 22 ounces.

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