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2019 Little League World Series Bats | 2020 USA Bats

2019 Little League World Series Bats | 2020 USA Bats

August 16, 2019 | @BatDigest

Update 8/10/2019 This page will serve updated information over the weeks leading up to the 2019 Little League World Series in Williamsport (where we will be attending the championship games). If you want even more up to date information check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. As well, for more specific information on 2020 USA Bats you can see which ones we have already reviewed—or at least began reviewing.

Update 8/16/2019 – 7:18pm MST With the 2nd day of games in the books there have been 5 home runs in the 2019 LLWS. Last year this time there were 3 and two years ago there were 15. Only one kid from the USA has a home run in the first round. Brady Yates from the Southeast. Otherwise, Carribean (1), Asia-Pacific (1) and Japan (2) make up the others. Will be fun to track.

Also, we find it strange that so many of these kids are using the drop 11 version of the new USA Easton ADV 360. (That’s the red one, the yellow one is the drop 5, 8 or 10).  Drop 11 at 12 is a bit out of the ordinary.

2020 Little League World Series Bats

Update 8/15/2019 – 12:45pm MST One home run in the first 2019 game. We’ll keep track of that information as we watch all the games. You’ll find our data from last year’s here.

LLWS Home Runs 2018 vs 2017

Update 8/15/2019 – 12:30pm MST Games start today and we see the new crop of Easton bats coming up. Most common in the Caribbean vs Australia game appears to be the new drop 11 2 5/8 2020 Easton ADV 360 in a USA version. Same features as the 2019 BBCOR version of the bat with the Power Boost Knob and 360 composite.

The red/silver one comes in a drop 11.

2020 Little League World Series Bats

We’ve also seen a few of the drop 10 or 8 or 5 versions of the bat. (We can’t tell the difference between the bats on screen and would need to see the stamp on the bat better). This yellow one comes in a drop 10, 8 and 5 look like.2019 Little League World Series Bats

Also, we’ve seen the single piece composite version of the ADV called the ADV 1. This is a full composite bat that only comes in a drop 12. Super light swing, small kids tend to be seen using it. Still has the power boost knob and looks like this:

Also, Easton has a single piece aluminum with an extended composite end cap called the Fuze 360. It has the Power Boost knob too. To put it in comparison it is built a lot like the Rawlings VELO or Slugger Solo series. Comes only in a drop 10.

2019 Little League World Series Bats

Last but not least, as you will see at the Little League World Series for 2019, is the Easton Alpha 360. This is a single piece aluminum bat built with a traditional end cap (not like the Fuze). Expect a balanced to heavier swing especially in the drop 8 and drop 5. It also comes in a drop 11. It does not have a Power Boost Knob.

2019 Little League World Series Bats

Update 8/11/2019 Although it is the 2019 Little League World Series, it also has become the showcase of the new 2020 Easton USA Bats. Easton’s 2020 USA Bats are unveiled at the championship tournament in Williamsport. But, the 8 regional tournaments that seed the Williamsport one are mostly televised and, of note, teams are not given bats by any particular company.

That gives us, thanks to the Worldwide Leader in Sports, a chance to see what bats the best Little League teams in the country are using on their own volition.

The most popular LLWS USA Bat

Baseball Bats Walmart

The 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro in USA is the most popular bat in the LLWS regionals. The second place is the previous years versions of the bat called the Rawlings Quatro. In a strong third is the Louisville Slugger’s 718 Select.

We put most of our data in a pretty straight forward graphic.

There is plenty to observe from the chart below. Here is what we found interesting:

  • 3 Bats Dominated: 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro, 2018 Quatro Pro and the Slugger 718 Select.
  • Composite to Aluminum barrels number about 3:1.
  • More 2019 versions instead of 2018 versions but it was close.
  • A couple teams somehow had access to 2020 Easton bats BEFORE they went to Williamsport.
  • The Marucci CAT should really be called a 2019 bat, but we get it.
  • Most teams had a reasonable selection of bats although everyone loved Rawlings.
Notes on the Graphic

Championship Games Only: This is JUST from the championship regional games. Others games within the tournament were televised, but the data only captures the last two teams of each tournament in the final, championship game. Further, the data ONLY captures the first time we saw the full lineup on ESPN. Many of the games were shown at a later start because the previous game ended late.

Roster Changes: If you watch the LLWS you know that roster moves/changes are almost untraceable. Pinch hitters, special runners and lineup changes are plentiful. This is a good thing for the game, but a bad thing when trying to track what ‘starter’ uses what bat. When there are 15 players on the roster that are constantly moving in and out of the 9 person lineup then making a list of the “top 9” is really just making a list of the first 9—not necessarily the starters. That is what we did. This graphic represents the first 9 televised on ESPN of each team.

Bat Changes: We watched many of the non-championship games and tracked bats. Surprisingly, at least to us, many of the players changed bats for their championship games. One particular example is we saw a player hit with a Dirty South Made bat in an elimination game only to see him use the Quatro Pro in the championship. So, sadly we think, DSB is not represented in the graphic although they were represented at the tournament. In homage to their breaking into the big dance, and as a consolation prize for not making the graphic, we give them a backlink here.

2019 Little League World Series Bats Regional Championship Usage

2020 Little League World Series Bats

Update 8/9/2019 Since we saw it on TV, it appears that Easton has been sending their new 2020 Fuze in USA as either warranty replacements or, somehow or another, kids have access to the bat through a contact. So, we don’t hesitate to show you at least one of the bats we saw on ESPN yesterday.

2019 Little League World Series Bats

This is the 2020 Easton Fuze. It comes in a USA version, obviously, that is a drop 10 with a 2 5/8 barrel. In a few ways it is the old Easton Beast. But, its more like the Fuze 360 in BBCOR from 2019. That is, the Power Boost knob should be a huge hit with younger players, the custom stock Lizard Skin grip and the extended composite end cap. It comes in a 28 to 32 inch. When we get the bat in hand we will put up a full review on our USA bat review page.

This is, some might say, the Slugger 619 Solo on steroids. Big barrel, extended composite end cap for a light swing and the ATAC alloy which Easton has used in bats previously.

More to come on Easton as the Williamsport championship games get close.


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