6 Bats You Missed, Maybe, for 2017

2017 Marucci Pure Fastpitch Review


We wrote nearly 250 articles in 2016. While some specific bat review articles were read by thousands, some were read by only a few hundred people. We think a couple of these bats deserve a bit more attention. Below is a shout out to the 6 bats you may have missed going into 2017.

Rawlings Quatro Multi PIece


[su_heading]Articles You Missed Background[/su_heading]

We selected each of these lesser known 2017 bats because they pushed the envelope in ways we suspect will shape bat design in years to come. Based on our Google analytics data, here are the six bat reviews our readers should have considered, but probably didn’t.

The most popular articles you didn’t miss, if you are wondering, were the Easton MAKO Beast, DeMarini’s CF ZEN and Voodoo and Louisville Slugger’s 917 Prime and 617 Solo.

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[su_heading]Bat 1: Mizuno Covert[/su_heading]

2017 Baseball Bat Reviews

The 2017 Covert is Mizuno’s upgraded 2016 Nighthawk. It is a two piece hybrid bat with a ton of tech in the barrel for a light swing. In our review, we love the balance, the feel on contact and the oversized aluminum barrel. This really is a top shelf hybrid bat that, at least to date, has recieved much less publicity than it should. It is released in a BBCOR, Big Barrel and a cute little t-ball version.

Price Check the Mizuno Covert on Amazon

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[su_heading]Bat 2: Rawlings Quatro[/su_heading]

2017 Rawlings Bat Reviews

Rawlings’ Quatro may not fit the lack of limelight qualification for this list as it has received a ton of publicity and accolades. It is, after all, Rawlings’ flagship bat for the 2017 season. Even still, it receives no where near the hype and print the big dogs like the CF Zen and Easton Beast do. With those two bats as a reference point, and considering the Quatro’s huge barrel, two piece composite design and ultra balanced feel at the plate, we think the Quatro deserves more pub than it currently gets. See our full Quatro review.

Amazon price check the Quatro


[su_heading]Bat 3: Axe Hyperwhip[/su_heading]

Axe Hyperwhip

We consider the Axe Fusion Hyperlite the most advanced bat of 2017. It is the only bat capable of removing volume from the backside of the barrel to decrease swing weight, while adding size to the part of the barrel that matters. The Axe Fusion Hyperwhip leads the space in this new hybrid single piece aluminum niche. It is an ultralight single piece aluminum bat with a great stiff feel. Our Hyperwhip review goes into much more detail. Throw in the axe handle, of which we are fans, and you’ve got yourself a bat well worth considering in the BBCOR space.

Amazon price check the Axe Hyperwhip

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[su_heading]Bat 4: Easton MAKO HyperLite[/su_heading]

2017 Easton Hyperlite Review

Late to the party, Easton’s single piece composite bat (the first of its kind in the Easton space) intrigues us like no other bat. Known for their single piece composite stick, Combat—who was owned by the same company that owns Easton—did not survive bankruptcy proceedings of the parent company. Then, what seemed like out of the blue, Easton releases a single piece composite called the Hyperlite. Is this the first in the resurrection of the Combat single piece composite? The barrel size is still much smaller on the Hyperlite then was on the Combat MAXUM, but maybe this is just the beginning. No one is watching this closer than we are. See our full Easton Hyperlite Review.

Price check the Easton Hyperlite at closeoutbats.com


[su_heading]Bat 5: Warstic[/su_heading]

Warstic BBCOR Bat Review

Known for their quality pro model wood bats, Warstic also released a full single piece aluminum bat during the year. Although you might consider this a 2016 bat, we think it really has some good play for 2017. This bat is straight focused on a personalized feel for hitters who like a single piece wood-like feel and the ping of aluminum. Big barrel versions were released late in 2016, and the BBCOR version has been on the market for a few months now. We review the Warstic in detail. It is, far and away, the bat that deserves way more attention than it currently gets. It also has the best looking logo on the market.

Price check the Warstic BBCOR and Big Barrels directly on Warstic.com

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[su_heading]Bat 6: Marucci Pure (Fastpitch)[/su_heading]

Marucci Pure

Marucci quietly released a very sweet singing lady in the fastpitch space called the Marucci Pure. It is, by all measurements, a top shelf performance fastpitch bat worthy of the best hitters in the game. Expect an ultra balanced feel on a two piece composite with a monster barrel. While bats like the Xeno, LXT and CF9 dominate the space in terms of market share, we suspect the Pure deserves more room than it currently gets. See our full Marucci Pure Fastpitch review.

Price check the Marucci Pure on Amazon.