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Baseball Bat Podcast


JustBatReviews is teaming up with closeoutbats.com to deliver a series of podcasts surrounding baseball, softball and fastpitch bats. This baseball bat podcast will be called the Batcast. As the only baseball bat podcast in the world, we feel confident claiming it is the best.

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Batcast Details

Our initial intent is to deliver a ten bat-podcast series, but even that feat will depend on the interest generated among listeners. Is there enough interest? Considering the number of people who would rather listen to instead of read information, we are hopeful. The only way to know is to do it and find out.

If all goes well, we hope to do a series of podcasts going forward for each season. If this becomes a weekly episode or simply a series of ten Batcasts every year has yet to be seen.

Although yet to be released, we have listed the intended series of ten episodes. These should begin uploading in the first half of December and carry us through February. The topics may very well change, but expect in depth conversations about our favorite subject—bats.