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In addition to our bat reviews (baseball bats, softball bats) we also run the most visited bat blog on the internet. This includes our articles that discuss the best bats, industry news and a number of other topics that aren't necessarily bat reviews. Outside of the reviews, we put together our list of top 9 most visited blog posts in 2017 and thought you'd like to see them too.

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Although our site is more known for our analysis of baseball bats, we also produce enough fastpitch bat information to get some traction. The 9th most visited blog post on our site for 2017 discussed the best fast pitch bats. With Easton's release of a new Ghost in the class and Slugger's release of the PXT there was plenty to talk about.

USSSA Swing Weights

Our Best Baseball bats page has been a mainstay on our site from day one. It covers the gamete of USA, BBCOR and USSSA bats as well as helpful insight for players by age, size and geography. It is, we submit, the deepest set of information on unbiased bat recommendations in the world and users have rewarded it by their constant visits and revisits.

Odd, but true. The 7th most visited blog post on our site during 2017 was one about sunflower seeds. We never even noticed how well this posts did until we found other blogs writing about it too. Looks like people are watching...Otherwise, if you were up for finding out the best sunflower seeds (after we gathered something like 100,000 user votes) this would be the place. 

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This picture was the most visited single picture our website in 2017. People were remarkably interested in what was on his thumb.

Another random posts that gets a crazy amount of traction on just a couple days a year is our write up on the Pro Hitter Training Aid. What is on the guys thumb? Is searched for like crazy during the baseball playoffs as folks finally sit down to watch baseball. They see this little plastic thing on a hitters thumb, off to Google they go, and there they are on our site. These are short lived visits without much interest in baseball bats---but its interesting nonetheless that this was our 6th most visited blog post on the site for 2017.

More significant, we think, than the the change in the USABat standard, is the change in the age for Little League. But, since there is no money in understanding the age change, no vendor blog or manufacturer is really out talking about it. We discuss the age change charts as well as its significance in our fifth most visited blog post for 2017.

2018 Easton Beast X Hybrid USABat Review

USABats was for sure the most searched about topic in 2017. Two of our top 4 articles were surrounding that subject. As we gathered ball exit speeds, barrel sizes and actual swing weights the best USABat article took a while to get up---but even with a late start in the year it still made it to our 4th most visited article this year. We found the industry is still trying to figure out what a drop 10 should weigh---but in the meantime, we make our list here.

Baseball Bat Reviews

If you recall, a couple of the CF Zens in the USSSA big barrel were deemed illegal by USSSA towards the start of the year. Many parents took the internet street with pitchforks aimed at DeMarini and their vendors. Our concern was more with USSSA and we did our best to discuss that in this much visited article. How USSSA let a bat release in September of 2016 and then wait until the first few weeks of major tournaments in March to finally get around to claiming a bat was illegal is bewildering. Total industry failure at many levels, we thought.

Best BBCOR Bat

BBCOR bats, and the best ones, are a common theme of internet searchers. And Google, etc., has appreciated what we have to say on the matter. Insomuch that it is our most visited article in terms of entrance traffic for 2017. Our use of ball exit speeds, barrel sizes and real swing weights gives insight to bat performance simply not found elsewhere. We appreciate the love readers have given this article too as it is our 2nd most shared article in 2017. See the Best BBCOR Bats.

Our article on USABats was our most visited blog post in 2017. And the home run derby video comparing USSSA and USABats was our most viewed video. The interest in how USABats compared to the USSSA versions of years past was of huge interest not just with users but inside the industry. We received no less than 5 phone calls/emails from major vendors wanting to discuss the results of these videos. We even got an email from the president of USA bats. To say the least, the Industry has been watching the reveal of USABats with a lot of, let's say, trepidation.