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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Black Friday Baseball Deals

Black Friday Baseball Deals

September 30, 2019 | @BatDigest

We’ve tracked Black Friday baseball bat deals for the last 5 years. For 2019 we expect Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be the biggest one yet. Most bat deals go live between Thursday night before Black Friday through Cyber Monday (and often through that following week while supplies last). We will track them and post them as we find them (we often have big vendors send us their lists before hand and put them here).

What to expect for 2019 Black Friday Baseball Bat Deals

2017 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Review

Most bats for 2020 will NOT go on sale for 2019 Black Friday. Instead, you will see a discount on 2019 models that were overstocked. As well, we often see gloves go on serious sale and where most of the exciting deals come from. Otherwise, you can expect things like batting gloves, baseball cleats, fastpitch bats and baseballs and softball balls—as well as a host of training aids—go on sale too. Be sure we will track each one of those here. In the mean time, feel free to look through the deals we found in years passed. We expect to update this page in the first few weeks of November 2019 for the best Black Friday Baseball deals.

Black Friday Baseball Deals

The usual baseball suspects drop pretty serious deals on Black Friday. Amazon is always king online, but places like Walmart, JustBats, Closeoutbats, Dicks Sporting Goods and many others all get on the game. In any event, no matter what your baseball and fastpitch bat needs, there’s likely something in the baseball deal world for you on Black Friday for 2019.

Just Bat Reviews Exit Speed

We are offering a 50% discount on our raw exit speed data on 11/27/2017 only. That saves you $5 because the data is usually only $10. This is full and unlimited access to the 2018 set of baseball, softball and fastpitch bats we test with our Rapsodo device. If you intend to spend more than $100 on a bat this year we suggest this $10 $5 will be the best you spend.


EastBay | Final-Score

Eastbay just added a 20% off for anything over $99 on WEDESDAY this (11.29.2017) week. (Use code SAVEON99).


  • Expect to lead the way
  • Pre Black Friday Deals at Wal-Mart found here. Some sporting good stuff, but not a ton just yet.

  • These guys have a number of bats on clearance. Hard to tell what is a normal deal vs not, but this is the 70% off black Friday deal page.


The Hitting Vault

Save serious bucks at the Hitting Vault with a few JustBatReviews exclusive offers. Use these coupon codes to save either $50 or $100 off an annual subscription the Hitting Vault. This is for new members only.

  • Coupon Code: JBRPRO50
  • Coupon Code: JBRCOACH100



Smash It Sports

Use the code FROSTY at checkout for smash it sports and get 25% off. This is almost too good to be true, but we have reports it worked for others. Worth a try.


Chinook Seedery

Pelican Bat Wax

Axe Bats

  • Expect Axe Bats site, directly, to have a number of deals. We are hopeful this will include some on the USABats.

Phoenix Bats

  • Phoenix bats, a wood bat and apparel company, has a number of special deals going on this weekend. See them here.
  • Monday – Wednesday: 30% off sitewide. Coupon code: CYBER2017
  • Black Friday to Monday: $15 off $75 + free t-shirt. Coupon code BF15; $20 off $100 + free t-shirt. Coupon code BF20; $35 off $150 + free t-shirt. Coupon code BF35; $50 off $200 + free t-shirt. Coupon code BF50

Backspin Tee

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Among this massive list below, JBR readers get 10 free entries into JustBats’ Aaron Judge bat giveaway by signing up for JustBats mail list. You must follow this link to get the 10 entries. Details, and the sweet bat, here.

Bat Name Category Pre BF Price Special Price
BBCOR $229.99 $189.99
BBCOR $149.99 $109.99
AB8MX103 BBCOR $269.99 $229.99
SL7MX211 SL $129.99 $89.99
SL17MK10B SL $239.99 $199.99
MJBBC6 SL/JBB $89.99 $59.99
YB17MK11 Youth $79.99 $59.99
YB17MK12 Youth $69.99 $59.99
FP17HL12 Fastpitch $119.99 $99.99
FPXN170 Fastpitch $249.99 $229.99
WTLSOU16PL Slow Pitch $119.99 $99.99
WTLSOA16B Slow Pitch $119.99 $99.99
WTLHZS17E Slow Pitch $99.99 $79.99
SP16BHFXA (IF WE STILL HAVE) Slow Pitch $179.99 $159.99
HBBG100D Wood $49.99 $39.99
PA110 Wood $59.99 $49.99
HWBB100M Wood $49.99 $39.99
PROABH34 Wood $59.99 $49.99

Black Friday Gloves –

Glove Name Category Pre BF Price Special Price
GPP1050Y1D Glove $39.99 $29.99
GPP1000Y1 Glove $39.99 $29.99
WTA05RB16DI115 Glove $59.99 $39.99
GSB315 Glove $99.99 $69.99
PPR1150 Glove $69.99 $49.99
APS1250 Glove $29.99 $29.99
A20RB17RC22GM Glove $209.99 $179.99
A20RB171787 Glove $209.99 $179.99

Cyber Monday Bats –

Bat Name Category Pre CM Price Special Price
BB17MK BBCOR $299.99 $259.99
MCBC614 BBCOR $159.99 $149.99
MSBAHAX10 SL $99.99 $69.99
SL16MK8 SL $139.99 $99.99
SL8MX211 SL $229.99 $199.99
YB17MK11 Youth $79.99 $59.99
YB17MK12 Youth $69.99 $59.99
DXCFA Fastpitch $199.99 $179.99
FP16SSR3B Fastpitch $179.99 $149.99
WTLSOU16PL Slow Pitch $119.99 $99.99
WTLSOA16B Slow Pitch $119.99 $99.99
WTLHZS17E Slow Pitch $99.99 $79.99
SP16BHFXA (IF WE STILL HAVE) Slow Pitch $179.99 $159.99

Cyber Monday Gloves –

Glove Name Category Pre CM Price Special Price
A20RB16MC24GM GLOVE $219.99 $199.99
PRO204DC-9B GLOVE $209.99 $199.99
PRO217BPF GLOVE $199.99 $169.99
G315-6B GLOVE $79.99 $69.99
A2KRB161788SS GLOVE $299.99 $279.99
GGE11V GLOVE $149.99 $139.99
GGE10J1 GLOVE $179.99 $149.99

Louisville Slugger

  • Slugger Custom bats need to be ordered by 11/27 to guarantee delivery before 12/24. That is a week from yesterday you need the order in! Rumor has it many 2017 Wilson bats (Slugger, DeMarini) will be up to 50% off come Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We will see.


  • Coming Soon


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