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In recent years, the custom bat market drives a considerable amount of the new development and marketing. Where just a few years ago the idea of a custom bat was reserved only for some pro players, or limited to a simple engraving on a wood bat, has now expanded to involved process on high end composite and aluminum bats. We discuss many of your custom bat options in the baseball and softball composite and aluminum bat space.

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Custom Copmosite/Aluminum Bat Brands

Custom Aluminum/Composite Bats

We discuss each one of these custom bat brands below. Here is the short list to long reviews of each custom bat:

The Good Old Days vs Custom Bats

I have fond memories growing up playing the game of baseball.  Every year about this time meant one thing: a new bat for the upcoming season. (If you are wondering when to buy equipment for an upcoming season, follow the link to read a article with great guidelines). Back in my time of play, I had few options. We'd choose from a selection from the local hardware or big box store with the hope they had the size and color that I liked. There are many years that I ended up with a too heavy bat that was aluminum with black letters and a rubber grip that would come off on your hands. Looking back at that now, wow, how far has the baseball industry come since?

DeMarini Custom Bats

Customize DeMarini Bat

DeMarini Custom Bats are the leader in customization when it comes to baseball bats.  The DeMarini brand of customized bats include the following models:

Senior League


The Build

Obviously, you will have to put some extra money into a customized bat. Remember, bats have a useful life either due to durability or the player outgrowing the size.  If you weigh the options and decide to move forward, you might possibly get lost in the awesome customization options provided by DeMarini.

Step 1

First, you will need to determine which model you want to swing -  end loaded, balanced, composite, alloy, hybrid.  There are some limitations in models at certain lengths and drops, but DeMarini has the widest selection to start your journey.

Options start with the base barrel color for the bat.  Assuming this will be the largest color visible on your hit-stick, you must choose wisely.  DeMarini also offers both glossy and matte finishes, which in my opinion makes a difference in the color and how it pops in term of colors (sorry, one color doesn’t make the ball go further).

Step 2

Now with each year, DeMarini has a distinct decal that layers on the bat.  For the 2018 model, there are choices for 2 decals.  This is a great option if your team is tri-colored, you can represent appropriately.  There is also a cool option for camouflage, something that you typically do not see with a standard produced bat and might make yours one-of-a-kind!

Now with each year, DeMarini has a distinct decal that layers on the bat.  For the 2018 model, there are choices for 2 decals.  This is a great option if your team is tri-colored, you can represent appropriately.  There is also a cool option for camouflage, something that you typically do not see with a standard produced bat and might make yours one-of-a-kind!

Step 3

For the DeMarini’s that are two-piece in nature, you will have a selection for color of the handle in either white or black.  I personally have never seen white on the handle of one of these bats, but seems like it might be a cool option to look into.  For the Voodoo One BBCOR, you have a few extra options as the color is an additional sticker on the handle of the bat.

Step 4

One area that you can select from the manufacturer is the grip.  In the past few years, there have been many companies that have come out delivering to its customers various bat grips and tape options. You can select from the normal color straight from DeMarini or pick one and then upgrade to something you have in mind from Lizard Skin or Vulcan to name a few.  There are also options that include your LH vs. RH bat grip along with thickness of the wrap.  Bat grips seems to take quite a bit of wear and tear over the year, especially if using pine tar, so make your choice assuming that the grip will be replaced for the next season.

Step 5

The last option from DeMarini includes your choice of end cap and knob.  When you think DeMarini, you think of the all the re-tooled boomsticks that have been returned and neutered with the Demarini collar to “stop the pop”.   All of those glorious bats are now capped with the orange endcap.    Orange is an option with the customization for the end-cap, but there are many other options to choose from include a few camouflage variations.  People will be asking about your bat anyway, so be prepared to prove its not an "illegal" model.

Louisville Slugger Custom Bats

From the same parent company that owns DeMarini, Louisville Slugger Custom Bats offers one customizable bat in baseball, the Prime 918 BBCOR, and a slew of their famous fastpitch Slugger custom bats.  This bat is the most expensive of the bunch, but carries the history and name brand that is known with Louisville Slugger products.

The options are identical to the DeMarini customization screens, but the end product will obviously produce a totally unique bat.

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Taking Customization to the Next Level

Custom Bats

There are also personalization options which include barrel, end-cap, and knob modifications.  Just keep in mind if you modify this bat and eventually intend to sell it, the value might be deemed less if the words 'Timmy’s Boomstick' is emblazoned across the barrel of the bat.  None the less, this is a cool option for your player to ultimately customize the bat.  There is a real decision to be made when going to this level of customization.  If you are buying a bat that has a useful life of 1 year, you might re-think the engraving, unless you want to keep the bat as a momento of your player's 12u season.

Customization Complete, Now What?

Now you have completed the customization, you can sit back and await your arrival of the masterpiece in about 4 weeks, which isn’t bad for a totally customized bat.  

Be sure you order your customized bat early in the year, maybe December or very early January.  This timeline will ensure your custom bat will arrive in time for and be able to go through a proper break-in process prior to April and the start of the baseball season.  I would also treat this bat with care and make sure you use it minimally in a cage and certainly not hit anything but standard baseballs.  Protect your investment as always!  Save last years bat for the cage bombs... use this work of art for the field!

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