How to Hit a Baseball Harder: For the Little Leauger Who Can’t

How to hit a baseball


Everyone has an opinion on how to hit a baseball harder. For proof, just go to any little league game and wait. Inevitably, at some point, everyone on the field and in the stands is an expert in hitting. Each self appointed commentator has advice.

How do we hit a baseball harder?

You can also find a litany of advice by simply asking Google how to hit a baseball harder. With such access to hitting advice at your fingertips, we do not intend this page to revamp our own revised list of tricks. Rather, our intent is to put you on the right path as to where the best advice can be found to hit a baseball harder.

How to Hit a Baseball Harder Contents

Pay Options To Harder Hit Balls

Line Drive Nation

Our go to source for increasing power during our swing is That site is not unique in its offering of swing advice through video analysis for a fee, but it does provide some attractive pricing in getting real insight on your specific swing. If money was irrelevant, and we wanted the best advice we could ever get on our specific baseball swing, it is exactly where we would go. Last we checked it is $20 a month for unlimited video submissions.

The Hitting Vault

Another group that has a lot of hitting advice that has been proven to work is Coach Lisle’s hitting vault. He has an outstanding twitter following and is a worthy follow. We also reference him in our Do Bats Matter article. Although a bit more expensive than, provides drills and processes for improving your swing over time.

Here is some publicity from the Hitting Vault:

Video Tutorials

Pro Inside Baseball

Another way to hit a baseball harder is to watch video tutorials. There are so many of these on YouTube it is mindnumbing. Our favorites usually come from places like Pro Inside Baseball. They provide legit insight for free because they want you to subscribe to their services outside of hitting. You can see their full site on Check, too, this video produced by them that gives a nice high level overview on how to hit a baseball harder:

MLB Snippets

Often, puts on some interesting swing insights that are worth checking out. One of our favorites is this Bryce Harper Analysis you can see here:

Video Analysis

Another great, and free, way to improve your swing is to watch the video analysis of pro athlete swings. There are hundreds of these online and many done by kids in their mom’s basement. But, there are enough good ones that the bad are usually worth surfing through.

Watching video’s of swing analysis, regardless of who the player is, makes for helpful information in improving your swing’s power too. There is no shame in modeling your swing after anothers. Check out this Mike Trout swing Anaylsis.

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