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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

January’s Mailbag | Impedance Matching | You Serious Clark?

January’s Mailbag | Impedance Matching | You Serious Clark?

March 21, 2019 | @BatDigest

We receive a number of questions concerning bats through our various social media channels or more directly on email. Over the course of a few weeks it adds up. If someone has a particular question, it is likely others do to.

With that in mind, we thought it appropriate to start a mailbag series for 2017, including some serious questions that may just answer the riddle you are puzzling over. This may also give some insight as to  what we deal with on a nearly daily basis. These are unedited and straight from the transcripts.


Dear Bat Guy, January Contents

Got A Question?

It is likely, dare we say assuredly, the question you have about bats is answered somewhere on this very site. We have written nearly 400,000 words alone! But, if you can not find it with that nifty search feature on the top of this page, then feel free to ask us. In fact, we encourage it. If you have the question and can’t find it then others might to. And, to think, you might find your transcripts in a future bat guy mailbag post.

Send your questions to We often respond within an hour or so. Other times, we don’t.

Dear Bat Guy, January Questions

Do You Know Axe?

Impedance Matching

M_***or2 Instagram DM: Do u know the axe avenge

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: We know. You could too:

2017 Axe Avenge Review
2016 Axe Avenge Review
Axe Avenge Price Check

Mako Beast vs The Z-Core

Impedance Matching

Carter******99 Instagram DM: What do u like more mako beast or zcore???

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: Beast. See our review: Mako Beast Review

Carter******99 Instagram DM: I have mako beast but my friend has a z core

Carter******99 Instagram DM: Yo thanks man ppl that have that many followers never do this thxs

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: Ha. that’s because We are real…not a bot. 🙂

Carter******99 Instagram DM: K thx now I can brang to my friend that beast is better

Narrowed Down to Everything

Impedance Matching

andrew****35 Instagram DM: Hey justbatreviews I am I 14 year old baseball player and I bat 3rd on my team and I am having a hard time deciding on a bat to get, but I think I have narrowed it down to the easton white out, the 2016 voodoo raw, marucci one piece cat 7, or the 2017 voodoo one pice. So do you have any advice on what bat you would recommend for me !???! [sic, sic, sic, etc]

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: The White Out or the Cat7. Unless you are a strong hitter, like collegiate, the one and the Raw aren’t for you. Our $0.02.

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: See our site for a ton more information:

andrew****35 Instagram DM: Yes i am a strong hitter

andrew****35 Instagram DM: So cat 7 or Easton whiteout

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: That’s what I’d do. Both good bats. Aluminum barrels are the preference to most this year.

Sell My Soul for Swing Advice

Impedance Matching

g***in Intagram DM: Is there any way you could post a video of me hitting and ask people to analyze it?

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: We will do it for $5.

g***in Intagram DM: Okay, let me put together some money.

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: Dude, I’m joking. If you need to scrounge up $5 it is safe to assume it will be well spent elsewhere. Check out They do it seriously for like $20.

Anecdotal Trinity Bat Review

Impedance Matching

Jere*****99 Intagram DM: Those trinity bats are dope. They have so much pop it’s ridiculous my travel team is sponsored by trinity so we got to demo the bat for free

Only bad part is they only come in that ugly paint job

They swing nice though pretty balanced and have a light feel

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: Nice. You don’t like the paint job? We sort of thought it was cool. But it is weird.

Jere*****99 Intagram DM: I think in the pictures it looks better then in real life it’s not terrible I just think it could be better. But it definitely performs well.

Slugger 516 vs Slugger 517

Impedance Matching

his***6 Instagram DM: Would you recommend buying the Louisville slugger Omaha 517 or the 516 considering the prices

Justbatreviews Instagram DM:  516! Same bat!

You Serious Clark?

Impedance Matching

Ibleed****od Instagram DM: Hey there. Just curious if you ever do any reviews on bats? you post some great pictures but never any feedback on bats that we see.

Justbatreviews Instagram DM: Uh, yes. Yes. It is in our bio and, of course, on google. 🙂 Happy reading!

13 Year Old Problems

Impedance Matching

Brendan **** via email: I am looking to get my son a new bat for his 13th birthday.  Can you recommend anything?

He’ll be playing in the Babe Ruth league this year.

Justbatreviews via email: Have you searched our site yet? Maybe try this one:

Best Bat for 13 Year Old

Mr. Unimpressed with Free Content

Impedance Matching

bm**** via email

Hi: I play a lot of slopitch softball only and you reviews are not beneficial to me. I have 37 bats and I play in USSSA   ASA  and SSUSA so I would like to see reviews
      For=     Mikens   Combats    Demarini    Worth    Louisville   Slopitch bats

Justbatreviews via email: With 37 Bats why do you need reviews?

Impedance Matching and Bat Compression

Facebook Comments on our 2018 USA bat standards Article

Reader 1: Those cf8 and zen should be illegal.. what did your compression test show ?

Reader 2: 250-275lbs. Almost any other bat, Mako, Combat Maxum, Marucci Hex came in around 475-500. That’s the reason they [cf zen] crack so easy.

Reader 3: Do the cf8 or zen really have that much more pop than the mako?

Reader 2: Way more. It’s not even a fair comparison.

Just Bat Reviews: Compression tests and exit velocities are not measuring the same thing. It is NOT true to state that a bat with an easier compression has greater pop. Compression tests for bats can indicate they have been altered, but they can’t indicate it creates greater exit velocity than another bat given all other things are equal.

Impedance Matching

What you need to measure is a bat’s Coefficient of Restitution (COR). This is how a bat responds to compression, not how easily it can be compressed. And that response to compression Is what determines how much energy is transferred to the ball. Or, its coefficient of restitution. A static compression clamp will not tell you that. [See Impedance Matching].

BPF and BBCOR Tests

It is why the actual test for getting bats passed does not include any compression clamp, but instead includes working bats in and then shooting a ball cannon along the length of the barrel over and over until it breaks. If any exit speed exceeds a certain limit before the bat breaks, then it fails. Those data points measure the bat’s response to compression. Or, its COR. It is what the COR in BBCOR stands for. The BB means batted ball.

Big companies, including EASTON and DEMARINI, know how to reach the standard. They’ve been doing it for at least 4 years now in the BPF 1.15 space. Ball Cannon Test results are very similar between the two bats with the MAKO being slightly longer.

Ball COR

Another way to think through it is to consider that the bat is not the only thing compressing. The other, of course, being the baseball.

So, does a baseball go further if it hits a hard thing or a soft thing? The ball would compress less if it hit a thing that was compressed more easily and vice versa. A bat with less compression would compress the baseball more. Is that good or bad for batted ball distance?

Compression is not the Story

The answer, of course, is that knowing the compression doesn’t tell us much. Instead, we need to know how the ball responds to being compressed. How quickly does it reconstitute its shape? How quickly is its restitution? We would call that the ball’s coefficient of restitution. That combination of forces working together is often referred to as impedance matching. Two objects working together to create the greatest amplification.

Once figured, combine that COR with the nature of the bat’s COR and you’ll get closer to predicting “pop”, or as they say, exit speed. Difficult to answer, no doubt. And simply NOT found by measuring and comparing the compression weight of one barrel to another.

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