Most Exciting Baseball Bats For 2016: Users Decide

We took the 2016 versions of each performance BBCOR bat from the four major brands and asked users to decide which one they were most excited about. We had over 4,000 votes. The results weren’t particularly surprising but, we think, at least a little bit insightful. Below are the results.

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Our question this go around was simple enough: What Bat Are You Most Excited About Swinging in 2016?

Most Exciting Baseball Bats For 2016


The answers were, if anything, predictable with DeMarini’s flagship CF8 at #1 and the Voodoo Raw at #2 leading the charge. We’ve hit with both of these bats extensively and can claim, rather emphatically, these suckers are the best iteration of the CF and Voodoo we think we’ve ever seen. The excitement around these two bats are justified.


Voodoo Raw Smallest

Also without surprise the #3 bat on the list was the 2016 Easton MAKO. This bat doesn’t have many upgrades outside the paint job for 2016, but it still may be the most popular bat the world has ever seen. It has graced the tops of every poll we’ve ever done on this site and justifiably so. It is the flagship bat of the biggest bat company in the space.


Next in line to the MAKO the new 2016 Easton MAKO BBCOR XL which will replace the XL1 BBCOR as Easton’s two piece composite end load and comes in at the #4 spot. This choice, as well, is predictable considering Easton’s dominance in the market and the high demand for a heavier swinging two piece composite bat.

#4Most Exciting Baseball Bats For 2016

Louisville Slugger’s 916 Prime—with it’s new extended barrel—has intrigued enough voters to drive it to the #5 spot on the list of most exciting bats for 2016. In some versions, the bat’s barrel has been extended for 2016 and some green accents with a stock custom lizard skin grip are worthy upgrades. All add to the excitement around this balanced two piece composite.

#5Most Exciting Baseball Bats For 2016

Here are the full rankings as we had them.

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