Mother’s Day MLB Gear Round Up | Pink on Bats, Masks and Cleats

Mother's Day Catcher's massk umpire


Baseball has an obsession with both America and Women. These are, we could argue, reasonable things to commemorate. As such, there are no moments with more pageantry then that of Independence Day and, at least more recently, Mother’s Day.

What is the New Mother’s Day Gear?

This Mother’s Day, the MLB and its plethora of serious manufacturers are delivering a serious amount of pink to the weekend. The following attempts to document each of the mother’s day special items you can find on MLB ball fields. If you find one we have yet to mark, please let us know on social.

Wilson Mother’s Day Things

Mother's Day Catcher's massk umpire

Wilson, the parent company of Slugger and DeMarini, has some nice looking umpire masks. They are, for the special occassion, pink. We put Slugger in it’s own category below. Mother’s Day Deals

Mother's Day Baseball has a few things going on with the pink themed mother’s day bats. Mother’s Day Things front page is where you’ll see the deals.

Mizuno Mother’s Day Gear

Mizuno with some dope Mother’s Day cleats.

Rawlings Mother’s Day Gear

Rawligns Mother's Day Deals

Expect pink bats and pink balls from Rawlings.

Easton Mother’s Day Things

Easton Mother's DAy

Easton did a handful of pink things on discount for Mother’s day

Adidas Mother’s Day Cleats

Mothers day Baseball Mothers day Baseball Hard to say these are anything but amazing. Maybe a little over the top but this is, after all, the Adizero line from Adidas. You can’t buy these exact cleats anywhere, but they do have some pink options.

Louisville Slugger Pink Bats

Mothers day Baseball Mothers day Baseball

Like they have for a couple of years now, Slugger will be providing several MLB stars with pink bats to use for the day. From what we have gathered no less than the following four will be swinging pink come Sunday:

  • Javier Baez – Cubs
  • Yasmani Grandal – Dodgers
  • Addison Russell – Cubs
  • Curtis Granderson – Mets