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Our Dear Bat Guy series we started last month went well enough to give it another run. If you have any questions then try us at [email protected] Or, you can hit us up on one of our many social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

This months Dear Bat Guy delivers some serious answers for two piece piece bats for younger kids as well as the reason, from an insightful reader, as to why they prefer non-composite barrels. Other questions just make us laugh. But, now, you atleast get to revel in the stuff we sort through! But we love it! See last months Dear Bat Guy about Impedance Matching.

A Serious & Insightful Conversation

Dear Bat Guy,

Thanks so much for your site and the time you put into it. I dare say I spend an inordinate amount of time on it. I particularly enjoyed your mail bag post today and hope you do make it a regular thing. While it is true that answers to many of the questions folks ask are available on your site, your responses can still be illuminating.

For example, in your response to andrew35, you noted that the 2016 voodoo raw and the voodoo one are best swung by a very strong batter. This was a useful insight as I had been considering the raw -9 for my almost 13 yr old son as his first senior league bat. He is a good hitter, but he is still waiting on that growth spurt. Based on your response to Andrew35, I think either the cat7 -8 or the covert -9 may be a better fit, although a bit pricey. I had been tempted by a rip-it element one -10 I saw for approx $60, but passed on it as I was thinking it would be good for him to start getting used to a heavier bat (he currently swings a 30/20 in his youth league). Any thoughts on that?

Sorry to ramble on a bit and thanks again for all the fantastic info.

Bat Guy:

Thanks for the comment and thanks or reading. We hope to make the mailbag a regular thing.

Of the bats you mentioned the COVERT drop 9 would be his best, lightest, swing. We have swung the drop 10 extensively and love it. We can’t imagine the drop 9 is much different. But, to your point, it is not cheap at the moment. We always struggle to pay original retail price on a bat knowing full well that in 9 months it is probably half that price.

In terms of pure value, We would look at the drop 8 Senior Barrel 2016 MAKO TORQ. I get the spinning handle is hated by most. But, really, you can tape it down with some simple athletic tape or buy a Lizard Skin and tape it down entirely. That bat for $110 is a STEAL and parents just can’t get over the spinning handle. But in terms of barrel size and pure performance it really can’t be beat. And for $110 on a top shelf performance bat? Really, hard to go wrong. Here is the 30/22 for $109: http://amzn.to/2kE8aA5

Thanks Bat Guy,

The TORQ is a great value but I am inclined to go with an alloy barrel. We don’t need to purchase for a little while so hopefully the Covert’s price drops.

Bat Guy:

Out of curiosity, and this is a very sincere question, why an alloy barrel? I’d love to hear your take as to why someone might prefer an alloy barrel over a composite one. I think there are plenty of good reasons. Just wondering if there is anything specific for you.

I like not having to worry about break in, both the time and also whether or not it was done right. Plus, the fact that the barrel has only a limited number of hits is something I worry about messing with my head, although I suspect I overdo that concern. I do have a weakness for the sound of alloy!

Dear Bat Guy,

My son also typically prefers a slight end load or at least not a super light feel. That said, of all the bats he has used, he has probably hit the best with his CF7.

Se Hablo Espanol

Instagram: De. Hello. You spich spanish ?
Instagram: You spek spanish?
Bat Guy:

No hablamos español. Sin embargo, tenemos acceso a Google Translate.

2018 Bat Model Release Dates

Email: When will the 2018 model bats come out?

Bat Guy: Wow. We’ve yet to even think about those. But, if manufacturers hold true to what they have done in years past for baseball expect some teaser bats to come out in June 2017 and then a full on marketing press come August. Most 2018 performance bats will go on sale in September of 2017.

What We think of MAKO?

Instagram: What you think for the bat Easton Mako 2015?

Bat Guy: We think it good. See this: https://www.justbatreviews.com/2015-Easton-MAKO-Review

Psychic Bat Hotline

Instagram: What BBCOR bat do you suggest I get?

Bat Guy: Knowing nothing other than your Instagram name, we highly suggest the 617 SOLO.

Hook Ups

Instagram: I got 1 quick question do you think you can get me a 30/27 black MAKO bat that would be awesome if you could

Bat Guy: I can get you one for $459.

Instagram: I will think about it

13 Year Old Boy Problems

Instagram: Hey, I am [Name] a 13 year old second baseman for the 14u [team name]. I would enjoy if you could send me gear that I could send me gear that I can review for your page and product!

Bat Guy: Ditto

Garage Sale Deals

Facebook: So I bought 2 bats at a garage sale this week. 2013 Demarini vexxum 2 5/8 barrels size 31 and size 32…what do you think about those bats are they great?

Bat Guy: Great? That’s not the word to use for the 2013 Vexxum. But they are good bats. Yet a garage sell deal on DeMarini is always a fun thing to swing. At $10 a pop, or less, we would have bought them too.

Two Piece Bat for a 7 Year Old?

Facebook: Just hard to believe that a 2 peace bat is best for a 7 year old, I can’t see a 7 year old generating enough bat speed to make that bat bend. I would have guest a one peace alloy for a 7 year old. Please let me know your input…..

Just Bat Reviews: Two piece bats aren’t good because they can bend. You don’t want them to bend.

Two piece bats are good because they take the sting out of the hands because the vibration can’t travel through the transition piece. It also allows the manufacturer to better control swing weight when the bat is made in pieces—especially composite pieces.

Bats DO NOT flex on the swing. That is a salesman/manufacturer’s myth.

See this for more details: https://www.justbatreviews.com/two-piece-or-one-piece-bat/