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What Bat Did Cole Hamels' Use?


Cole Wagner, of Little League World Series fame, used the 2015 Anderson Techzilla 2.0, more often than not. There are good reasons for this, as we point out below. One news report suggested he couldn’t use the Easton MAKO bats because they broke when he used them. This seems suspicious considering he did use the bats occasionally in the 2015 LLWS. What bat did Cole Wagner use? See below more details.
What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use?

Amazon Price Check the Techzilla 2.0. At the time of this writing, it was $159. We review the Techzilla 2.0 individually here.

Why the Techzilla 2.0?

What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use?

For a hitter with great mechanics and a violent swing, the Techzilla 2.0 is a perfect fit. The one piece design lends well to complete power transfer on contact. The aluminum construction, with its accompanying end loaded feel, fits right in a power hitter’s wheelhouse. The thicker aluminum barrel tends for massive durability for serious swing speeds.

Our Top 5 Youth Bats Ever Made article highlights the original Techzilla for these very reasons. That bat, now very illegal, set the bar for serious pop. Although dampened by BPF standards, the Techzilla 2.0 takes those same principles for a power hitter and puts them in this later iteration. We discuss this at length in our review on the Techzilla 2.0.

Is it the Hitter, or the Bat?

What Bat did Cole Wagner Use?

We are often asked if the bat really makes a difference. It is no doubt that a great hitter can often take just about any bat to the plate and be successful. Cole Wagner is just that type of hitter. But that does not necessarily mean that a bat’s design can’t play to a hitter’s strength. Such is the case with the Techzilla 2.0, and it is no surprise Cole Wagner uses this relatively obscure bat.

Cole Hamel Home Run Video: Techzilla 2.0

No Easton in the LLWS?

What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use?

Although most of his home run highlights show him using the Techzilla 2.0, there is at least one where uses the Easton MAKO. As Easton is one major sponsor of the LLWS, this comes as no surprise.

Why We Wrote This Article

What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use?

In our quest to compile many ‘what bat did he use‘ articles, we came across the search, “What Bat Did Cole Wagner Use?” We had never heard of Cole Wagner in the pros, so as you might imagine, we were puzzled. A quick search later and, we were reminded, Cole Wagner is the former 12-year-old of Little League World Series fame.