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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

What Kind of Bats Do MLB Baseball Players Use?

What Kind of Bats Do MLB Baseball Players Use?

July 3, 2020 | by | @BatDigest

What Kind of Bats do MLB Baseball Players Use?

In short, wood. MLB Players use wood bats made mainly from Maple. In years past Ash was more popular. But, today, over 95% of MLB Baseball players use maple wood bats.

Here is what we cover:

We spent a week in the month of June of 2019, watching all 255 starting MLB players on MLB TV. We tracked what brand each Major League Baseball player used, their spot in the order and position that day. We put that information into a few charts.

What Bats do MLB Players Use

You can jump to the National League or American League break down.

In terms of bat brand popularity, Marucci (28.83%) is the most common bat brand in the MLB. Followed by Victus (18.36%), Louisville Slugger (13.67%) and Old Hickory (11.33%). Sam Bat, Chandler and Rawlings are all between 5% and 10% market share. There are another 16 or so brands we found at the plate.

Here are the exact numbers we tracked while watching each games starting lineup.

  • Marucci – 28.83%
  • Victus – 18.36%
  • Slugger – 13.67%
  • Old Hickory – 11.33%
  • Sam Bat – 6.44%
  • Chandler – 5.47%
  • Rawlings – 5.08%
  • Tucci – 3.88%
  • B45 Bats – 3.13%

What Bats Do MLB Players Use?

2019 World Series Bat Usage

We tracked the bats in game 6 of the Nationals vs Astros 2019 World series. Here’s what we found, atleast the players first time through the order.

MLB Bat World Series



  1. Turner – Marucci
  2. Eaton – Old Hickory
  3. Rendon – Marucci
  4. Soto – Old Hickory
  5. Kendrick – Trinity
  6. Cabrera, A – Victus*
  7. Zimmerman – Slugger
  8. Robles – Chandler
  9. Gomes – Old Hickory


  1. Springer – Victus
  2. Altuve – Victus
  3. Brantley – Marucci
  4. Bregman – Marucci
  5. Gurriel – Marucci
  6. Alvarez – Victus
  7. Correa – Chandler
  8. Chirinos – Victus
  9. Reddick – Marucci

We tried real hard to see Cabrera’s bat model. He puts pine tar on the top of the label in a major way. That said, we know it is not Old Hickory or Slugger. Our best look, found in his promo video, he had what appeared to be a Victus logo branded bat.


MLB Players Change Bats Change Often

Sure, some players keep their bat for the lives. Guys like Derek Jeter and Mike Trout have, basically, swung the same bat their entire careers. We don’t meant he exact same bat, we mean the same model and brand.

But, most MLB players change their bat type at least often enough to make charts like the one above outdated as soon as it is printed. In fact, we saw a couple players change bats during their at bat. (In both cases the player broke their bat on a swing and got a different brand from the dugout).

MLB Starters Change Too

Another thing which affects the MLB bat market share is that lineups change daily. Guys take a day off, get sick, get moved from DH to LF and back again and then a team plays a National League game where he sits the bench.

We tracked the bat usage rates over the course of a week—watching every team at least once. But, still, we missed a few guys who were sick, out or taking the day off. Andrew McCutchen, for example, isn’t in our data set but a huge Marucci guy. Springer also didn’t play the days we watched the Astros. Carlos Correa also wasn’t playing.

In any event, we did get the 255 non pitching players we saw in the starting lineup of June 17, 2019. You can see the full list at the bottom of this article.

Fake: Batting Stats While Using Certain Brands

We could, if we wanted to be disingenuous with the data, extrapolate out what bat we saw the players with in this at bat and then assume their annual stats are connected to the brand.

Then, with some excitement, we could publish a piece saying which bat has the best batting average, HR, etc.

But, in truth, hitters change their bat so often we’d need to watch EVERY single at bat. Considering it took us a legit 80 hours to find, manage and identify the bat logos on 255 at bats the task to measure the ACTUAL batting average of every bat brand at the MLB level would be all but impossible. Each player with 400+ at bats multiplied by 255 different starters each week would make it a full time job for a room full of people who could identify bat logos.

In other words, the idea of publishing bat brand data based on how well the hitter performs with them is psuedo-science. It isn’t honest research.

National League MLB Bat Usage

We also broke down Major League Bat usage by league. We didn’t find any obvious differences between American and National League baseball bat choices. Both seem relatively random. Marucci does dominate the Natoinal league more so than the American League. More than half the 3rd baseman in the National League use a Marucci.

Slugger also does very well in the National League and comes in at a solid 2nd place. (Overall they are 3rd as Victus outpaces them in the American league enough to win 2nd). But, for whatever reason, center fielders love Slugger.

There are only 120 in the National League (unlike the 135 in the American League) because we did not track the pitchers.

What kind of bats do MLB Player Use

American League MLB Bat Usage

There is plenty of randomness in the bat choices of MLB players. Compared to the NCAA market which tends to domination by bat contracts for different schools. Some teams, like the Angels, swing 8 different brands from their 9 different players. The only two swinging the same are Old Hickory fans (Mike Trout, Justin Bour). In fact, we can’t find any team that swings less than 4 different brands.

We aren’t exactly sure what to make of this. Are bat reps that competitive in every clubhouse? Or, are patterns and relationships made at an early part of their career and players stick with what they know?

In any event, the American League bat sun chart looks like this. There are 135 hitters here and, as you can see from the chart, we counted the starting designated hitter for each team.

What kind of bats do MLB Player Use

2020 MLB All Star Usage

Another way to see what bats MLB players use is to watch every at bat for the MLB All Star Game. Of course, we did that too. We found Marucci to dominate. Victus was a legit second. Slugger and Old Hickory followed up nicely.

We also saw a few unique ones like an SSK and Tucci.

Do note, we did not document all the non starters—and there are plenty of PH/Subs in the all-star game.

what bat do MLB players use

MLB Player Bat Usage Table

Here is our specific data set we gathered while watching the 255+ at bats.

As often happens, some players played in different positions for any number of reasons and many players used a bat they might not use that often.

Hitter Position Bat Team
Maybin LF Marucci Yankees
Schoop 2B Marucci Twins
Hamilton CF Marucci Royals
Leon C Marucci Red Sox
Marisnick CF Marucci Astros
Torres 2B Marucci Yankees
Castro C Marucci Twins
Naquin RF Marucci Indians
Duda 1B Marucci Royals
Perez C Marucci Indians
Encarnacion DH Marucci Yankees
Moncada 3B Marucci White Sox
Kiermaier CF Marucci Rays
Cabrera 3B Marucci Rangers
Gurriel 3B Marucci Astros
Stanton RF Marucci Yankees
Ramirez 3B Marucci Indians
reddick RF Marucci Astros
Soler DH Marucci Royals
Abreu 1B Marucci White Sox
Cruz DH Marucci Twins
Santana 1B Marucci Indians
Santana CF Marucci Rangers
Brantley LF Marucci Astros
Choo RF Marucci Rangers
Lindor SS Marucci Indians
Semien SS Marucci Athetics
Bregman SS Marucci Astros
La Stella 2B Marucci Angels
Wendle 3B Victus Rays
Profar 2B Victus Athetics
Chavis 1B Victus Red Sox
Murphy C Victus Mariners
Piscotty RF Victus Athetics
Gonzalez RF Victus Twins
Holt 2B Victus Red Sox
Bauers LF Victus Indians
grossman LF Victus Athetics
Castro 2B Victus Tigers
Adames SS Victus Rays
Narvaez DH Victus Mariners
Laureano CF Victus Athetics
Calhoun RF Victus Angels
Sanchez C Victus Yankees
Rosario LF Victus Twins
Dixon RF Victus Tigers
Devers 3B Victus Red Sox
Vogelbach 1B Victus Mariners
Grichuk RF Victus Blue Jays
Altuve 2B Victus Astros
Anderson SS Victus White Sox
Polanco, J SS Victus Twins
Pham DH Victus Rays
Santander LF Victus Orioles
Kepler CF Victus Twins
Betts RF Victus Red Sox
Sogard 2B Victus Blue Jays
Taylor C Slugger Athetics
Mathis C Slugger Rangers
Moore LF Slugger Mariners
Bradley Jr CF Slugger Red Sox
Gregorius SS Slugger Yankees
Castillo DH Slugger White Sox
Heredia LF Slugger Rays
Fletcher 3B Slugger Angels
Jimenez LF Slugger White Sox
Bonifacio RF Slugger Royals
Hicks CF Slugger Yankees
Mancini RF Slugger Orioles
Mercado CF Slugger Indians
Guerrero, Jr. DH Slugger Blue Jays
LeMahieu 3B Slugger Yankees
Wilson C Old Hickory Tigers
Zunio C Old Hickory Rays
Jansen C Old Hickory Blue Jays
Hicks 1B Old Hickory Tigers
Bour 1B Old Hickory Angels
Cron 1B Old Hickory Twins
Smoak 1B Old Hickory Blue Jays
McCann C Old Hickory White Sox
Sisco C Old Hickory Orioles
Martinez DH Old Hickory Red Sox
Lowe 2B Old Hickory Rays
Olsen 1B Old Hickory Athetics
Stewart LF Old Hickory Tigers
Trout CF Old Hickory Angels
Jones CF Old Hickory Tigers
Merrifield 2B Old Hickory Royals
Lugo 3B Sam Tigers
Stubbs C Sam Astros
Seager 3B Sam Mariners
Garcia RF Sam Rays
Kipnis DH Sam Indians
Gordon LF Sam Royals
Santana RF Sam Mariners
Voit 1B Sam Yankees
Chapman 3B Sam Athetics
Gallagher C Chandler Royals
Gordon 2B Chandler Mariners
Lopez SS Chandler Royals
Ruiz 3B Chandler Orioles
Hernandez CF Chandler Blue Jays
Calhoun LF Chandler Rangers
Alvarez DH Chandler Astros
Benintendi LF Chandler Red Sox
Crawford SS Chandler Mariners
Villar SS Chandler Orioles
Wilkerson CF Rawlings Orioles
Drury 3B Rawlings Blue Jays
Guzman 1B Rawlings Rangers
Alberto 2B Rawlings Orioles
Beckham SS Rawlings Tigers
Nunez DH Rawlings Orioles
Davis DH Rawlings Athetics
Cuthbert 3B Rawlings Royals
Davis 1B Tucci Orioles
Odor 2B Tucci Rangers
Bogaerts SS Tucci Red Sox
Mazara DH Tucci Rangers
Gurriel Jr LF Tucci Blue Jays
Garcia CF Tucci White Sox
Freeman 2B B45 Indians
Lucroy C B45 Angels
Galvis SS B45 Blue Jays
White 1B B45 Astros
Smith CF B45 Mariners
Sanchez 2B Homewood White Sox
Cordell RF Homewood White Sox
Upton LF Warstic Angels
Castellanos DH Warstic Tigers
Tovar SS SSK Angels
Andrus SS Zinger Rangers
Sano 3B BWP Twins
Ohtani DH Asics Angels
d’Arnaud 1B DTB Rays
Garcia 2B t Padres
Knapp 2B Marucci Phillies
Lagares CF Marucci Mets
Arcia SS Marucci Brewers
Kang 3B Marucci Pirates
Rojas SS Marucci Marlins
Pillar CF Marucci Giants
Polanco RF Marucci Pirates
Williams CF Marucci Phillies
Dozier 2B Marucci Nationals
Verdugo CF Marucci Dodgers
Monila C Marucci Cardinals
Riley LF Marucci Braves
Hernandez LF Marucci Phillies
Frazier 3B Marucci Mets
Bell 1B Marucci Pirates
Castro 2B Marucci Marlins
Posey C Marucci Giants
Donaldson 3B Marucci Braves
Dahl CF Marucci Rockies
Suarez 3B Marucci Reds
Rendon 3B Marucci Nationals
Conforto RF Marucci Mets
Austin LF Marucci Giants
Rizzo 1B Marucci Cubs
Freeman 1B Marucci Braves
Swanson SS Marucci Braves
Winker LF Marucci Reds
Turner SS Marucci Nationals
Panik 2B Marucci Giants
Carpentar 3B Marucci Cardinals
Cain CF Marucci Brewers
Wolters C Victus Rockies
Gomes C Victus Nationals
Yastrzemski RF Victus Giants
Bader CF Victus Cardinals
Franco 3B Victus Phillies
Martin C Victus Dodgers
Aguilar 1B Victus Brewers
Puig RF Victus Reds
Longoria 3B Victus Giants
Taylor SS Victus Dodgers
Fowler RF Victus Cardinals
Dietrich 2B Victus Reds
Hoskins 1B Victus Phillies
Davis LF Victus Mets
Anderson 3B Victus Marlins
Peralta LF Victus Diamondbacks
Solano SS Victus Giants
Dejong SS Victus Cardinals
Tatis Jr. SS Victus Padres
Peraza SS Slugger Reds
Almora Jr CF Slugger Cubs
Mejia C Slugger Padres
McMahon 2B Slugger Rockies
Riddle CF Slugger Marlins
Belt 1B Slugger Giants
Walker 1B Slugger Diamondbacks
Ramirez LF Slugger Marlins
Renfroe LF Slugger Padres
Bellinger RF Slugger Dodgers
Jones RF Slugger Diamondbacks
Grandal C Slugger Brewers
Votto 1B Slugger Reds
Reynolds CF Slugger Pirates
Tuner 3B Slugger Dodgers
Yelich RF Slugger Brewers
Newman SS Slugger Pirates
Hernandz 2B Slugger Dodgers
Schwarber LF Slugger Cubs
Acuna CF Slugger Braves
Stallings C Old Hickory Pirates
Garlick LF Old Hickory Dodgers
Ahmed SS Old Hickory Diamondbacks
Wong 2B Old Hickory Cardinals
Adams 1B Old Hickory Nationals
Soto LF Old Hickory Nationals
Goldschmidt 1B Old Hickory Cardinals
Story SS Old Hickory Rockies
Eaton RF Old Hickory Nationals
Cooper 1B Old Hickory Marlins
Blackmon RF Old Hickory Rockies
Segura SS Old Hickory Phillies
Herrera RF Old Hickory Marlins
Kelly C Sam Diamondbacks
Perez 2B Sam Brewers
Moran 2B Sam Pirates
Naylor RF Sam Padres
Moustakas 3B Sam Brewers
Arenado 3B Sam Rockies
Cabrera LF Sam Pirates
Braun LF Sam Brewers
Ramos C Chandler Mets
Kingery C Chandler Phillies
Harper RF Chandler Phillies
Hosmer 1B Chandler Padres
Bamhart C Rawlings Reds
Albies 2B Rawlings Braves
Senzel CF Rawlings Reds
Markakis RF Rawlings Braves
Ozuna LF Rawlings Cardinals
Flowers C Tucci Braves
Murphy 1B Tucci Rockies
Contreras C Tucci Cubs
Dyson CF Tucci Diamondbacks
Tapia LF B45 Rockies
Escobar 3B B45 Diamondbacks
Marte 2B B45 Diamondbacks
Holaday C Warstic Marlins
Bote 2B Homewood Cubs
Baez SS SSK Cubs
Freese 1B Zinger Dodgers
Parra CF Trinity Nationals
Rosario SS Cooperstown Bats Mets
Myers CF Max Padres
Heyward RF Dinger Bats Cubs
Machado 3B Valma Padres
Bryant 3B Axe Cubs
Alonso 1B Dove Tail Mets
McNeil 2B Dove Tail Mets
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