If this is the first time you have set out to buy a baseball bat, we suspect you are in for a bit of a learning curve. There are at least a dozen places offering bats online and another legitimate half dozen offering them in old fashioned brick and mortar stores. We have bought literally hundreds of bats in our day and impart some wisdom for the newbies among us trying to find baseball bats for sale.

Below are the four major places we look when buying a baseball bat. As part of your training, you may want to read through these, too:

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Baseball Bats For Sale

Ebay Is our go to for price checks and deals on baseball and softball bats. Auctions prices can rarely be beat—and it usually isn’t close.

Two cautions to note:

  1. Many of the bats sold on ebay are 3rd party and do not come with a valid warranty. If you are buying new it could be a HUGE factor. Check if the bat comes with a valid receipt. If not, make sure your discount comes accordingly.
  2. As well, another caution, the purchasing experience on ebay is only as good as the individual seller makes it and that sometimes means more work than you bargained for.

With that said, there are plenty of reputable sellers on ebay, and if you can be patient enough to wait for an auction to close on the exact bat you want, you can expect to save a significant amount.

Search like this for the best deals. (Sort by price or ending soonest).


Baseball Bats For Sale

Amazon is the second place we look for bat prices. And while the buying experience may be a bit more predictable than ebay, the lack of auctions and sometimes lack of selection put it at 2nd place on the list of best places to buy.

However, if you are looking for a mainstream bat (and sometimes not so mainstream) amazon is a great place to check prices as they are always very competitive. As well, if you have Amazon Prime, then looking for Prime sellers with free shipping is a nice bonus.


Baseball Bats For Sale

The biggest single player in the online bat space (with the possible exception of Amazon) is justbats.com. The selection here is endless and the user reviews, while often shallow and remarkably unhelpful, occasionally give some legit direction.

As well, the buyer experience here is often fantastic with free return shipping on bats that don’t fit like we may have thought. They provide valid receipts and quick shipping if you need just about any bat made in the last year or so.


Best place buy baseball bats

Closeoutbats is likely the 2nd largest online retailer, although they do get some competition from the likes of Home Run Monkey, Cheap Bats and a few others. We like the folks at Close Out Bats and appreciate their family run business committed to good old fashioned service and honest deals.

The rest of the online bat sites have a real hard time standing out, but they are always worth price checking if you’re about to spend several hundred dollars on a baseball or softball bat. Some of them only offer free shipping on certain order sizes. Others also offer free shipping to and fro if you want to return without a restocking fee…others don’t.

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