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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

6 Best Prime Day Deals for Baseball and Softball

6 Best Prime Day Deals for Baseball and Softball

Looking for sports type deals on Christmas in July?

You’ve come to the right place!

If you want to see our list of 6 favorite Prime Amazon day sports deals then scroll below this list of the most important links to do your own digging!

Sports Prime Deals Links

Wilson’s Prime Deals (Most Popular Link) Here
Rawlings Prime Deals Here
Easton Prime Deals Here
30 Day Free Trial Prime Here
Sports Section Prime Deals Here
6 Month Student Prime Trial Here
Walk Up Music Access? Here
Baseball Books? Here

In terms of finding deals, people really like our baseball and softball holiday gift guide page too. Also, our what to buy every month is useful too.

Specific Deals We Like:

Wilson 11.5 A2000 1786 under $200
Easton 5 Tool Back Pack for under $80.
Rawlings 11.5 Lite Glove for $35.
718 Select USA 32/22 for under $180

Prime Membership Required

You do need to be a prime member to get your deals on. They are offering a number of options, including 30 day free trial.

Prime Day for Amazon is like Christmas shopping in July. Starting in the evening on the July 10th, Amazon is offering a one day blowout sell. Just Bat Reviews is standing by to update this page for deals in the realm of baseball, softball and other amazing sports deals. From gloves to bats to training equipment Amazon is sure to offer some deals you can’t pass up.

Outside of Cyber Monday, Prime Day is the best shopping day on Amazon. Amazon’s intent is to drive sign ups for their Prime programs by offering crazy incentives. So, if you are not a prime member yet, be sure to sign up for a 30 day free trial. You can capture the deals during Prime Day and then cancel at the end of the 30 days.

Audio Deals

The first Prime deal we think is well worth your time is a subscription to Audible. The breadth of baseball books is unmatched. They are offering 40% off your first 6 months. So, basically, something like less than $9 per audio book. These books often run $25 and at least $15 if you are outside of the prime deal. Here are the 6 baseball books we would recommend.

Deal Details

Best 5 Baseball/Softball Day Prime Day Deals

  1. Glove Conditioner: You know you need it, so why don’t you pick some up for less than $10 during this prime time deal. This is what the pros use.

Prime Day Sports Deals

Price Check It

2. Wilson Practice Balls: Good quality for a price you won’t be able to beat—especially come next February when you’re looking for more baseballs. Can you ever have enough of these?Prime Day Deals

Amazon Price It

3. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Glove: For a kid glove, its quality. It gets great ratings and you won’t expect to get a better deal at anytime. Get it now, wrap it up for Christmas and put it in the attic. This bad boy is 90% worked in, real leather and the perfect price for a deal on a legit glove (under $50).Prime Day Sports Deals

Price It on Amazon

4. DeMarini Rebirth: This is the highest rated bat bag on Amazon and you’ll never find it for a better price than today. DeMarin’s Rebirth bat pack is the perfect two bat backpack for any player at any level. And at less than $50? You might want to buy 2.

Prime Day Deals

Price it on Amazon

5. Franklin Kid Pop Rocket Baseball Trainer: Perfect gift for the kid who just can’t stop swinging at stuff. And you can never start too young. Throw in the fact its on an Amazon cheap price day and its a done deal.Prime Baseball Deals

Price it on Amazon

6. SKLZ Impact Training Balls: These are the real deal. They get crazy great ratings, are very durable and come in a variety of sizes. These might be our favorite thing that SKLZ makes. And, like baseballs or softballs, can you ever have too many?

Prime Baseball Deals

Price on Amazon

Didn’t like these deals or want more? Well, there are hundreds of deals going down on Amazon right now. Check them out.




Chris says:

Are you going to do an update for Prime Day 2018 with the best deals?

Jason says:

Will y’all update deals today?

Yes. We just did! Thanks.

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