Top 6 Gifts for Baseball Players, Parents and Coaches | A Gift Guide to Home Run Presents

We know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for the baseball players in your life. Especially when the time comes to celebrate. If you are tired of striking out when it comes to holiday, birthday or boyfriend gifts, JustBatReviews presents the following Top Gifts for Baseball Players to your rescue. (Turns out, most of these work for softball players too!).

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2018 Baseball/Softball Holiday Gift Guide

After thousands of hours playing and watching baseball in 2017, as well as a number of conversations with major vendors, we have the 6 best much have holiday gifts for baseball and softball players.

6 Best Holiday Stocking Stuffers

After thousands of hours playing and watching baseball in 2017, as well as a number of conversations with major vendors, we have the 6 best much have holiday gifts for baseball and softball players.

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Stuffer #1 – Sweet JBR/BPWeather Ball Hat and Speed Data

We know what dad wants in his stocking: access to the data performance of real baseball bats and a sweet baseball hat. So, we provide. We are very limited in quantities so these will go very fast. It is $25 for both the access AND the hat shipped. Access to the sheet will come no a cute little envelope to put in your stocking. (Retail value of $35+ shipping if bought seperately).

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Stuffer #2 – Exit Speed Data

Of the hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars you may spend on baseball and softball gear this year we submit that our exit speed data will be the best $10 out of all of it.

This is a digital link to a massive spreadsheet that has captured thousands of real exit speeds on game speed pitches among different bats. It is the most valuable set of information in the entire industry. Knowledge is literally power.

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Stuffer #3 – All Star Tiger Batting Grip

The All-Star batting Grip is a susbsitute for pine tar that isn’t messy and doesn’t ruin your batting gloves. Once a player uses it they will never stop and they’ll wonder how they ever had a successful at bat without it.

It works on composite and aluminum grips as well and scrapes off pretty well after use as to not get the seats in the car dirty either. It is the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

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Stuffer #4 – Lizard Skin Grips

This is the easiest thing to put on this list. Lizard skins are cool, feel great, used at the highest and lowest levels of the game, come in a million different colors and can easily be put in a stocking.

The younger the player the thicker the grip we suggest. The thickest you can get is 1.8mm. And you can usually find them for less than $12.

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Stuffer #5 – C-Flap

You’ve probalby seen a C-Flap before but neve knew they were called that. These are built for helmets, are used by a number of MLB players, and protect the face from an errant pitch. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and made by a few different companies. Depending on the helmet you have you’ll need to get the right one, but this link should help you narrow that down too.

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Stuffer #6 – Pro Hitter Training Aid

The ProHitter taining batting Aid, like the LIazrd Skin Grip above, is adopted at all levesl of baseball. It sits on the top hand thumb to give a mroe firm grip andprotect against some hand sting. you can read much more about eh details in our review. Here, we simply note that is an awesome littel gift that few baseabll players have and, if they have one already, they’d be happy to get another. Easy choice.

Best Father's Day Baseball Gifts Price Check

Stuffer #7 – Pocket Radar

This an expensive stocking stuffer no doubt, but it does fit in your stocking. We love our little Pocket Radar and have from the first minute we got it. It is simple to use, very accurate and useful for pitch speeds and an occasional exit speed. Best of all, it literally fits in your pocket. There is rarely a baseball day we don’t have this radar on us.

6 Best Holiday Equipment Presents

Best Gifts for Baseball Players

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Equipment #1 – Wilson A2K

Give the gift of leather. Wilson A2K gloves are considered by most as the premier glove in the industry. Many MLB players use this type of glove and it comes in enough shapes and sizes for any player. Brandon Philips new Dat Dude (pictured) glove is as amazing as they come. Want to blow your kid away this Christmas morning? Buy a this one.

Best Baseball Gifts

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Equipment #2 – DeMarini CF Zen

Although banned in 2017, the new 2018 CF Zen is still a bomb maker. This USSSA bat comes in a number of sizes and we are in love with the drop 10 USSSA Bat. Although there are a ton of baseball bats in the market for 2018, if you are not up for doing crazy research, then just buy the CF Zen and get it over with. We are confident your player will not be disappointing.

Best Gifts BAseball Player Guide

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Equipment #3 – Boombah Bat Bag

A rolling bat bag from Boombah is one our most favorite bat bags on the planet. They come in a lot of different color options, are reasonably priced and can last you forever. The only major problem is they are a direct to consumer company (which may not be a problem at all) so you are confined to buying it on Boombah’s site only.

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Equipment #4 – Tanner Tee

You never know how important a good tee is until you’ve used a nice one. Tanner tees has established itself as one of the most durable and useful tees on the planet. These aren’t cheap, but they are great, will last forever and deliver portable, replicate-able results.

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Equipment #5 – Mizuno Batting Gloves

There are a million different types of batting gloves in the world. No, seriously, one million. And these MIzuno Boys MVP batting gloves are the best rated, and most popular, of the bunch. They also come in a number of different sizes and colors and are a great gift idea. Any ball player could always use another pair of batting gloves.

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Equipment #6 – Evo Shield Elbow Guard

Evo Shield’s Elbow Guard is as prevalent in baseball as any protective gear. In fact, we’d guess most folks use more an elbow guard than those who us a cup. These come in a lot of different colors and there is not a hitter on the planet who will be anything but smiling from ear to ear while opening up this present.

Father’s Day Baseball Gift Guide

With Father’s day right around the corner, we have put together the lists we think most dad’s would be pretty happy with come Father’s day.

Best Father's Day Gifts Price Check

Book Choice: One Shot At Forever

If Dad likes to read, or listen to books, and also loves baseball, expect him to cry at least a little bit when reading One Shot At Forever. One of our top 5 baseball books of all time, this unknown story is a gem from a 1971 underdog from Macon, Illinois. Against all odds, and an unlikely coach, this book is worth anyone’s short list.

Best Father's Day Baseball Gifts Price Check

Pocket Radar

Although far from inexpensive, this pocket radar will be used a thousand times over by any dad into the sport of baseball and softball. It runs on a couple batteries, fits in his pocket or belt loop, and easily measures real ball speeds of pitchers and batted balls. One of the most favorite gadgets we have ever played with.

Best Father's Day Gifts Price Check

IFLYING Polarized Baseball Sunglasses

For less than $15, you can get your Dad the best value set of sunglasses on the market today. These are meant to be light weight, anti-fog and come with replaceable lenses. The Amazon reviews on these are outstanding. And any coach or parent will appreciate them while watching the game. This might be the best $15 you’ve spent this year.

Best Father's Day Baseball Gifts Price Check

Easton Coaches Bucket Sleeve

This sleeve cover for any ball bucket is a must have. And, if your coach/dad has yet to have one, then he will never go back. Expect him to use this for a very long time and not know he needed it until he had it. Super handy, super reliable.


Louisville Slugger Custom Souvenir Bat

What says I love you dad more than a bat that says “I Love You Dad”? Make a custom souvenir bat inscribed with your favorite phrase, and his favorite team, for not much more than $70.

Best Dad Baseball Gifts Price Check

Fungo Bats

There are at least a dozen really good fungo bats. And, if your dad likes to coach, hit grounders, or simply help their kids get some reps then they NEED a fungo bat. We would suggest you check out our fungo bat reviews for the best options. Or, just go with the most popular SSK Fungo in any number of colors. The PS-100 or PS-200 are the more popular.

Coach’s Baseball Gift Guide

National Coach’s day is a real thing. It is on October 6th of each year and has been going since the 1970’s. Many, however, don’t wait until then to buy a gift for coach. Below we put together our list of best gifts for coaches.

Best Coaches Baseball Gifts Price Check

Power Net

Spend all of 10 seconds reading the user reviews on this ball caddy (which coaches use to get baseballs and softballs without bending over) and you’ll see why it made this list. Anyone that has used it knows it’s something you can’t live without. It holds near 50 baseballs or 30 softballs, folds down to a very simple carry, saves backs and speeds up BP like no other. You can find it for less than $40 at the time of this writing.

Best coaches baseball gifts Price Check

Rawlings BP Jacket

​This BP jacket from Rawlings is another no brainer. It comes in a number of colors and gives enough movement in a comfortable, light jacket to still throw batting practice. No baseball or softball coach can have too many BP jackets (we have multiple in the same color). The addition of this in their closet is creative and very, very useful. Around $30 at the time of this writing.

Best Coach's Gifts Price Check

Axe Fungo Bats

​One of our most favorite bats to hit with is the Axe Fungo bat. The ergonomic handle and long barrel is solid. It is a composite maple so nearly unbreakable under normal baseball conditions. Even if your coach already has a fungo, this gift is a PERFECT idea for the avid baseball coach. If he doesn’t have one, then it’s a no brainer.

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