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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Why We Are Right (and wrong)

We have hit with every bat in every category. As well, we have had long conversations with industry insiders and major vendors about each bat. That experience, combined with thousands of hours researching and writing about bats and actually playing week in and week out, give us some some insight to the best bat for an 9 year old.

We write about all our rankings in our best bats articles. But, here, after hours of research, we think the best bat for an 9U is the 2017 Rawlings VELO in a drop 12.

Best Baseball Bat Options For 9U

Choose the following performance baseball bat for your 9 year old based on price (below) and barrel length (see below chart). Other things to consider are below the chart.Best Bat for 8 Year Old Criteria

As there are a number of good bats made for 9 year olds, league and swing type will be the most important factors in determining which one to select. As we show below, there is a range of bats in different price points worth considering.

One bat that should be on the list is DeMarini’s JBB 2 3/4 CF Zen*. We think the bat is outstanding in terms of pop and balance, but enough complaints on the durability make us hesitate at least a little bit.  If it comes with a warranty, we say go for it. Otherwise, the following three bats are well worth a good look.

*After writing the above paragraph, the CF Zen JBB drop 10 has been banned by USSSA.

Common Questions from Parents of 9 Year Olds

1) How Much Should You Spend?

For 9 year olds we like to use the Rule of 10. This rule states that the maximum amount of money you should spend on a baseball bat for your 9U is 10 multiplied by the number of games he or she will play.

For example, if you are scheduled to play 15 games this year (a lot for an 9U, then spending a maximum of $150 on a bat is a pretty good limit. Of course you can spend less if you find a better deal or simply want to limit your budget.

2) What Size Is Allowed?

Before spending real money on a baseball bat, you need to know what restrictions apply in your league. At 8 years old, most have very few rules, but there are some who restrict the diameter of the barrel to 2 5/8 or even 2 1/4. As well, many require special stamping (like BPF 1.15 to printed on the bats).

How We Rate Bats

We hit every bat we rate. Most our hits come from real players that might very well use the bat in a game. Over the past 5 years we have swung every performance bat made from every serious manufacture. As well, track the exit speeds, measure the barrel sizes and collect reader feedback about bats. We don’t sell bats and we aren’t interested in doing so. We are an independent bat review site out to #spitonthehype as we like to say.

What You Should Know Before Buying Your 6 Year Old a Bat

Question 1: What bats are allowed in his or her league?

Few 6-year-old leagues have actual restrictions on bats. In fact, many of the Junior Big Barrel bats on the market are not rated for anything. Nor are tee-ball bats, generally speaking. These bats are built much more for a light swing than they are for wild performance.

That said, however, you should make sure there are no particular bat restrictions for the league you are playing in. Some, we have heard, don’t allow certain weight drops or 2 1/4 barrels. Most are anything goes. Check with your local league director or coach.

Question 2: How much money do you want to spend?

Pricing for bats, you may already know, can be ridiculous. There are some Junior Big Barrel bats pushing $250 while many others in the 6-year-old tee ball space are not much more than $20. Our general rule for bat budget is the “Rule of 7”. That is, take the number of games the child is playing and multiply it by $7.00. Do not spend more than that.

Question 3: What size bat does he or she need?

Bat sizing at age six should not be difficult. Few are really hitting for serious distance. We do have an honest bat sizing chart worth reviewing if you are ultra-concerned about the right size.

For 6-year-old kids, lighter is almost always better. Bat speed and bat control will mean much more for on base percentage than barrel size and weight distribution. Many bats come in weights as low as 11 and 12 ounces. Some Junior Big Barrel bats are as heavy as 15 or 16 ounces. When in doubt, choose the lighter swing.

Question 4: What about USA Bats?

Some leagues, even as young as 6, require the USA Bat stamp on their bats. If that is you, then make sure you look under the USA bat section of major retailers. We have a list of our favorite USA Bats here.

We have tested just about every tee ball bat on the market. Our favorite is the Axe Origin Tee Ball Bat. We love the ergonomic handle, light swing and durability. All things that little kids and their paying parents want to see. In terms of sizing, the average 4 year old should swing a 12 ounce bat, 5 years old at 14 ounces, 6 year old a 16 ounce bat and a 7 year old in a 18 ounce bat. See our bat size chart for a full discussion.

Best Tee Ball Bat

Find this in Stock

Lightest Tee Ball Bat
Best Youth Baseball Bats

Best Tee Ball Bats

Brand Model Review Price
Axe Origin Hyperwhip Perfect $$$
Easton Beast X Solid $$
Axe HERO Perfect $$

Cage Side Hitting Tee Ball Bat

If We Had To Choose a Best Tee Ball Bat

Three bats really fit the bill in terms of the Best Tee Ball Bat. There are, we note emphatically, a number of very good options on the market outside of these three, and frankly, it is hard to go terribly wrong with nearly any bat on the market.

Axe Origin HyperWhip

Best Tee Ball Bat

Find this in Stock

Few companies have put as much thought into their bat design as a Axe. And, to think, all that tech inside a bat for a little tyke is impressive. The bat uses an ergonomic design that improves swing mechanics. As well, it removes weight from the end cap by shaping it towards the performance side of the barrel.

The asymmetric end cap drives a reasonable amount of weight away from the end cap and makes it an ultra smooth swing.

See our Axe Bat reviews.

Easton Beast X Tee Ball Bat

Find this in Stock

In terms of user reviews Easton’s Beast X tee ball bat gets the highest ratings. It is a very simple bat at a low price point that does exactly what it needs to. It swings light, has a cool paint job and can withstand the potential beating it might take. Easton makes high quality high end stuff as well as low end stuff. And this fits squarely in the value purchase.

If you are looking for something basic enough that swings light then very hard to go wrong with the Easton Beast X.

See our lightest tee ball bat.

Axe HERO Tee Ball Bat

Best Tee Ball Bat

Find this in Stock

Although full aluminum and a drop 11, we really like the Axe Hero for the ergonomic handle that encourages good swing mechanics. We discuss this at length in our Axe reviews. Worth checking out if your kid is comfortable with a slightly heavier tee ball bat.

What is the Difference in T-Ball Bats

Quite frankly, it is difficult to find serious differences in tee ball bats. To be clear, we do not mean to imply tee ball bats are all the same. Rather, we tend to imply that there is very little chance any given tee ball player will see a difference by using any different bat.

In theory, there could be tee ball player out there who absolutely rakes, and as such, would require a two piece end load or a single piece bomb dropper. As well, there may be a hitter or two that actually swings hard to enough off a tee to be disappointed in the hand sting an aluminum bat provides. He or she may want composite.

In reality, we doubt those kids actually exist on the tee ball scene—although some parents might beg to differ.

The only real measurable difference in tee ball bats is the difference in their weight to length (aka, drop), and the different lengths those actually come in. Additionally, we think the bat handle on the Axe specifically gives an advantage. Other than those categories, we see no real differential between tee ball bats.

Is It T-Ball or Tee Ball?

Beast Vs Z Core

We observe many folks searching for T-Ball instead of Tee Ball. On the internets at least, the terms are used interchangeably. However, as we see it, the Tee in Tee Ball is referring to the Tee the balls are hit from. Like golf tees, those are spelled Tee. Hence, Tee Ball and not T-ball. But, whatev.

Combat MAXUM Tee Ball Bat

Best T Ball Bats

The best thing about the Eatson MAKO Beast is it is the only bat that comes in a 10.5 ounce range. Its composite structure gives it a drop 13.5. And at its shortest length, 24 inches, it becomes the lightest tee ball bat on the market today. The major disadvantage is the bat’s price point. As such, we suggest looking for last year’s model if you can find it on Amazon with a search like this. Do note that it comes in drop 14 version and a drop 13.5 version.

Can I Use a Tee Ball Bat for Coach Pitch?

Best T Ball Bats

We are often asked if someone can use their tee ball bat during coach pitch. The answer is, you can do whatever you want. Tee ball bats are not rated for major impacts. In fact, they are not rated for any pitch speed whatsoever, as the ball is stationary in tee ball. If you are seeing any pitch speed close to 30 mph, we would suggest a Junior Big Barrel Bat (aka JBB).

With that said, these aluminum and composite tee ball bats can take a beating. We think most could get away with a tee ball bat for a very soft coach pitch league. Do not expect fantastic performance—although who needs fantastic performance at a coach pitch level anyway? Most just need a bat, and if they have the right size of tee ball bat, there is very little reason it would not serve the demands of a coach pitch game, too.

What We Look For in the BEST Tee Ball Bat

Best T Ball BAt

While choosing the best tee ball bat, the real determining factor is weight drop. The drop, remember, is the numerical difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces. For example, a 26 inch drop 14 weighs 22 ounces. Tee ball drops range from 10 to 14.

There is a terribly long discussion about swing weights that would be appropriate for some. We refer you to our discussion on the matter instead of weighing down this article with information you likely don’t need when finding the best tee ball bat.

After the drop, there are three broad categories of tee ball bats you may want to pay attention to. In this tiny person niche, we do not find them nearly as impactful as they are in bigger kid play.

What We Look For in the BEST Tee Ball Bat

While choosing the best tee ball bat, the real determining factor is weight drop. The drop, remember, is the numerical difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces. For example, a 26 inch drop 14 weighs 22 ounces. Tee ball drops range from 10 to 14.

There is a terribly long discussion about swing weights that would be appropriate for some. We refer you to our discussion on the matter instead of weighing down this article with information you likely don’t need when finding the best tee ball bat.

After the drop, there are three broad categories of tee ball bats you may want to pay attention to. In this tiny person niche, we do not find them nearly as impactful as they are in bigger kid play.

Composite Tee Ball Bats

There are a couple of full composite tee ball bats on the market. Easton’s Mako Beast comes in a full composite as does Louisville Slugger’s 917 Prime and the Combat Maxum. Composite is a plastic material. Compared to aluminum, it can create better weight distribution. It is why composite bats in the tee ball space are the drop 13 and 14’s while the aluminum are more like drop 11 or 10.

Two Piece Tee Ball Bats

Although we did not officially confirm with Mizuno, they claim to make a two piece tee ball bat. According to their website, the Covert, which is a two piece bat in the big boy level, also comes in a two piece tee ball bat. If that is the case, it will be the only two piece tee ball bat on the market.

Other two-piece bats at the upper levels, like the Easton MAKO and 917 Prime, are just single piece in the tee ball space.

We see no advantage to a two piece bat at this level, although cool enough, we guess. It does help with the swing weight as the Covert’s drop on the tee ball bat is 13.

Aluminum T Ball Bats

Most tee ball bats are aluminum. These work well enough for most and are generally the least expensive. However, they often do not have the same light swing weight and run a drop 10 or 11. There are some, like the Easton speed series, that are a drop 12.

On the whole, these are not our favorite tee ball bat construction—we like composite better. Lighter swings are almost always better in tee ball. But to each his own. And, as we state above, at this age it is hard to make the case it matters either way.

Trying to find the best 32-inch baseball bat? A lot of league models come in a 32-inch, but we cover every category below. In short, our favorite BBCOR 32/27 could be the 32/29 618 Solo, in a drop 5 USSSA we’ll take the CF Zen, drop 8 then the Marucci CAT 8, drop 10 how about the Easton Ghost X, in a drop 12 then the VELO for sure. The best 32-inch USA Bat is the CF Zen–although we are not sure the price makes it worth it.

Best 32 inch Bat

Find this in Stock

Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat

Category Brand Model Review Size Rating Price
BBCOR Louisville Slugger 618 Solo 32/29 5/5 $$$
Wood Marucci CU26 32/29 5/5 $$
USA Bat DeMarini CF Zen 32/20 5/5 $$$$
Drop 5 DeMarini 2019 CF Zen 32/27 5/5 $$$
Drop 8 DeMarini CAT 8 32/24 5/5 $$$$
Drop 10 Easton Ghost X 32/22 5/5 $$$$
Drop 12 Rawlings VELO 32/20 5/5 $$$

Best 32/39 Bat: Louisville Slugger 618 Solo


Best 32 inch bat

Find this in Stock

We cover our best BBCOR High School bats in an extensive article.  Our answer for a 32 inch bat does not change. In fact, the 32 inch is the sweet spot for BBCOR bats. In that article, like here, the 2018 BBCOR 618 SOLO from Louisville Slugger is our favorite 32 inch BBCOR bat.

We love the single piece feel but the ultra light swing. It is helpful, too, the bat has a more reasonable price point then some of the so called top shelf bats. We like the stiff feel, extended composite endcap and the custom Lizard Skin Grip.

See our Best BBCOR Bats

Best 32 32 Inch Wood Bat

Best 32 inch bat

Find this in Stock

Like with the BBCOR market, we see no reason to change our favorite wood bat in the 32 inch space. As we write in our best wood bats article, the AP5 or CU26 from Marucci stand as our favorites. In the 32 inch in particular, we would likely lean toward the CU26 as it a bit more of a hitters bat instead of the distance focused 33 inch. But, we are splitting hairs. Marucci’s stuff dominates the market and delivers pro-quality stuff for a somewhat reasonable price.

See our Best Wood Bats.

Best 32/22 Inch USA Bats

Best 32 inch bat

Find this in Stock

In USA Bat, we love a number  of 32-inch drop 10s. But, true to form, we think the Demarini CF Zen is you best bat. Is it worth the price? We discuss that more on our Best USA Bats and Best Youth Baseball bats page where you can find the links to below.

Best USA Bats
Best Youth Baseball Bats

Best 32/27 Drop 5 Bat

Best 32 inch bat

Find this in Stock

The best drop 5 USSSA big barrel 32/27 inch bat on the market today is the CF Zen. If you can find the 2017 version (the green/white one) then go that direction if it doesn’t cost a fortue. Otherwise, the 2019 version is worth every penny. And it is a lot of pennies.

See also our Best Drop 5 Bats

Best 32/24 Drop 8 Bat

Find this in Stock

We discuss our favorite drop 8 baseball bats in an article dedicated to the weight and length ratio. But hard to ever pass up on the value and performance Marucci’s CAT 8. This is an upgraded version from the CAT 7 (which was also fantastic).

Of course there are some very legit options in this particular space—starting with the Easton MAKO Ghost X and CF Zen. But, if made us choose, we’d go with the CAT 8.

See our best drop 8 bats.

Best 32/22 Drop 10 Bat

Best 32 inch bat

Find this in Stock

No space in the 32 inch lengths of bats is more competitive than the 22 ounce drop 10. Everyone makes one of these drop sizes and a 32 is likely the second most popular (behind the 30/20). While there are more than a few options that will likely fill your needs, we would recommend the 32/22 2019 CF Zen or Easton Ghost X for most hitters.

If budget is not a serious concern and you prefer a real balanced feel in a two piece composite, then we feel confident you would fall in love with this bat.

See our best Drop 10 Bats.

Best 32/20 Drop 12 Bat

Best 32 inch Bat

Find this in Stock

A drop 12 32 inch bat is a bit of a conundrum. The reason is simple enough. Drop 12’s are usually needed by players who are struggling for as much bat speed and control as they can muster. Shorter bats also tend to solve that problem as much as drop 12 bats do. As such, it is odd to put an extra long 32 inch bat on a drop 12. It is a bit like mixing oil and water.

To each his own, though. And, if we were forced into this bucket, we think the 2018 VELO would do well. This is actually a two piece composite bat—although most associated the Rawlings VELO with an alumnium. (It is in the other sizes). But this drop 12 is a beauty.

It is an ultra light swing with great user reviews. The 32 inch should serve your purposes well.

See our Best Drop 12 bats.

Best 32 Inch Baseball Bat Sources

We cite a number of articles in this best 32-inch baseball bat article. You can find each of those on our bat reviews page. We also mention a number of best baseball bats lists. There we have compiled those, and explained our research and decisions.

Off this site we always find the user reviews on each bat via Amazon fun, if not often useless. But, occasionally, we will find a legit option.

Are These Bats Really the Best 32 Inch Bats?

In some sense of the term, the bats on this list are, in fact, the best. We would argue they are the best bats in terms of performance, durability and price point for the largest percentage of players.

Are there other bats that are the best for a particular player? Of course. Not all hitters’ needs and budgets are the same. As we often say, the best bat for some is not necessarily the best bat for all.

With that disclaimer out of the way, we do think this list of 32-inch bats are the best in baseball.

We spend hundreds of hours, every year, testing bats and, specifically, drop 12 bats. We categorize our top picks with our best drop 12 bat details below. In short, we like the Catalyst from Slugger in USSSA, the Rawlings Threat in USA, and the Axe Element in fastpitch as our best drop 12 bats. Those looking for a value purchase, new in wrapper, should steer towards DeMarini’s Uprising. We think you’ll do better, if you’re looking for a great value purchase, by seeing our best cheap baseball bats options and strategies.

Best Drop 12 Bat

Find this in Stock

Is a drop 12 the right size? See below the chart.

Best USA Bats
Best Drop 10 Bats
Best Big Barrel Bats
Best Fastpitch Bats
Best Cheap Bats

Best Drop 12 Bat

Model Category Price review
2018 Slugger Catalyst USSSA $$ 4.5/5
2019 Rawlings Threat USA Bat $$ 4.5/5
Axe Element Fastpitch $$ 4.5/5
DeMarini Uprising Value $ 4/5

Who Needs a drop 12 Bat?

Our bat size chart is useful in terms of finding the right length bat. The max weight you can get in a drop 12 is a 32 inch bat. This would give it a scale weight of 20 ounces, roughly.

Using the chart, you’ll see that this type of bat is good for a 12 year old that weighs less than 80 pounds; a 10 year old under 50 inches tall; virtually any size player under the age of 9.

Best USSSA Drop 12 Bat: 2018 Slugger Catalyst

Best Drop 12 Bats

Find this in Stock

For as long as we can remember, our favorite drop 12 bat has been the Catalysts. We liked the 2016 version, the 2017 version as well as this year’s version. And, the difference between them is virtually nothing. This has been the same light swinging big barrelled single piece composite bat for a few years now.

And our hitters love it.

An occasional mishit won’t feel great on your hands, but when you barrel one up it feels and looks like any high end bat out there.

See our Catalyst Review.

Best USA Drop 12 Bat

Best Drop 12 Bat

Find this in Stock

There are not many great drop 12 options in the USA space for 2018. But, luckily, there is at least one real good one. We like the Rawlings Threat as our drop 12 choice. In fact, it swings so light that we think it should be considered a drop 13.

Despite its ultralight swing, which is what drop 12 hitters want, we like the barrel size and feel. If you are on the fence about sizing with the Threat we suggest you go with the longer one.

This, like the Catalyst, is a single piece composite bat with a decent sized barrel. Performance and exit speeds looked good.

See our full 2019 Rawlings Threat review.

Best Fastpitch Drop 12 Bat: Axe Element

Best Drop 12 Bat

Find this in Stock

The drop 12 fastpitch bat market is relatively deep. On the whole, it consists of value purchase bats made for the younger player. Fastpitch players who need a drop 12 tend to be smaller and/or less experienced. As such, most fastpitch drop 12’s are constructed with a light swing and a market entry price point.

With those parameters set, we found it difficult to differentiate most composite fastpitch bats in the drop 12 space. The only real choices were between an aluminum or composite single piece construction.

However, one stood out to us as being unique and useful for the player looking for all the swing weight advantage they can get: The 2018 Axe Element.

We really like the ergonomic Axe handle for any player. But, especially, younger and smaller players looking for as much help as possible with their mechanics and bat path.

See our full list of Axe Bat reviews.

Best Value Drop 12 Bat

Best Drop 12 Bat

Find this in Stock

The DeMarini Uprising as the best drop 12 value bat is a bit of a cheat. The Uprising comes in a few different drops depending on the league you are looking for. The USA Bat (pictured) and the BBCOR bat are not drop 12 bats. But, there is a USSSA and Junior Big Barrel version as well as a fastpitch bat that is a drop 12.

DeMarini’s Uprising is a single piece aluminum bat with basic features. This a no frills bat with a great brand name and a high degree of durability. It is, truly, a value level bat for someone looking for, simply, a bat.

See our DeMarini Uprising Review.

Are These Drop 12’s Really the Best?

Despite the title of this article, we make no sweeping claims that we have somehow found the categorical best drop 12 bat. We submit, the following bats in the drop 12 space are legit and should be a very good fit for a number of hitters. But, by no means do we suggest that the best bat for many is therefore the best bat for all.

Who Should Swing a Drop 8 Bat?

In baseball, as a general observation, a drop 8 bat is best suited for the player not quite ready for a drop 5, but who wants to increase his bat’s weight to get ready for BBCOR. In fastpitch, a drop 8 bat is for big hitting, strong high school players and many collegiate players. It is the heaviest drop you will find in the fastpitch industry.

Drop 8 bats are almost always performance bats. In baseball, the window for a drop 8 is so small, it rarely makes sense for big time bat companies to produce en masse via box stores. In fastpitch, few players with little experience are good enough to swing a drop 8. As such, virtually no manufacturers make a ‘cheap’ drop 8 fastpitch bat.

What is a Drop 8 Bat?

Drop 8 bats have a length to weight difference of 8—meaning, the difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces is 8. So, for example, a 30-inch bat in a drop 8 would weigh 22 ounces.

In conjunction with our best cheap baseball bat article, we put together one with a $100 top end threshold too. (The ‘cheap’ article uses a $50 limit). $100 doubles our money but does not double our bat’s ability. After much testing, we think the best NEW baseball bat for under $100 is Axe’s Senior League drop 10 Origin.

Best Bat Under 100

Find this in Stock

However, with a $100 budget we would struggle to pass up some of the deals a keen eye can find on eBay or on closeouts from major vendors.

Buying Used?

During the months with lower bat demand (like October) $100 can go a long way on eBay to getting almost any older bat you want. Granted, the bat likely has no warranty and will take a while to get to you. But, if you have the luxury of being patient, check out our guide to buying used bats and our what to buy when article.

Search eBay with this search string to find sub $100 bat deals. See our best baseball bats page to find some models to look out for.

Best Bat Under $100

League Brand Model Price
Big Barrel (USSSA) Axe Origin Check
USA Bat Rawlings 5150 Check
BBCOR Brett Bros MM-110 Check

Closeout Bats under $100?

Also, a lot of really good bats often get pushed out by major sellers at sub $100 price points. That is, they were once going for $150+ and, for a limited time only, are going for $99.

Those deals are nearly impossible to keep track of because they often change daily. But, try these links to see some of them: Closeout Section Deals Section

Best BBCOR Bat Under $100: Bret Bros MM-110

Best Bat Under 100

Find this in Stock

It is odd, for us, to choose a wood bat for the best under $100 bat. But, honestly, if we had to choose a NEW bat under $100 in the BBCOR space we’d go with the Brett Bros Maple wood bat. This thing gets outstanding user ratings, and is a true high quality wood barrel and a composite-type, very durable handle.

The company is owned, and named after, the Brett brothers of George Brett fame.

It also helps that there just aren’t any intriguing options UNDER $100 in the BBCOR space. You can find several of last year’s models under $100 via markdown. Those are often tempting. But, in terms of an original price point under $100, in the new bat category, you won’t spend your money any more wisely then on the MM-110 from Brett Bros.

You might also like our Best BBCOR Bat article.

Best Big Barrel Bat Under $100

Best Bat Under 100

Find this in Stock

Five years ago, when Axe really started to come on the scene, most were very skeptical. Today, only some are skeptical. Others, not so much. The fact a number of MLB players use the ergonomically shaped handle is a testament to the feel.

If we had $100 and wanted to get a NEW Big Barrel bat we’d buy the 2018 Axe Origin. It is a single piece aluminum and swings like one. That is, a stiff feel with great power transfer to the ball but very little forgiveness on mishits—just like long ball hitters like it.

As we state above, at $100 we would also try our luck on a used bat via eBay. Finding last year’s model or a bat whose original buyer misjudged the size can make $100 go a long way in the USSSA Big Barrel space. In fact, at the time of this writing, we found a 2016 Easton MAKO go for $81. That bat sold for 4 times that price just a few short months ago.

You should also check our best big barrel bats article.

Best USA Bat Under $100

Best USA Bat under 100

Find this in Stock

The USA Bat market is volatile. There are very few options on the secondary market and bat companies are often scrambling trying to get inventory levels where they need to be. As well, there aren’t very many $99 USA bats available. There is a swath between the $39 and $79 range, the another grouping starting around $149+.

In the $99 space you have the Rawlings 5150 in a drop 10 or drop 11. It would be where our money would go if we had $100 and wanted a new USA Bat. You can also find an Axe Origin in this space too and we’d recommend it. Note, however, it runs at a drop 9.

Best $100 Bat: How We Decided

With the exception of the USA bat space, $100 bats are plentiful. Even during the season, when few bat deals go down, you can find a number of in wrapper bats new from factory by certified vendors. These bats are often not considered high performance or top shelf as they lack the barrel size and max performance factors along the length of the bat. However, plenty of players do just fine with these bats. They also serve well as backups.

With $100 dollars in your pocket, you can make some wise decisions in terms of the best bat to buy. If you have the time, check the used market. If you need something now, with a warranty and new in wrapper, then the above are our best bets.

We tested every fastpitch, softball and baseball bat from 2014 through 2018. To find the best bat for base hits we looked for a light swinging stick with a good sized barrel. Durability, value and exit speeds were also considered. We read numerous reviews on a number of different vendor sites. We think the best bat for base hits is the 2018 Rawlings VELO for BBCOR and USSSA, the 618 Solo for USA Bats, the Miken DC-41 for slowpitch and the 2017 LXT Hyper in fastpitch.

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Our Baseball Pick

Best Bat for Base Hits

In BBCOR and USSSA the Rawlings Velo is a fantastic bat. It’s an ultra light swing with a good sized barrel. Players love the sound in perofrmance. Do note, however, we don’t like this bat too much in the USA 2018 version. We are not sure where that one went wrong but it lacks the top end feel we get out of the BBCOR and USSSA 2018 VELOs. Price check: See our full review: 2018 Rawlings VELO.

Base Hits Over the Fence

Home runs are the base hits, we should note. But when people ask for the best bat that produces base hits they often just mean bats that are meant for the player who does not hit home run.

With that in mind, bats for base hits tend to have a lighter swing weight without losing the barrel size.

Our data here takes into account the swing of every bat (which we measure here).

We measure bat barrel sizes here too.

Those two things combined, as well as direct player feedback, help determine the best bats for base hits.

Our USA Bat Pick

Best Bat for Base hits

The 618 SOLO is our best 13 year old BBCOR bat because it comes in a very short size. It is one of three performance baseball bats to come in a 29/26. This bat swings ultra light and perfect for the young hitter who needs as much weight correction as possible. Price check: Our Full Review: 2018 618 SOLO USA Review.

What does Bat Balance Mean?

BBCOR Swing Weights

A balanced bat refers to a bat with a lighter swing weight. A swing weight measures the amount of force required to swing a bat. So, a bat with a lower swing weight, when compared to other bats of the same class, is considered balanced. We measure the swing weight of baseball BBCOR bats here. The bats lower on the scale on that article mean they swing lighter.

Our 13u Fastpitch Pick

Best Bat for Base Hits

Even well into the 2018 season, we really like the 2017 Slugger LXT Hyper. Smaller players looking for base hits should pick up the drop 11 while bigger ones the drop 10. This bat also sits atop our best fastpitch bats. Players love the balanced feel, great feel on contact and performance across the length of the barrel. We love it for all those reasons, too. Price check: Our Full Review: 2018 Slugger LXT Hyper Review.


How much to Spend on an 13Us Bat

Our general rule is take the age of the player and multiply it by the number of games they will play. So, a 13 year old playing 25 games this year should spend NO MORE than $325 on their bat.

Of course many variables go into how much you should spend, but we like to put a maximum on parents so they don’t feel torn between spending too much. At $325 you can get most of the fastpitch bats in the space.

We really like the used and closeout markets too. There are better times to buy than others–which we talk about in our buying schedule

Never Buy a Junk Bat Again

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