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Cheap Bats


Cheap Bats is a major baseball bat vendor based in Anaheim, California. They pride themselves and massive inventory and rock bottom prices on a number of models especially in the slow pitch softball space. They also sell a bunch of stuff that is NOT bats. Cheap Bats is a legitimate vendor that can be trusted to sell a real bat with a real warranty. They have been in the industry longer than we have been reviewing bats.

Cheapbats.com vs JustBats.com

Cheap Bats

It is very difficult to tell by how much certain companies are the largest in terms of total sales volume. We are confident that JustBats.com is the biggest in the market by a considerable margin. Then comes a few major players that include the likes of CheapBats.com, Closeoutbats.com and HomeRunMonkey (aka baseballmonkey). Others, like Baseball Savings and Baseball Express, are on the list too, although they spend much of their time dealing with non-bats.

Although we are not exactly sure where cheapbats falls into the spectrum, we are confident they fall somewhere in between 2 and 5 in the market. And, depending on the bat category (Slow Pitch, Baseball, Fastpitch, etc), they may very well rank no less than second.

Slow Pitch Inventory

Cheap Bats

In terms of slowpitch softball bat inventory, you'll struggle to find a place that has more than Cheap Bats. This is where cheapbats.com wins in the market. Their supply of bats gives them good leverage when buying massive wholesale with major vendors and, ultimately, much of that savings gets passed on to you.

Fast Pitch Inventory

Cheap Bats

Like their slowpitch inventory, Cheapbats.com tends to deliver decent deals on their fastpitch inventory every so often. And if you are in the market for a fast-pitch bat, then this is a legitimate place to look. There does not appear to be as much of a push for fast-pitch as slowpitch, but fastpitch does seem to take more a place than baseball at least in terms of site-wide deals.

Baseball Inventory

Cheap Bats

You can expect most major models and sizes to be found at cheapbats.com. And around July or August, they often blowout a few of the bats they are either overstocked in, or with which they have worked out a deal with a manufacturer .

Cheap Bats Amazon and eBay Outlets

Most major outlets have an Amazon and/or eBay outlets. However, cheapbats may very well be the excetption. If they are doing business on Amazon and eBay (and we are sure they are somewhere) then they are not doing it under the name of Cheapbats.com.