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Best Place to Buy Baseball Bats


The first week of March brings with it the first week of baseball—and a mad rush to online vendors for performance baseball bats. Save the week of Black Friday leading into Cyber Monday, the first week of March shows the biggest jump in baseball bat online traffic of the year. Being in the thick of these events eight years running, we thought it would be helpful to put together a road map for parents and players looking for the best places to buy a baseball bat.

5 Best Places to buy baseball Bats

Best place buy baseball bats


Amazon, as you well know, is a conglomeration of vendors using their site as a landing page. Sometimes Amazon itself stocks certain performance bats that are popular. They also own something like 75% of ALL online retail in the world. Gulp. As such, expect to find the largest selection of new baseball bats through their site. Many of those listings come straight from folks like Justbats’ and Closeoutbats’ inventory. Do note, however, since Amazon charges vendors like Justbats.com and Closeoutbats.com to use their service, the deals on new bats are not always the best. It is worth checking the vendors specifically to make sure it is the best deal. See Amazon’s full baseball bat line.

Best Place Buy Baseball Bats

Easton Clearance

Although a very limited supply, the Easton Clearance section is always worth checking. Oft times they are unloading the last few remaining items that even they couldn’t sell to major vendors. As such, the pricing is remarkably attractive. If you spend enough (usually like $49) then it is free shipping. Expect, obviously, only an Easton bat selection and few options. But, if it happens to be the bat you’ve been looking for, get out your wallet because you will never find a deal like that on that bat again. Check the Easton Clearance Section.

Best place buy baseball bats


The Costco of bat deals, closeoutbats runs a thin margin of operation meant to entice the deal heads. They run a clean shop by only offering manufacturer approved pricing on bats where it is required, but when it is time to unload inventory, very few are even close to closeoutbats’ prices. More often than not, they have remarkable deals on Easton brand bats that can’t be found elsewhere in the market. See their full deal site.

Best place buy baseball bats


Oh, eBay. We have a love/hate relationship with eBay. But in terms of used bats, they are the veritable garage sale or pawn shop of baseball bats. They also carry, usually, the best straight deals on big name bats. Many of those sellers are breaking agreed upon pricing with major manufacturers, but as a buyer, why do we care? Well, for one, we care if that means our warranty is void. Aside from that, we care about to and fro shipping as well as making sure we have a legitimate product that is as it is described. Ebay has made a living for many people by ensuring those questions are answered before they buy, but do be careful. And despite those concerns, eBay is a great place to look for deals on bats. It should be on any best place to buy baseball bats list. Check some bat auctions on eBay.

Best place buy baseball bats

Baseball Express

In terms of total baseball and softball equipment online, no single vendor matches Baseball Express’ volume. They run a few affiliated sites like Football Express that also do quite well. In terms of baseball bats they also offer a gigantic selection of new and old bats for the taking. The most attractive piece of their site, and a place we’ve spent more time then we’d like to admit, is their clearance section. Before you pull the trigger on anything this year, a quick, or rather long, perusal of that page will be well worth your time. If you in the market for things in addition to a baseball bat, their incentives for larger purchases often make some sense.

Best place buy baseball bats

Just Bats

Justbats.com, no relation, is the largest vendor of performance baseball bats in the market. We are not privy to the numbers, but it isn’t all that close. Justbats basically invented the free shipping idea in the space. And if the bat is not the right fit, they’ll ship it back for free. They offer, save Ebay and Amazon obviously, the largest selection of new bats on the planet from a full range of manufacturers. In terms of a new bat still under protected pricing by manufacturers, you can expect no better deal, service and selection than at justbats.com. See Justbats.com.