Tricks to Finding Used Baseball Bats

Used Baseball Bats


As a group committed to reviewing every baseball and softball bat on the planet, our methods for finding unique, cost effective places to pick up bats is deep, efficient and proven. We share some of these tricks, tips and places to pick up high quality used baseball and softball bats, and if you're lucky, you might pick up brand new bats at massive discounts, as well. Below are five legit options as to where you can find used baseball bats.











Used Baseball Bats

Maybe we should start with the obvious: eBay. Ebay is far and away the best place to pick up used bats at a fraction of the cost. As cliche as it is, it remains the go to secondary market for anything including baseball bats. And, considering bats only cost $10 or so to ship, buying used on eBay can make a ton of sense for most.

We suggest you look for bats in October. This is when demand is the lowest and competition for bidding is the weakest, therefore, you can get the best prices.

Facebook Groups

Used Baseball Bats

After eBay, and for some even before, the best place to find great and mostly reliable deals on used baseball bats (and used softball too) are Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are public generated groups that allow just about any individual (not company) to join. Members then post their used bats or requests. Many of these groups are quite active. Some even have reps from the companies selling their sample supplies within the groups (which we are certain is against their policy, but that is not your concern).

Most serious bat buyers in the market are very active in Facebook groups and leverage the power of the community to get remarkable deals on used and new bats. If nothing else, we suggest joining a group and at least getting a feel for what is out there.

Sideline Swap

Used Baseball Bats

Another less known avenue where we have had decent success is a site called sideline swap. This is a venture capital approach to solving the riddle of short term needs for sporting equipment that lasts longer than the short term.

This is an active site that does better with lacrosse gear than it does with baseball gear. But, the baseball section is working and the bat section is decent. It is worth a look if you are up for doing some research and dealing with another human in getting a deal on your baseball bat.

Vendors: Just Bats Used

Used Baseball Bats

Some vendors of new bats, seeing the massive demand for used bats, are finding ways to put used offerings on their sites. Most of these bats come from consumers who were unhappy with their purchase, not due to a defect but due to a feel or sizing issue.

Just Bats, as the largest online vendor, has a robust used section that is worth checking out if you are in the market for used. Sometimes the deals are unbeatable and other times not so much. Buying it directly from a vendor adds some comfort level too. Check it out. 


Used Baseball Bats

Depending on where you live, Craiglists may be a viable option. The larger and more baseball-centric city the better. Smaller cities and places where not a lot of baseball happens make it a bit harder. Some places have more locally focused want ads and that might be the ticket for you.

Personally, we have yet to have any real good success on craigslist. The opportunities and options have been too sparse and inconsistent to make it feel like a go-to place for buying used softball bats. (Or used baseball bats for that matter).


Used Baseball Bats

We like the idea of used bats. If you can find the size and can be confident the bats are in good condition, then why not save several hundred dollars on a used bat? It really is a no brainer if you can find the size and time line you need.

We suggest you check eBay first. Also, join some Facebook groups that focus on used baseball and softball equipment. Keep your wallet at the ready and be willing to spend money in October for a bat you'll need the following spring.