Memorial Day Bat Sales Weekend Deals

Memorial Day Baseball Bat


The baseball bat industry goes through an interesting shift on Memorial day. As most bats were released around September of the previous year, manufactures often remove MAP pricing around Memorial day. That means, it is often the first time you can buy bats from a legit company below the MSRP. in other words, discounts!

Additionally, several manufacturers directly discount prices on their site and/or have store-wide promo codes. In JBR fashion, we thought a running list of Memorial Day bat deals might be useful to our faithful readers.

CF Zen Illegal

Below is a running list of Memorial day bat deals. We will update more of them as we find them. If you know of any we do not have down here, please write on our wall here:

Enjoy! And go ‘Merica!

Memorial Bat Deals by Brand

(The header image of this page is page is a bat engraved by a local group we know. Check them here. Or see our full write up on our Veteran’s Day Bat’s page).


Marucci has some summer sales that are good through May 29th 11:59EST. See here:


Some Fastpitch Bats have come off of MAP:

Baseball has some Louisville wood bats on sale in the outlet:

Demarini has some wood composites in the outlet:

Easton Sale all weekend long


Easton is offering 20% off site wide 5/27 – 5/29 using code MEMDAY20. This promo does exclude the Ghost Fastpitch Bats and BBCOR Lock & Load Bat.