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Dear Bat Buy, | Easton Hyperlite vs Slugger Catalyst and More

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Each month we get considerable mail via social media to answer specific questions. If some have those questions, we are sure others do to. A few of those conversations we put in this monthly Dear Bat Guy, article for your reading pleasure.

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Dear Bat Guy,

Do you have reviews of bat weights? Specifically for fast pitch softball.

Facebook Follower,

Do you mean like bat donuts? We did one review on the VARO bat weight. They make a softball one. It is our favorite of the bunch we saw. Try this one: https://www.justbatreviews.com/varo-baseball-bat-weight…/

Dear Bat Guy,

Awesome….thanks! Where would I see it on the main page or should I search for it on the site search box?

Facebook Follower,

Good question. You can just search for it. Our search function should work great. Just type in VARO. Thanks!

Michigan Bat Choices

Dear Bat Guy,

I was wondering if you had an opinion on which bat would be the better overall bat (pop, distance, sweet spot) between the marrucci hex alloy and the demarini nvs vexxum 2 5/8″ models?  Thanks for any help you can give me!


Thanks for the email Michigan,

I think two bats you chose are remarkably simlar in each of the categories you list. I would probably lean towards the Vexxum 2 5/8. The Hex Alloy struggled a bit with durability (the green skittle bat as we called it). Rumor has it the bat dented more often then they were hoping for.

The Vexxum, on the other hand, has been around for a while and really reached the peak of its production. In fact, they did not even make a Vexxum this year and we likely won’t see a new one for a few years from now. My boys have swung both of those bats extensively and I’d say preferred the Vexxum more. But the ping on that Hex alloy is memorable too.

Anyways, I hope that helps.

Dear Bat Guy,

Thanks for the reply, Bat Guy. Is there another 2 5/8″ barrel bat in the $200 or less range that you would recommend over the two I mentioned?


The CAT 7 is your next closest bet–and I think that does outperform the Vexxum and Hex Alloy. But, I can only find it sub $200 in the drop 5.The new limited edition one is awesome. But I suspect you’re in the drop 10 range? If so, the Vexxum is a great choice. You might also take a look at the Slugger Catalyst, but I don’t think that feels as good as the two piece Vexxum.

Assuming, of course, you are talking about brand new bats. Ebay always has a lot of bats for sub $200 but the risk of used sometimes drive people away.

Here are a couple I found quickly, I’d buy them before the Vexxum or Hex Alloy. But, I am also very comfortable buying used bats because I have a ton of them:

Easton XL1 2015

Voodoo 31/22

MAKO Beast 2016


Hope that helps. Let me know what you end up going with.

When To Transition from a 2 5/8 from a 2 3/4?

2017 DeMarini Voodoo One Review

Dear Bat Guy,

My 11u son uses a 29 inch 2 3/4 Mako what are your thoughts on big barrel size. I know he will eventually have to go down in size. Should I have him do in next year? If not when? I don’t want him to have to go drop 3 and size down all in the same year when he’s older. Any help you could add would be great!

2 5/8 Guy,

Hmmm. That’s a good question and one I have not thought about too much. But, I think it is a natural progression out of 2 3/4 when they go into a drop 8. I am not aware of an 2 3/4 bats, off the top of my head, that are a drop 8. I am sure there is some.

So, I guess my answer is I’d have him swing 2 3/4 until he can handle a drop 8. For my oldest son that happens at 13. For my 2nd son it was at 11. My third son, who is 9, still uses a 2 3/4. I suspect his drop 9 day swill come at 12.

And I think you are right about making a progression to a drop 3 instead of one big leap.

Hyperlite Easton vs Catalyst

2017 Easton Hyperlite Review

Dear Bat Guy,

Would you think Easton hyperlite or LS catalyst better drop 12 big barrel? My son swings league 29 – 12 combat great, and drop 10 seems too heavy for this year. Thanks

Hyperlite vs Catalyst Guy,

The Hyperlite is cooler looking, but we like the catalyst more. Bigger barrel. And been around long enough to be improved upon.

End Loaded Youth Barrel?

Baseball Bat Reviews

Dear Bat Guy,

Great site! I have relied on the site’s reviews for multiple (6-7) bat purchases. My son just turned 7 and he had been using the Mako Beast XL Youth 2 1/4 bat. The beast broker while it was sent for warranty replacement my son started using his Demarini Voodoo Raw youth 2 1/4 and prefers that bat’s balance over the beast. I wanted to pick him up a composite bat since they are definitely much hotter in our league. Could you recommend a bat that fits those parameters: Swings like the voodoo raw youth but is composite. Does the Demarini CF Zen swing like the voodoo raw or how about the LS Prime916-7 youth? Any other suggestions appreciated. Thanks and once again Great site  and an invaluable resource.

Dear Endloaded Youth Barrel Guy,


Man. That’s a tough one. Youth barreled bats are so hard to come by this year and a lot of manufactures didn’t even make one because of the rule change.

But the only one you didn’t mention that comes to mind is the Axe Avenge.


That has a more balanced/endloaded feel like the Raw. It is a drop 11 too. And has a composite barrel. The more I think about your description the more I think that might be your ticket.

Of course you have to get used to the handle but we swear by it.

Not sure where best pricing might be at this point. But I suspect a place like closeoutbats or ebay would be some places to check.

Thanks for the kind words about the site. We will keep making real reviews as long as people like you keep reading them!

Let me know what you end up going with and if you liked it. Always love to hear from real players.