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Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2016 Fastpitch Bat Reviews


Since 2014, our Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews page compiles and links each of our fastpitch reviews. Each review comes after meticulous care in the cage and on the field of tracking player success and feedback. As well, we often spend considerable time discussing the bats with others in the industry including the manufacturer. We have compiled a best fastpitch bat article in conjunction with this list.2015 Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch

Last updated: Monday, December 4, 2017

We review hundreds of bats every year. We don’t review a bat if we haven’t hit with it extensively and seen others do so too—usually both in the cage and in a game. After hitting and watching hit, we take player feedback and get a response from the manufacturer about feature questions  we have. After all that, we then compile our findings into a readable article.

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Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

Axe Fastpitch

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews2015 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Bat Review: Asymmetric Handle and great mechanics
2017 Axe Lawrie Fastpitch Bat: Upgraded Hotness

Andeson Fastpitch

Fastpitch Bat Reviews

2016 Anderson Rocketech 2.0 Fastpitch Bat Reveiw

DeMarini Fastpitch

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2016 DeMarini Fastpitch Bat Reviews
2017 DeMarini CF9 Overview: Baseball and Fastpitch
2017 DeMarini CF9 Slapper Review: A bat made specifically for lefties.

Easton Fastpitch

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews2016 Easton Mako TORQ fastpitch bat review: Quick to and a Long Through
2016 Easton FS3 Fastpitch Review: Same Popular Swing
2015 Easton FS1 Review: The Last of a Legacy

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2016 Louisville Slugger XENO PLUS Fastpitch Bat Review: Maybe the most popular bat ever
2016 Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Review: If not the XENO, then the LXT
2017 Louisville Slugger XENO Plus Fastpitch Review: Some upgrades to the 2016
2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review: Customize it? Why not.
2017 Custom Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Bat Process: Custom LXT or XENO

Marucci Fastpitch

Marucci Pure PHoto 2

2017 Marucci Pure Fastpitch Review: New stick to 2017, Extra Smooth

Mizuno Fastpitch
Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2015 Mizuno NightHawk Fastpitch Bat Review: Two piece Composite, Jennie Finch’s Bat

Worth Fastpitch

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2016 Worth 2Legit Fastpitch Bat Review: College level bats from Worth

Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews Sources

Outside of our actual hitting, there are a number of sources we often refer to when reviewing performance fastpitch softball bats. Of course our baseball bat reviews page comes in handy. Other sources, like closeoutbats and justbats.com fastpitch section make some good sense too. Amazon’s product list are quite helpful as are, occasionally, a user review or two on their site.

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Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

We’ve also found, as we point out in several articles, that the appropriate bat for any given individual is more dependent on the individual instead of the bat. In just about any performance bat category—where several bats are vying for your dollars and commitment, we’ve found many bats to be top shelf. Each bat’s twist on marketing or branding doesn’t have much to do with actual performance. However, there are enough differences in many bats to make it quite the chore to find who indeed has the best fastpitch softball bat for any given player. So, have fun reading the above.