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The Lightest T Ball Bat Ever

Lightest T-Ball Bat


At justbatrevews.com HQ we start them young. And we just can’t help but notice how perfectly adorable tiny baseball equipment is. Easton has made a t-ball bat that is 24 inches long and, get ready for this, a DROP 13! The bat weighs all of 11 ounces. It is a one piece aluminum bat that is rated for t-ball. And just incase an opposing coach wants to challenge the bombs dropped from this feather of a bat then it definitely has the 1.15 BPF stamp. I suspect a grown man with bricks for forearems could, with this very bat, hit a heater all the way back to the pitcher.

From my searching it is the lightest t-ball bat on the market. (You can check pricing of the 2015 version of this bat here. You can try and find the 2014 version with a search like this).

I looked in my garage full of bats and thought I’d give you a reference point on the size of this little gem. I found the biggest speed series bat Easton makes (the 34/31 S1) and put it next the 24/11. How adorable. It looks like the two-piece composite BBCOR S1 had a full on aluminum baby. (The S1 reviews and news can be found here.)

Easton T-Ball Review

For those having trouble getting a feel for how light 11 ounces is let me try and help paint a better picture. My son just turned 3. He speaks pretty well considering he’s a toddler. Most often he pretends he is a tiger. He was potty trained in the last 6 months. He takes naps every day and rides in a car seat. I tell you these things to get a feel for bat’s weight when I mention this next thought: the bat is on the verge of being too light for him.

For his birthday he got his first baseball bat. It was, indeed, the 24/11 Easton T-Ball bat. This is how we role at JBR HQ.

I’m guessing he could swing a 12 ounce, maybe even a 13 ounce bat. Currently he doesn’t play in any actual league (as I don’t suspect we could field 18 2/3 year olds out of diapers) so it is hard to get a feel for his OBA, SLG and OPS.  We clearly have some mechanical issues to work on but we have decided to wait until he can speak better English before we take him through our how to hit a baseball tutorial.

This lightest T-ball bat actually stands up pretty admirably considering it is a cheaper aluminum. I know it is rated for t-ball so using it on a pitching machine seems like a strange thing to do. But if you’re 2 to 4 year old isn’t on roids then I suspect this little shtick could stand up to any amount of beating he or she could give it.

Overall the bat is highly adorable and weighs 11 ounces. And if you are looking for the lightest T-Ball bat in existence then this is your bet. You can buy that bat here.

We would recommend this bat for those hitters who: Are very tiny; Want a cool looking bat like their older brother or sister; want a bat that can be used in both serious and pretend games; want to increase their level of adorableness.

We would not recommend this bat for those hitters who: weigh more than 40 pounds; Would like a bat that can hit a ball further than 45 feet; Can think of something they’d rather have with $20 of birthday money.

The best place to purchase this bat (which is the 2015 version since the 2014 are hard to find anymore) is probably here.