Online Bat Wars

Now that everyone has had about a year to deal with their bat we put together our 3rd annual user vote on the best bats. We do this by pitting one bat vs another and asking the reader to vote. Like Chess rankings, each bat gains or loses points based on who they beat or lose to. As the votes begin to pile in, we start to see serious trends in what bats people like and what bats they do not. It will be the largest baseball bat ranking system in the world. If you'd rather see what we think, check out our best bats page.

What Bat Do You Like Better?

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After clicking one bat, wait up to 10 seconds as the next set of bats loads. If they are not loading you can press F5 or refresh your browser for a new set of bats.

Interpreting Results

This list does not imply that you should run off and by the one on the top of the list. And by no means do we intend that to be the case. But, we can say with some certainty, that the top few bats are good enough for the largest selection of players. 

Popularity or Performance?

Does this ranking determine performance or popularity? Fair question, and we think it is more of a popularity contest that much of anything else. With one year of history, however, players and parent are forming options of popularity on the bats for the 2017 class. ​That would imply the list does reflect some degree of performance.

In any case, it uses real user ratings on a number of top shelf bats. We are hopeful it will be another quiver in your arrow when choosing the right bat for you.

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