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Reaching the 500,000 | A Marketing Solution for Bat Manufacturers & Vendors


JustBatReviews.com provides the most attractive virtual advertising space for bat manufacturers and bat vendors in the world. Our massive readership and unaffiliated commitment deliver thousands of daily readers who are in the market for baseball and softball bats to advertisers on our site. The below provides an opportunity for you to reach them in a way no one else offers.

By The Numbers

Mark McGwire's Bat

In the past twelve months, we have delivered over 7 million ad units on 2 million page views to 900,000 visitors who spend an average of 3 minutes on our site. This represents a 40% year over year increase. These visitors are fathers looking for information on bats before they buy. 83% of our readers are male and 45% are between the ages of 35 and 44. They also have money and are spending it. Our conversion rates on major affiliate sites range between 3% and 8% depending on the month and product.3

The Problem

Ty Cobb's Bat

Despite all that success, advertising hits a few stumbling blocks. Most notably, the rapid uptake of ad blockers. The best data suggests 25% of internet users implement an ad blocking app. To add to that problem, third party ad services delay the delivery of ads to speed up web pages. As such, many readers get to the content before the ads have loaded. Some argue less than 50% of displayed ads are never even seen. (See source links below).

Our math is simple enough. If 25% of our readers are using ad blockers and 50% of the remaining 75% never see the ad, then over 500,000 people on justbatreviews.com NEVER see a single branded ad on the site. Vendors and manufacturers are paying for many of those unseen and unnoticed ads .

The Solution


The problem is easily solved—convince JustBatReviews.com to host banner ad images directly on the site in prime locations. When the site hosts the ads, ad blocker apps cannot block the ads as they are part of our page, ads will be displayed at the same time as content and prominent placement will make sure the ad is seen. Ad blocking, delay in loading and bad ad placement can all be solved with this easy fix.

Done. We are convinced, are you?

Sources to Verify Some Numbers

Dee Gordon's Bat

  1. Over half the ads paid for on the internet are fake: http://www.ibtimes.com/how-many-people-use-ad-blockers-depends-whom-you-ask-2384864
  2. Difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous AdSense Ads? http://www.matrudev.com/post/synchronous-asynchronous-adsense/
  3. Our Google Analytics data can be provided upon request: admin@justbatreviews.com

Ad Buy Ad Location Images

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 JustBatReviews.com Ad Buy Fine Print

Ad buys are run on a weekly basis starting Monday morning 9am MST. The images must be approved by JustBatReviews.com. The link must be appropriate to the ad banner. We allow one change of the image per week on any day you choose. The above the fold content will be exclusive to your ad for the entire week.

This program is currently available on the following four pages. They are significant players on our site.


JustBatReviews Ad Buy Price Card

Because October to November is the slowest period in the industry, these prices are the lowest they will ever be. Expect new price cards a few weeks out for the following months. They will be based on expected traffic, which we are rather good at predicting.

December Price Card

JustBatReviews Ad Buy Order Process

  1. If you would like to order, please email admin@justbatreviews.com to see which options are still available. (Ad lines are exclusive. It is first come, first served).
  2. E-mail to admin@justbatreviews your banner image. Optimal size is betwen 700 and 800 pixels wide by about 200 pixels tall.