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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Our research on the Axe bat design spans well over 2 years now and includes hours and hours of hitting experience. Add to that our obsession with learning everything about the 2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat and we have enough data for a review. On the whole, the Axe Lawrie is built as a value purchase in the light swinging fastpitch space. It should serve well for the newer player looking for enhanced mechanics and a smart buy. Our younger hitters enjoy the predictive impact barrel, as well as the ergonomic handle for a smoother feeling swing.

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review

The 2017 Lawrie fastpitch bat made our list of best drop 12 batsAmazon Price Check

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Sizing

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review

The Axe Lawrie fastpitch bat comes only in a drop 12. However, its lengths are the widest in the market. They come as short as a 28 and as long as a 34. This allows for a huge range of options.

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Construction vs 2017

The Axe Lawrie Fastpitch bat is a single piece and single walled aluminum alloy bat. Of course, it comes in the traditional 2 1/4 fastpitch barrel size. What is most unique is the asymmetric handle which allows for a smoother swing. It also forces predictive impact as the same side of the barrel will always make contact with the ball. Knowing this, Axe engineers design that side of the barrel specifically for impact. They often refer to this as one-sided hitting.

In these regards, the 2017 Lawrie is no different than the 2016 version. With the obvious exception of the color change to match the baseball bat design for 2017, the 2017 Axe Lawrie is a reprint of 2016’s model. This is a common approach in the value, drop 12, fastpitch space.

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Similar Options

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review

In terms of a light swinging drop 12 in the fastpitch space, there are several options. Throw in the single piece aluminum feature and there are quite a bit fewer. Add the asymmetric handle and barrel designed for predictive impact, and the bats similar to the Axe Lawrie fastpitch bat are nil. The only real comparison to the 2017 Axe Lawrie fastpitch is the 2016 version.

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Recommendations

Players looking for a light swinging value purchase in the fastpitch space should seriously consider the Lawrie fastpitch bat. The 2016 and 2017 should be interchangeable—unless a serious preference for design needs to be taken into consideration. Prices between the two during the time of this writing are rather similar.

In terms of a drop 12 value purchase, we know of no other bat as good as the Lawrie fastpitch from Axe. Its ergonomic handle built to improve mechanics are perfect for the younger player looking to get the best hacks in. The bat’s light drop 12 swing and entry level price point fit the newer player well. If those characteristics describe you, then you may have found your bat.

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Sources

2017 Axe Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Bat Review

If you are looking for more data on the Lawrie bat construction, our conversation on the asymmetric knob may do you good. As well, the details on predictive impact might be helpful too. Amazon reviews on the 2016 version are plenty. Axe‘s product page on the Lawrie will do you some good.

The 2017 Lawrie fastpitch bat made our best drop 12 bat list for many of the reasons listed above.


Jeff Miller says:

My 13 year old daughter uses Drop 12 Element and absolutely loves it and crushes it. Looking at Avenge and Avenge Lite but her friends and teammates are all about reputation and how much money it costs. Trying to talk her into at least trying Axe composite just for sheer fact that they have 30 day money back guarantee. I’m guessing after 30 days of school and travel ball she’ll realize it’s best bang for the buck

Coach ray says:

Why do you guys always choose the low end axe bats the axe avenge is the best bat on the market but never gets tested with its counterparts fro 2014 till now no bat on the market can hang with this thing I’ve seen and used every bat on your list and the axe out performs them all to be fare you must review the composite bat not the aluminum

Good question. But we do test the Axe. Our hitters just don’t like it as much as the Xeno and LXT.

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