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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

We’ve hit extensively with the 2017 DeMarini CF9 Slapper. We also exchanged some emails with DeMarini’s bat team and reviewed every possible place on the internet for real player feedback on the CF9 Slapper. Revisiting our 2016 CF8 Slapper review was also helpful. So was our 2017 DeMarini CF9 lineup overview. All that data, combined with our extensive bat experience, went into this 2017 DeMarini CF9 Slapper review.

cf9 slapper

We Would Buy the CF9 Slapper If….

We would buy the 2017 CF9 Slapper if we were:

  • a lefty or switch hitter that liked to drag bunt
  • looking for the longest barrrel possible
  • looking for a light swing and an extra long barrel
  • looking for performance grade pop at all pitch speeds

We’d start looking for prices on Amazon (price check), and then move to other sites to make sure we were getting the best deal. At release it is nearly impossible to find anything other than MSRP.

We Would NOT Buy the CF9 Slapper if….

We would buy the 2017 CF9 Slapper if we were:

  • a stronger, big hitting player—the balance is so close to the hands it feels feather light
  • comfortable with our mechanics and preferred more weighted bats for power
  • a righty—there are bats better suited for the on base type on the right side of the plate (DeMarini’s good old fashioned CF9, the LXT’s from Slugger (our review))
  • able to find the CF8 Slapper in wrapper with the same warranty for a considerable amount less expensive (CF8 Slapper Price Check on Amazon)
  • out of our price range on this bat

CF9 Slapper Construction vs CF8 Slapper Construction

2016 DeMarini Slapper

At least for the player, there are no noticeable differences in design from the CF8 to the CF9 Slapper. DeMarini claims the new composite structure they’ve implemented (called the Paraflex) is “22% stronger”.

While the stronger composite may have helped swing weight distribution and durability in other versions of the 2017 CF series, we see no noticeable change in the CF9 Slapper. No review we found, nor our own experience, suggest the 2016 CF8 Slapper lacked any durability. Hence, an upgrade in the durability in the composite doesn’t appear, at least within the first month, as a helpful event.

If you can find the CF8 in wrapper and under real warranty, then we would consider it like the CF9. In the first several months following the release of the CF9 there should be a price discrepancy. After that, prices tend to normalize.

CF9 Slapper Construction Experience

2017 Slapper Review CF9

We confirm the bat’s long barrel, opposite taped grip and ultra light swing weight make it ideal for the left handed slappers among us. We didn’t notice a significant difference between the 2016 and 2017 models—although DeMarini claims the composite material is stronger. But, the balance point, work in period, long barrel and grip all felt the same to us. Obviously the colorway is different.

Altogether, it is an absolute joy to hit with the CF9 Slapper. Smaller, left handed hitters are in love. We couldn’t find a review that didn’t like the bat. Although its target market is small, those in the bat’s target simply couldn’t find a better bat.

CF9 Slapper Video Reviews

CF9 Slapper Review Sources

At the time of this writing, reviews on the CF9 Slapper were thin. But, enough reviews on the very similar CF8 were out there to give us some third party insight. Here are some of the main sources, in addition to our hitting experience with the CF9, we relied on when writing our review:

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