We’ve now had several batting practice sessions with several hitters using the 2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper fastpitch bat. In that time, we’ve discussed with those at Slugger corporate, read a number of other online reviews from vendors on their first take and watched a dozen or so other players hit with the 2017 LXT Hyper. We used that insight to compile these recommendations and our 2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review.

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In that process, we have confirmed the bat’s prowess, performance and massive size offerings. We also submit the LXT Hyper may have the best progeny of any fastpitch bat on the market today. As such, we’d recommend the LXT Hyper to nearly any serious player looking for a top shelf performance fastpitch bat. If you play 35+ games a season then it’s likely there is a fitting size for you in the 2017 LXT Hyper from Slugger

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper: Construction vs 2016 LXT Plus

The LXT Hyper fastpitch bat is made of two composite pieces fused together in a design feature Slugger refers to as a TRU3 connection. This TRU3 connection places a sting dampening slug between the barrel and handle and has been on several previous iterations of Slugger performance bats.

The bat also boasts an inner and outer barrel. The outer barrel is hot out of the wrapper–requiring no break in time—while the inner barrel works as a sort of governor to make sure the outer barrel doesn’t exceed maximum performance. This dual walled design isn’t unique to Slugger’s LXT Hyper, but it’s use among several high end performance softball bats to achieve maximum performance and good durability at all pitch speeds shows the idea’s value.

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review

What is different in the LXT from last year’s 2016 LXT Plus, however, is the focus on a longer sweet spot with a new composite design—Slugger is calling this PBF technology—which, they claim, doubles the size of the sweet spot. We didn’t hear any complaints of the bats sweet spot being too small in the LXT Plus, but a longer sweet spot is never a bad thing. If the sweet spot is actually double in size then it would be impossible for us to confirm. We have no doubt it’s bigger.

The other major difference from last year is cosmetic in the option for a custom made LXT Hyper.

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper: Video

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper: Sizing

The LXT Hyper comes in nearly every size imaginable (and every color if you want to make it custom). It is the largest offering, by way of sizes, on the market. A drop 11, 10, 9 and 8 size out like this:

  • Drop 11 offered in a 28 through 33 inch
  • Drop 10 offered in a 30 through 34 inch
  • Drop 9 offered in a 32 through 34
  • Drop 8 offered in a 33 and 34 only.

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review


2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper: Recommendations

The 2017 LXT Hyper from Louisville Slugger may very well be the most popular performance fastpitch bat for 2017. Some reasons for this:

  • The LXT line from Slugger is a well known and very well received stick at all levels of the sport.
  • The LXT Hyper covers nearly every swing size imaginable.
  • The balance swing weight is exactly what most players prefer.
  • The more flexible transition makes for very silky smashes and tolerable mishits.

Add these bat facts to Louisville Slugger’s top notch distribution, name recognition and customer loyalty and it’s really hard to go wrong with the 2017 LXT Hyper. There really isn’t a serious fastpitch player, who plays more than 35 games (or so) a season, where we would not recommend the bat.

If there were someone to hold back from the checkout isle, would consider those who find even the drop 8 LXT Hyper too light or those who play a lot in cold weather and need an aluminum barrel to reconsider. Of course those unwilling to afford a top shelf bat would be directed elsewhere too.

Otherwise, we can’t think of a single competitive softball player who should hesitate on the 2017 LXT Hyper.

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2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper: Comparable Bats

2017 Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper Review

We sound like a broken record when pointing out the comparisons of two piece composite fastpitch bats in the performance space. But we’ll say it again: Every serious manufacturer in the fastpitch space produces a top shelf performance two piece composite with an extended barrel and light swing. And by ‘every’ we mean everyone but Anderson Bats. For example:

Each have their own little twist in terms of swing weight, barrel length and transition point. But, to say the least, the space is crowded.

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