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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

In an earlier article, we cover some high level insights on the 2017 Louisville Slugger slowpitch bat catalog, including details on the new Super Z, Z4000 and Hyper Z and differences between those lines. However, we believe there is more to the story for those considering the Z4 or Super Z. To dig a little deeper, we spent time exchanging emails with the folks in the Slugger Softball division, ultimately gaining some insights on the 2017 Z4 vs 2017 Super Z comparison we think are worth sharing.

2017 Super Z vs Z4

Amazon price check the 2017 Super Z

2017 Louisville Slugger Z4 Slow Pitch Bat Table

Model Serial Leagues Load Price
Z4 WTLZ4U17B2 USSSA Balanced $$$
Super Z WTLSZU17B2 USSSA Balanced $$$
Z4 WTLZ4U17E2 USSSA Endload $$$
Super Z WTLSZU17E26 USSSA Endload $$$
Z4 WTLZ4A17E26 ASA Endload $$$
Super Z WTLSZA17E2 ASA Endload $$$
Z4 WTLZ4A17B2 ASA Balanced $$$


[su_heading]2017 Slugger Super Z vs Z4 Article Contents[/su_heading]

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[su_heading]2017 Slugger Super Z vs Z4 Further Reading[/su_heading]

2017 Super Z vs Z4

There are a few places we referenced and studied in putting together this Super z vs Z4 article you may find helpful. Our 2017 Louisville Slugger slowpitch bat line up article was helpful. As well, Slugger’s product pages on the Z4 and Super Z are invaluable. We also spent some time on vendor sites like and making sure we understood the models and checking pricing. And, as always, Amazon’s product pages and price check was helpful too.


[su_heading]2017 Slugger Super Z vs Z4 Sizing Differences[/su_heading]

2017 Super Z vs Z4

From a top level model discussion, the major distinction between the Super Z and the Z4 is the difference in the existence of a balanced Z4 for ASA leagues. The Super Z is not offered in that model type. Aside from that, both the Super Z and Z4 come in an ASA endloaded version, as well as both an endloaded and balanced version for USSSA leagues. Each model bat comes in a 24, 25 and 26 ounce option on the standard 34 inch bat.

[su_heading]2017 Slugger Super Z vs Z4: The Expert[/su_heading]

2017 Super Z vs Z4

We have covered bat details as much as anyone in the blogging space, and probably more. But even after nearly 500 articles and closing in on 400,000 of our own words on bats, we remain blown away by the obsessive details with which top shelf softball bats are scrutinized by top level slowpitch guru’s.

The impressively significant attention parents and kids give baseball bat reviews, somehow pales in comparison to the obsessive passion of the softball community. Two-piece transition nuance and scientific composite structures are child’s play conversations when treading into the deep end with softball devotees.

In other words, as we are not the expert here, and are willing to admit as much, and we happily to defer to folks in the slow pitch space who can go toe to toe with anyone on the most complex details we wouldn’t even think to ask about. For the Slugger slowpitch space, no one is better than Dennis Turner. He has been part of the Slowpitch Softball Division at Slugger for many years. We asked one, what we thought was somewhat innocuous, question, and it opened a can of worms so big we put together this article. That question? What is the difference between the Z4 and Super Z.

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[su_heading]2017 Slugger Super Z vs Z4: Dennis Turner’s Thoughts[/su_heading]

2017 Super Z vs Z4

JBR: What is the difference between the Super Z and the Z4? [We added bold headings and some [ ] statements to make bit more readable in our format].

Dennis Turner:


Super Z vs Z4000

2017 Super Z vs Z4

There is a definite feel concept/preference with both the Z4 and the Super Z. Even though the Z4 (3-piece) and Super Z (2-piece) are different in construction, they both have a similar stiffness in the connection part of the bat. Both barrel designs feature the new SRC (Spring Recoil Composite) which allows this year’s bats to break in faster. Both bats have a similar barrel design, but are designed uniquely to complement and work simultaneously with the connection piece of the bat.

The Z4, [with the TRU3 connective design], allows for a [slight] bit of flex during the load of your swing, while the Super Z, [that uses the 2-piece iSt Xs connection piece], will have more stiffness with less flex…[The Z4] almost act[s] as a 1-piece bat [in terms of stiffness], but with the [hit] feel of a multi-piece bat.

Compared to the 2016 Z4 and Z4000

The S1iD technology, [these are rings within the bat’s barrel] is still in the Z4 and Super ASA bats. [This concept] assist[s] players that use the required 52/300 softball [by keeping] the barrel firm to force the energy and power of the swing back through the softball. … [S]ince the 52/300 softball has a softer compression aspect, you do not want [a] flexible barrel. If both the barrel and ball are…soft, then you…have soft on soft and then there is no energy transfer through the ball. The ball will actually get to the outfield and fall out of the sky. The ball, in essence, does not stay hit.

~Dennis Turner
Louisville Slugger
Slow-Pitch Division


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