Easton has done a remarkable job building some lead up to the 2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch bat. Released to the public in the middle of June 2017, the idea behind the Ghost garners some much commentary from us. We will start this page and add to it as more real user feedback is gained.

2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat Review

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Where to buy the 2018 Easton Ghost?

There are several great places to look to purchase the 2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch bat. For the first several months you can expect every place to have the same price. If they are selling it for less then it is likely a grey market bat that you will struggle for a warranty claim. You can often get, however, free shipping. Places like Amazon, closeoutbats.com and justbats.com often offer that feature. We suggest you buy from the place you feel most comfortable.

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat Review

2018 Easton Ghost Review

For the first time since 2013, Easton has introduced a new composite structure to their high end bats. The marketing term for this new composite is XTX. It stands for an Extra Tough resin matrix. Resin, you may remember from high school physics class, is similar to a synthetic material that dentists can use to restore teeth. How closely the Ghost resembles that type of substance is not made perfectly clear, but we suspect the principles behind the two are similar. Both can take a beating and perform perfectly.

Industry Thoughts on the Easton Ghost
Ryan Weedin, JustBats.com lead buyer:

“The Ghost is an interesting bat. The sound and feel is very close to what fastpitch players have liked over the past 5 years. I don’t expect it to outsell the Xeno, LXT, or CF bats in year 1, but I think it lays a foundation to be a top bat in the coming years. The more and more they get on the field the better I expect they’ll sell for us.”

Max Zitomer of YouTube and Closeoutbats.com fame:

“The Easton Ghost is most like the Louisville Slugger Xeno in terms of overall feel and player preference.”

Jessica Green/Easton Ad Slick, Easton Director of Brand Marketing:

“The bat features a revolutionary Double Barrel™ design that was engineered to provide players the best possible feel, sound and pop in their bat.”

Double Barrel Reasoning

2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Review

Why do they use a double barrel?

Top end fastpitch bats with an inner and outer barrel, as the Easton Ghost is, are meant for hot out of the wrapper performance. The outside barrel’s are constructed with a lot of flex from the start. And, as such, require no break in period. The inside barrels serve as a governor of sorts to make sure the bat does not exceed allowable limits.

In addition to coming hot out of the wrapper, double walled fastpitch bats have the ability to perform well across a number of pitch speeds. Slower pitch and bat speed still give considerable barrel flex and, ergo, trampoline effect. It is why bats, like the XENO, have such success with both young and old players. That is, the double walled bats perform extraordinarily well at both slow speeds from youngsters and fast speeds from college players.

The Easton Ghost takes this one step further by including an inner barrel the entire length of the bat. (The Xeno, for example, has just a ring or two within the barrel). If that full length double barrel is the optimal solution for most players has yet to be seen. But early reports are, to say the least, encouraging.

ASA Only​

For starters, note that the 2018 Easton Ghost is ASA only approved bat. Meaning, if you play in USSSA leagues then this bat will not do you any good. As such, our first recommendations is that only ASA players should consider it. Obviously.

Balanced and Endloaded Drops

2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Review

The Easton Ghost will come in a drop 10 and a drop 9. Meaning, if you are under the age of 12 then the Ghost is likely not for you. Drop 10 and Drop 9 fastpitch bats are made for older hitters that like a balanced bat. We are sure, however, there are at least a couple girls under the age of 13 that could swing this bat comfortably. But they would be the exception, not the rule.

Easton Ghost Construction Details

​Arguably behind in the fastpitch game in 2017 and previous years, the 2018 ASA Ghost bat from Easton makes serious strides to deliver a top end fastpitch softball bat. By all accounts they have succeeded. Hype would sell this bat as the next big iteration in competition to the XENO, LXT and CFX bats. We, honestly, might be buying that hype. The reasons for that are simple enough:

Double Barrel

The idea behind a dual wall bat is to provide a hot out of the wrapper outer barrel that is very pliable but an inside barrel that keeps the bat from exceeding standard performances. This is exactly the design of the Ghost. The outer barrel is remarkably pliable and, by some measures, has the easiest compression in the industry. You can therefore expect both hot out of the wrapper performance with great performance at slower pitch and bat speeds.

Huge Sweet Spot

Like other premium bats in the fastpitch space, the Ghost prides itself on a super long sweet spot. It looks and feels a lot like the CF series from DeMarini. The ability to make serious and deep contact across the length of the barrel gives is a huge bonus. And, those looking for a serious fastpitch bat will feel right at home.

Long Barrel

The barrel is remarkably long. This may go without saying considering we just pointed out how the sweet spot on the Easton Ghost was huge. But, like the CF Slapper from DeMarini, expect an extra long barrel.

Light Swing Weight

In the drop 10, the Easton Ghost is as light as you could hope for. Although it does use a double wall, which often weighs the bat down, the new resin composite does a remarkable job of staying light and pushing the balance point towards the knob. This feature pushes down the swing weight and makes for really great feel.

Stiff Connection

Easton improved upon their CXN connection in the MAKO to make a more stiff. This is useful especially when the outer barrel is more compressible. The reasoning is that softer barrel does not need any give at contact but, instead, as much power transferred as possible to compress the outer barrel.

Easton Ghost’s Comparable Models

2018 Easton Ghost X Review

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It seems obvious to us that Easton is attempting to make a serious run at the market the Sluger XENO has so successfully dominated. Although the Ghost lacks some sizing options the Xeno does not, the Ghost is still most like the Xeno.

You can see our 2017 Louisville Sluggger Xeno Review here.

2018 Easton Ghost Fastpitch Review

The Easton Ghost is offered in both a drop 10 and drop 9 bat. The drop 10 is intended for a balanced feel and, by all our measurements, they succeed. The drop 9 is the same bat but with that added once more towards the end cap. This makes the drop 9 2018 Easton Ghost an endloaded bat. We expect more elite players, and those that prefer an endload, to go for the drop 9. The rest of us mere mortals will prefer the drop 10.

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