DeMarini releases a couple bats within their 2019 D-Labs. This innovative lab’s best 2019 iteration, as we see it, is the 2019 DeMarini Prism. We’ve tested this bat, and every 2019 Fastpitch bat on the market today, with several different hitters. The Prism bat is highly recommendable by us. We think it the best fastpitch bat that DeMarini makes. The double barrel sounds great, feels great on hits and mishits and appears to have a massive sweet spot. If budget isn’t much of an issue we’d recommend the bat for almost any drop 10 hitter looking for a real balanced swing and is very serious about fastpitch.

2019 DeMarini Prism Reviews

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Best Place to Buy

The best place to buy the DeMarini Prism is also the ONLY place to buy it. This is an exclusive bat to DeMarini’s D-Lab. Check the price here.

2019 DeMarini Prism Recommendations

The bat is more expensive than most upper end fastpitch bats. At $399 retail it’s hard to get yourself to pass up the best fastpitch bats which are, at most, at least $50 less.

Realizing the budget constraint, the DeMarini Prism is the only bat we’d recommend spending more money than the “normal” upper end performance price.

Assuming you are a serious fastpitch player and want the latest and greatest from DeMarini than the Prims is it. It’s a drop 10 that swings exactly like you’d expect. It’s balance is a slight bit heavier than the CF Zen (which is light)—and right in line with the LXT. it swings considerably lighter than bats like the Easton Ghost Double Barrel.

The fact DeMarini added an entire extra barrel inside this bat and kept its swing weight low is remarkable. It’s just a fantastic swing and everyone who hit it said the same exact things.

2019 DeMarini Prism Construction

2019 DeMarini Prism Reviews

DeMarini’s Prims is a two piece composite bats built with the same 3-Fusion handle you can find on the Fastpitch CF Zen. It also has the same composite handle. But, what is remarkably different, the barrel is unique. It’s design uses both an inner and outer barrel. The idea is the outer barrel provides great performance on any speed of impact. The inner barrel helps expand the sweet spot of the bat while providing both durability and performance governing (so it can pass the standards tests).

So, no matter the pitch speed or where it’s hit on the barrel the smash feels great.

A two barrel system in the barrel on a fastpitch bat is not new. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel also has two barrels (hence the name). Other’s in year’s past, like the Worth Legit, did so too. However, DeMarini has succeeded in making a double barrel bat that swings impressively light. Huge win for all of us.

2019 DeMarini Prism Comparable Bats

2019 DeMarin Prism Reviews

In terms of construction, Easton’s 2018 Ghost Double Barrel is a reasonable comparison. Both bats are two piece composites and built with a double wall barrel. However, the Ghost Double Barrel swings considerably heavier than the DeMarin Prism. Expect a swing that is 10% heavier with the Ghost.

In terms of balance, look for the Slugger LXT. The LXT has a sort of modified double barrel in a floating ring they use within the barrel of the bat. The principle behind the ring is similar to that of the dual walls in the Prism. That is, it expands the sweet spot, increases performance at slower pitch speeds and improves durability all within the allowable standard. As well, the LXT is also a two piece composite bat. It is a reasonable comparison to the Prims.

2019 DeMarini Prism Sizing and Availability

Currently, the Prism is only available at the D-Lab from DeMarini. Find that directly on their website. There is no telling why DeMarini has limited the release of the bat. If major vendors had hit with it compared to other fastpitch bats like we have they would be clamoring to stock this thing. It is, as we see it, the best fastpitch bat DeMarini makes.

It comes in a drop 10 and sizes out between a 31 and 34-inch. The drop, you should know, is the numerical difference between the length of the bat in inches and the weight of the bat in ounces.

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  1. Can u do an exit velocity test and compare the performance among the prism, ghost and the mizuno F19 and post the results?

  2. We have the Prism and Ghost on our Exit Speed page. won’t likely add the F19 anytime soon.

  3. I’ve been wanting this bat for a while now but I am not clear about some things, I’ve heard from many people that this bat is illegal now. Is this true? If so is I heard that they are coming out with a dual stamp in March is this true?

  4. The bat is NOT approved for USSSA play. But, it can be used for ASA and ISF play. Most high school we know of use the ASA stamp requirement.

  5. I spoke with Demarini, they initially said rerelease was as set for March. Now I’m hearing not until next year. With USSSA stamp. Any info on this?

  6. This is also what we’ve heard. It was available on their D-Lab for quite some time.

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