We hit the 2019 Mizuno Carbon 1 over 300 times with 3 different hitters. (This was the drop 10 Power Carbon). The bat felt stiff at impact, which is how they designed it, had a good barrel, and had a swing weight right in the middle of the 2019 fastpitch bats. For a double barreled bat in the single piece space we were highly impressed. In fact, our hitters preferred this bat over bats that priced out $100 more.

2019 Mizuno Carbon 1 Review

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Where to Buy the Mizuno Power Carbon

Fastpitch bats are notorious for coming down in price DRAMATICALLY after the season is over. You can often find deals on Amazon for the Mizuon Carbon series. We find late July through October a great time to buy fastpitch bats new in wrapper. If you are outside of those times, check your favorite haunts like JustBats or Closeoutbats for a deal.

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Mizuno Power Carbon Comparable Bats

2019 Mizuno Carbon 1 Review

A single piece composite bat in the fastpitch space? Uh, almost never heard of it. Most companies stick to the two piece design. In terms of swing weight and stiffness at impact we think Louisville Slugger’s XENO is a reasonable comparison.

Price check the XENO on Amazon.

Mizuno Carbon 1 vs Mizuno Power Carbon 2

2019 Mizuno Power Carbon

We are HUGE fans of the Mizuno Power Carbon. It graces the tops of our best fastpitch bats. It also swings much different than the Carbon 1.

Much of that change in feel at impact is blamed on the two piece design. The Power Carbon 2 two’s piece connection gives it a smoother feel on both hits and mishits. While the Carbon 1 gives some hand ring on mishits. Most younger players prefer a smoother smash. But, those looking for maximum power will be right at home with the Carbon 1.

Also, of note, our measurements of the drop 10 32/22 showed the Power Carbon to swing 5% heavier than the Carbon 1. In other words, if you want want the lighter swinging of the two bats—regardless of feel—then the Carbon 1 is your answer. And, turns out, it will have about $100 as well as the Carbon 1 is markedly cheaper.

Mizuno Power Carbon Recommendations

The Carbon 1 from Mizuno is made for the hitter who needs a light swing but is also willing to deal with the hand sting that comes from stiff bats. Stiffer bats will transfer more power to the ball—but the trade off is that mishits hurt more on the hands.

As such, we recommend the drop 10 Carbon 1 to serious players that are small but swing for serious power at the plate. If you are a hitter that gets everything out of your swing then the Carbon 1 should be a real nice fit.

Do note, though, it might not feel as good as other bats on the market. But, no doubt, it will destroy a well hit ball better than anything else you can find.

The drop 13 version of the bat is for very young hitters. These younger than 10 year olds should appriciate the super light balance of the bat. But, if they are playing serious fast pitch, then the stiff bat won’t be a welcome sign come a mishit and a pitcher with any degree of speed. If you can afford a drop 12 LXT then we’d likely lean that way. Unless, of course, you really want the lightest swing you can find on a composite barrel. Then, the Power Carbon in a drop 13 will make sense.

Mizuno Power Carbon Sizing

Mizuno Carbon 1 Drop 13

The power carbon comes in a drop 10 and drop 13. Of course the drop 13 will swing exceptionally light.


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